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Every day is a chance to make things brighter.

Hoo, good morning, starshine. Mind you, she'd been in worse pain than this, before. It didn't mean this was any less painful, though. She had a headache, and most of her body felt a little too stiff. It'd take a bit, probably, before moving wasn't painful, but it was a very dull ache that could be worse. It just took a moment to adjust to, that was all, and somewhere in there, she decided to sit here for a minute, getting accustomed to the light. It wasn't very bright, if she kept her eyes closed, but it was brighter than she'd like.

Eventually, though, she loosed a quiet hiss, and pressed her fingers to her temple, as soon as she found said temple. Vaguely, she did remember waking up, momentarily, couldn't say how long ago that was, but she remembered doing it. There'd been a girl there, she looked young, but looks were deceiving and almost everyone looked somewhat young to Thetis. She had to wonder... Kassandros had mentioned her, come to think. Xiaodan, that was her name, and according to Kassandros (and Thetis didn't think he had a reason to lie, not about that), she'd been taking care of Thetis since then.

It was probably thanks to her, that she'd made it this long. Long enough for Kassandros to be able to intervene.

... she really wanted an apple. That was an odd thing to want, but maybe it wasn't all the same. She had no idea what they were feeding her, but most likely, it wasn't anything terribly substantial. Or comprised of the same things. How did nutrition work, anyway? Honestly, she had no idea, but it was a curious thing. (It was something to think about besides her head hammering.)

And now, of course, she had to wonder how long she'd been out for. She also thought... she remembered the vague impression of Nero being here, but that didn't make sense. Unless, maybe she'd gotten closer to dying than she thought. Oh, right, Kassandros mentioned Sandalio was up here. At that, she peeked one eye open, looking for him.

Thetis had a message for him. And perhaps seeing her sons, that'd be a nice thing, too. She wasn't going to try going anywhere.

Sandalio Essair

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Sandalio was sitting quietly on one side of the room. To an observer he looked like he was spacing out, probably. Some corner of his mind was still wirling, of course, with could have beens and what ifs. He wasn't exactly listening though, so maybe he was sort-of spaced out. It didn't really matter.

There had been quite a bit of glowing a bit ago, from Kassandros and Thetis. It was... ah, strange to say the least given both were deeply in a coma at this stage. He was sort of waiting to see if anything would come of it. And just when it seemed that probably nothing would after all, he realized Thetis was moving just a little.

Well that was interesting. The former blood fighter was quiet as she moved a little, clearly beginning to wake up. Sandalio was honestly a little surprised that she was waking up at all, given just how long she'd been like this but it was a good thing. The twins would be pleased. More than the twins, really. Thetis was quite a well-loved lady, after all. She was a good person, and Dalmasca had precious few of those.

It was nice to know it wasn't actually going to lose her quite yet.

"Well hello there." He murmured as she seemed to start looking around. He kept his voice low, but he was sure it would carry to her reasonably well. He wasn't that far away.

Sandalio had to admit, it gave him some hope for Kassandros, if she had woken up after all this time. Maybe this wouldn't end so terribly afterall. He'd hold onto that for a moment, because just a little hope in regards to Kassandros' condition was something to be happy for he figured. Especially after all that glowing though. Hm.

Anyway, paying attention to Thetis yes, just to see how she'd respond, if she did at all yet.


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Every day is a chance to make things brighter.

Oh. And she turned toward his voice instinctively, and... indeed he was here. It was kind of nice to be alive; she couldn't help the smile, though it probably looked a bit pained. (Her head still hurt, cut her some slack.) "Hi. ... it's awfully nice to see you. ... you know, from my body and not as a spirit." Yes, that was a very necessary qualifier, because she was really expecting ...

Hmm. She'd have to send one of the boys down there, to go find, apparently, their granddad. She was kind of looking forward to seeing him again. Really, it was surprising he was still around. By now, she figured he'd be long gone. There was still the issue of Alex, but, Kassandros had said that one would figure itself out in a bit. One thing at a time. "He says he knows you're here," she said. "Kassandros, I mean. And he wanted me to tell you he'll come back. He just needs to sleep for a bit longer." He was ready to go again. His body... not so much.

Besides, he'd likely have to do a lot of processing when he did wake up. She couldn't really tell, from where she was, but it looked like he was a bit worse off than he thought. "... if you could find me an apple, that'd be great, please, thank you." An apple really did sound good, and she wasn't going to question it.

"... and I'm not crazy when I think I vaguely remember Nero being here, right?" If he was alive, then that was good, but that meant the house was gone for nothing. It wasn't like any of them really cared, she supposed. There was only one Kenleigh left, now, and something told her, Cyprian didn't much care, either.

