In the beginning, it was only the ilim, and the land. In time, humes discovered their safe-haven, and the ilim welcomed them with open arms, readily sharing what they had. But, humes ever desire more than they have, and pushed further across the continent, building cities, and nations. The ilim were driven into a smaller and smaller territory, now called Galace, the last stronghold of the children of Azaleon. 

And the ilim knew war. The hume nations slowly whittled away until there were but three: Dalmasca, Jihon, and Macenia. Dalmasca and Jihon were always at war with Macenia, seeking to reach Galace's resources and claim them for themselves, but the Macenian humes refused to bow and let them pass. 

In hope that they would understand the ilim, and learn to live in harmony as they did, the gods bestowed unto humes magic, but it was not the gift they'd intended, most hume magi going crazy, over time. The people became fearful of hume magi, many casting them out when they were found, more outright executing them. 

A prophecy was told, that foretold the coming of a mage called the Messiah, that would rid Azaleon of all humes incapable of using magic, and bring a new dawn to Azaleon. But some do not rely on prophecies and would- be. In Dalmasca, a storm rises, as a young boy aims to claim the imperator seat for himself, and stop the fighting. He has much opposition. Do you stand with the cobra, or will you seek to behead it? 

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Below, you'll find a short description and first-character recommendations for our races. We have only four playable races, and only intend to have four; no more will be added. There will eventually be a few NPCs of a fifth race, but this one will not be released for play because it's quite pointless. There is a lot more to these races than what is outlined below, you'll be able to read the full racial pages once they're adjusted on the larger Messiah wiki, but for now, this is enough to get started.


Dragons are quite curious creatures, and due to their innate predatory qualities, none have managed to observe dragons long enough to determine their particular level of sentience-and as of now, none truly care to try. They are often quite massive creatures, but the larger dragons seem to lead the smaller ones; dragons are known to cluster together, so where there is one, there are more often than not more of them nearby, and so most presume that amongst one another, dragons are at least somewhat social. Power struggles have never been observed amongst these groups, and none can say larger dragons, and thus the leaders, are always one sex or another-no one can tell their biological sexes apart, though the ilim maintain that dragons do not have any.

Quadripedal creatures with wings, some dragons have fur and feathered wings, while other dragons have scales and fleshy wings. All dragons have snouts with no visible nostril openings, long, fleshy tendrils from their skulls, and smaller fleshy tendrils from their snouts. There are two holes at the base of the neck, often slitted rather than more circular in shape, which allows the dragon, presumably, to breathe as air goes directly into the chest cavity. It's unknown how they breathe fire, but they do, in fact, breathe fire.
(On an OOC note, no one knows this IC, but dragons have an extra "lung" in their chests, called the flight bladder. As they digest their food, the flight bladder fills with a gaseous mixture that is, when combined with platinum, combustable, and this gives them both the buoyancy required to fly with smaller wingspans than they seem they should have, as well as create fire when they crunch up and eat specifically platinum ore. Furred dragons occur in colder climates, scaled dragons in warmer.)

Not recommended as a first character.


The most populous race on Azaleon, humes (humans) are the majority, and were not inhabitants of Azaleon originally. No one now remembers where it is they came from. Some could say their being the majority has made them bold and fearless, and they essentially do whatever it is they want, often, and there is a grain of truth to such sentiments. Almost all settlements and cities on Azaleon were built and designed by humes, and it was humes that first decided to separate Azaleon into arbitrarily divided regions. Humes are, however, known to be short-sighted and often driven by greed, and incidentally cause a lot of destruction simply by how they operate.

Humes appear much like humans. There are no ethnic separations; a dark-skinned hume may come from Macenia the same as a light-skinned hume may come from Saqqara, so players are free to make any character from anywhere.

Recommended as a first character.
Only hume bloodlines carry the empathy and prescience traits.
Hume magi may eventually go insane. When is in the air.


Believed to be the native race of Azaleon, and for a long time, the only sentient race anywhere on it, the ilim were on this continent long before the humes appeared. As such, they are very different from humes, culturally and otherwise, and tend to think perhaps too far ahead. The ilim are in-tune with the natural world in ways that humes are not, and cannot be, and can use magic without draw-backs, often doing so instinctively. Often called the children of Azaleon, the ilim are small in stature, much physically weaker than humes, with the tallest ilim standing at 4', and the shortest at 1' 5", and don't seem to age beyond perhaps a preteen hume might appear. Very old ilim eventually turn grey and wrinkled rather suddenly.

All ilim have paws instead of feet, and some sort of mammalian ears and tail; wolf ears and tail are most common, which has led to many slave owners in Dalmasca and Jihon to call them "grating wolf things," but rodent and feline features have been noted, and their faces are often very round and somewhat flatter than a hume's. Colouration varies, with even "unnatural" colours like blue and green being passed down genetically. Certain, very old noble lines of ilim have multiple tails.

Not recommended as a first character.
Ilim are all magi, and usually can be so without trouble, but once in a while, they do go a touch insane.
If creating an ilim is desired, and appropriate images cannot be found, contact: Esmera; hephaestus; andromeda; or Lenara; the ilim are based, appearance-wise, on Blade and Soul's lyn race, as they are the closest to be had, and all aforementioned users play the game. We also have some premade random designs others can adopt in the wanted board.


The weres are more of a mutation, than a race, created when the ilim fused the strength of the forest into their hume allies, to give them an edge in helping defend the ilim from the humes that would see their end. The weres thusly tend to be very defensive of ilim out of instinct, and like the ilim, are in-tune with nature in ways that humes are not, albeit not quite to the same extent. The closest thing to a home the weres have is the Free City of Saqqara, founded and run by, and dominantly comprised of, weres, and the only place one can find a large number of weres in a single location. There remain a few bloodlines in Galace, however, still defending the forests from hume encroachment, but they are dying out.

Culturally speaking, weres are something of the median between hume and ilim. Their foresight is much better than a hume's, but not as refined as an ilim, and they revere natural forces as gods. Weres look much like humes, albeit depending on what animal they shift into, their particular colouring may have been affected by that animal. For instance, a were that shifts into a silver fox may eventually see their hair and eyes turn more silvery. Weres are not known to die naturally, but they may just be exceedingly long-lived, as the oldest is only four thousand, and they will stop biologically ageing after a point. Which point varies.

Neither recommended or not as a first character.
One thing to note about weres however, is the vast majority of them are in the Free City of Saqqara, the rest in Galace. One may find a stray bloodline or two in other places, thanks to slave-trade displacement, they don't exist in other locales in large numbers. Those other locales tend to kill them, or drive them out when found, as they are quite dangerous.
Weres all eventually become magi, and like ilim, are mostly so without trouble.