The Free City of Luxerion is home to a series of public bathhouses, gossip hotspots fed from an underground hot springs. Primarily, they're built of stone, and employ small auracite crystals to illuminate the walkways. Luxerion is rich in auracite deposits. Visiting dignitaries, tourists, and even travelers passing by often stop at the baths.


Many streets in Luxerion are home to the residential properties of the commoner class. The Free City is laid out in a very well-designed and thought out manner, with rainwater drains routing to irrigation channels outside the city walls. The commons districts span the vast majority of the city's land space, threaded out beyond the town centre. While some of the sections of the district are notably less wealthy, they are not in disrepair or barely held together. All of Luxerion's citizens are housed, clothed, and fed, even if the crown has to pay for it.


The home of many skilled jewellers, blacksmiths, potters, and the only known glassworker in all of Azaleon, Luxerion boasts a lively crafter's market a few streets over from the farmer's market. Everything offered in the stalls is hand-made using local materials where possible, and goes directly back into Luxerion's economy.


A few streets over from the crafter's district is the farmer's market, where the varying farmers and livestock herders outside the city walls come to sell their produce and creations every weekend. The products range from baked goods, to fruits and vegetables, to varying kinds of milk and hand-crafted butter and cheese.


On the other side of the town centre lies what locals call the night district, full of brothels, taverns, and inns that offer the city's entertainment value. Several of the taverns also serve a wide selection of local foods, an interesting mix of the different cuisines on Azaleon, from Galacese to Duryan.


While somewhat small for what one would expect of a building called the royal palace, the palace of Luxerion spans several blocks in space, and boasts a large amount of land and thick walls around it. They say there are aura barriers about it too but none have ever seen it. While the king of Luxerion and his family live here, it is also where visiting royals and dignitaries stay, and plays host to many events.


The Free City of Luxerion does not have an official, established religion; as such, all religions and deity orders have temples and other religious buildings in the city. The king only requests that they all get along with and respect one another. Thus there is a wide array of religious buildings scattered across the city, with most temples being spaced out from the others rather generously.


At the centre of everything, the heart of Luxerion, is the town centre. This district is where most of the official judicial buildings are located. It is here one must register births, deaths, marriages, divorces, and adoptions, as well as any changes to their land, and acts as a gathering point and epicentre for the city. Many public functions occur here as well. At the centre of the town centre lies an obelisk dedicated to the sun god (no one in particular).

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