In the beginning, it was only the ilim, and the land. In time, humes discovered their safe-haven, and the ilim welcomed them with open arms, readily sharing what they had. But, humes ever desire more than they have, and pushed further across the continent, building cities, and nations. The ilim were driven into a smaller and smaller territory, now called Galace, the last stronghold of the children of Azaleon. 

And the ilim knew war. The hume nations slowly whittled away until there were but three: Dalmasca, Jihon, and Macenia. Dalmasca and Jihon were always at war with Macenia, seeking to reach Galace's resources and claim them for themselves, but the Macenian humes refused to bow and let them pass. 

In hope that they would understand the ilim, and learn to live in harmony as they did, the gods bestowed unto humes magic, but it was not the gift they'd intended, most hume magi going crazy, over time. The people became fearful of hume magi, many casting them out when they were found, more outright executing them. 

A prophecy was told, that foretold the coming of a mage called the Messiah, that would rid Azaleon of all humes incapable of using magic, and bring a new dawn to Azaleon. But some do not rely on prophecies and would- be. In Dalmasca, a storm rises, as a young boy aims to claim the imperator seat for himself, and stop the fighting. He has much opposition. Do you stand with the cobra, or will you seek to behead it? 

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