In the beginning, it was only the ilim, and the land. In time, humes discovered their safe-haven, and the ilim welcomed them with open arms, readily sharing what they had. But, humes ever desire more than they have, and pushed further across the continent, building cities, and nations. The ilim were driven into a smaller and smaller territory, now called Galace, the last stronghold of the children of Azaleon. 

And the ilim knew war. The hume nations slowly whittled away until there were but three: Dalmasca, Jihon, and Macenia. Dalmasca and Jihon were always at war with Macenia, seeking to reach Galace's resources and claim them for themselves, but the Macenian humes refused to bow and let them pass. 

In hope that they would understand the ilim, and learn to live in harmony as they did, the gods bestowed unto humes magic, but it was not the gift they'd intended, most hume magi going crazy, over time. The people became fearful of hume magi, many casting them out when they were found, more outright executing them. 

A prophecy was told, that foretold the coming of a mage called the Messiah, that would rid Azaleon of all humes incapable of using magic, and bring a new dawn to Azaleon. But some do not rely on prophecies and would- be. In Dalmasca, a storm rises, as a young boy aims to claim the imperator seat for himself, and stop the fighting. He has much opposition. Do you stand with the cobra, or will you seek to behead it? 

Messiah is no word count, no app, no character caps/bans/limits. Due to its varying themes, however, it is not suitable for users below sixteen (16), though the overall board rating is high-side PG-13/3.2.2. It does go above this, and users can opt into seeing such content, or not. We are the second site to be running on the Gaia software! It is very intuitive and easy to use, though, don't worry! You'll love it. We use Discord for chatting.


Welcome to Messiah! We're glad you're having a look around!

One thing to note about our site, it is very collaborative; one will need to be willing to openly discuss things with other players, and able to handle occasional correction. Our board is the product of three years of collaborating, and we intend to remain this way, as we are truly built and run by our player-base. It is okay to mess up, everyone will eventually, because there is a lot to Messiah, and we expect everyone to misremember or forget at least once. It's part of being human. Just be respectful about it, and we'll return the courtesy.

We are not at all against adding new things; but we can't read minds, so we will default to assuming a user is making mistakes. If you want to add a new thing to the site lore, just let us know what's up. It doesn't have to be a big, drawn-out discussion for small things, just a little heads up.


Joining us is simple. One may read the lore contained within these pages to get a decent foundation for a character concept. There is more to it than what is here, but really, it's a lot of reading, and most just don't want to, and that's fine, but remember this is only perhaps a quarter of what's established; taking part in the game and immersing oneself in the world is more or less the only way to truly get a solid footing, and we highly recommend having a look at the wanted requests for one's first character-this often gives at least some kind of an established relationship with at least one other character on the site, the player of whom can act as a site-buddy until one's comfortable in the setting.

All accounts are registered with an OOC alias. It does not have to be one's real name, we recommend it isn't. Firstly, please note that our software is a beta software called Gaia. This is a new software that was coded specifically for role-playing by one of our members, and wonkiness may happen sometimes. Aforementioned software also does not collect email addresses, and all alerts will be sent through the site. Please read the site rules before registering. By registering and using the site, users accept these rules and the site's usage of cookies (see the privacy page to get an idea of what these cookies are for). Members, finally, should be at or older than sixteen (16) years old, and older than eighteen (18) to participate in mature threads. By inputting a birthdate and turning mature content on, one is affirming they are at or above eighteen years old. As we cannot prove or disprove this reliably, that responsibility lies squarely with the user.

Creating Characters

Once logged in, click the name at the top of the site, it would be in the top left corner of the main content area. A drop-down menu will appear; clicking Manage Characters, and then Create Character on the next screen will begin the character creation process. The fields may be filled out as much, or as little, as one sees fit, but be aware that the more information there is, the easier it will be for other players to develop plots and character connections with one's own. Once completed, check the Ready to Play checkbox, save, and they will appear in the drop-down on posting screens. All management of characters and posting is done through the user account, there is no need, or ability, to switch accounts. Characters can also be saved and edited and saved again as many times as one pleases, so the biography doesn't need to be done right away, nor the ready to play box ticked right away.

Getting Started

The easiest way of getting going on Messiah, short of taking a wanted request, is to start an open thread! All the opens on our site have been answered by someone eventually, so one is sure to get a response. One can tag a thread as open to mark it as such. One may also post a plotting thread, or post in the plot threads of other players. We do eventually go put what is plotted into motion, so sooner or later, a thread will be started. Finally, one can discuss their character, and any ideas or plans for them they may have, either in their biography, the notes section of the bio, or in Messiah's Discord. We have a channel for that, called #idea-banter; there's another called #house-discussion where users can discuss the house factions, and plot between one anothers' houses.

Please have a look, as well, at the story premise, and the current plots pages.