It wasn't like being a Kenleigh had ever done him any good. But that was fine. Thetis didn't mind adopting him, instead.

Sandalio Essair

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"It's nice to see you awake." He agreed mildly, smiling back despite the fact that hers looked pained. It wasn't really surprising given the amount of time she'd been unconscious. She was still healing and probably quite stiff from minimal movement that whole time.

That was comforting somehow, if surprising. That probably showed in his expression for a moment, and he glanced away. Kass knew he was here, so Tris had been right about that much at least. It was nice to know that his presence was indeed known by the other. And, of course, Kassandros said he would be okay. Which that was... he hoped so, really. He hoped that Kass would wake up eventually. But sleeping a little longer was probably wise - he had a long road for healing yet. And if he could be unaware for a little more of it, that would probably not be a bad thing.

"I can find you an apple yes." At least as long as the healers didn't object, but he didn't think they would. "After I make sure no one's going to skin me for letting you eat." Probably not but you know. That was a thing to make sure of given she had just woken back up and all.

"No, you aren't crazy. He uh, apparently ran into some trouble around the Taogan river delta, but he's alive." And home and she was probably going to be quite happy to know that. Even if it did mean the house had fallen for basically nothing that was... well. That wasn't really anyone's fault, he supposed.


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Every day is a chance to make things brighter.

Ah, she supposed that was probably a good thing to check on, yes. The healers probably had certain things they were feeding her, and she imagined it wasn't very good for keeping her body capable of managing real food easily. That was fine. She just really wanted fruit, and an apple came to mind.

"Well... you know, I feel like I should be angry over it, but, it did have a nice side-effect of neatly, and legally, getting rid of Aemilius." So things could've turned out much worse. Kassandros had eventually gathered them all together, and here they were, all together, minus the drunken banshee. "Maybe seeing him and the twins would be nice too. Hey, how're you doing anyway? Kind of nice to see you having attached to someone so firmly." Yes. She wasn't stupid. She saw that, that relief almost in his eyes, he did care a good deal about the young master of House Essair, and that was... strangely cute.

Or you know, the world could use a little more love, even if it was wholly unexpected. Reminded her, she did have to eventually pester Nero about Icarus. Hey, he almost died, maybe he ought to live a little.

Sandalio Essair

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Mm. "I mean, you can be both, technically." Just putting that out there. "Emotions are complicated things and you know what, they did you dirty, even if getting rid of Aemilius was a good thing. Her life had been threatened, her sons had been put in danger. Things could have been worse, and she wasn't the sort to hold onto anger from what little Sandalio had seen of her, but it wasn't hard to imagine that she was at least a little upset. Then again.... she obviously didn't know everything that had happened.

That was probably for the best.

"I can definitely send them your way, they'll be thrilled to see you awake." Oh certainly. There was absolutely no question of that in Sandalio's mind. "Surprised, but you know, of course." Yeah, of course.

Uh. Well... he looked a little embarrassed maybe, looking away for a second. "I'm doing okay." A little better now, with the assurance from the other comatose person that Kass knew he was here and thought he was going to be okay. Sandalio couldn't complain, really. Or shouldn't at least. "...S'kind of weird." Being so attached to someone, and he could admit that. But... he couldn't deny that he was so he didn't bother trying

"S'there anything else you want when I go looking for one of the healers?" Asking seemed like a good idea.


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Every day is a chance to make things brighter.

Yes, well. Being upset about it, it wouldn't change anything, and there were more constructive ways to spend her time. Focusing on recovering, now, that seemed like a better idea. It wasn't like Kassandros had suddenly made everything better. There was still healing to do, perhaps in more ways than one. And she wasn't so naive as to think the boys didn't have new scars of their own.

Ah, yes. Most never came back from where she'd been. Surprised was a word. Thetis wasn't so sure it was the word she'd use, here, but it was close enough she supposed. "I guess it might be a bit weird," she agreed. Blood fighters, you know, they'd all come to eventually accept, in their ways, they'd never find the kind of all-consuming love Sandalio and Kassandros seemed to have. Hell, the kind of all-consuming love she and Alasdair had, sometimes.

But the heart did what the heart wanted.

"I think it's a good thing." Maybe someday, one would speed up, and the other would slow down, and they'd match each other. If they didn't already. Admittedly, Thetis had been somewhat occupied with other things, so much so she hadn't much been paying attention.

"Oh, ah... not that I can think of," she answered. "But thank you." Maybe things weren't perfect now, but they were awfully close, and maybe it'd be okay. Aemilius was gone. That was such a weird thing to think, but it was for the best. Nero never did like the military. The twins never got to figure out who they even were. Even Cyprian never had. Maybe now that he was gone, her sons would learn to fly, as apparently Sandalio was.

Sandalio Essair

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"Not bad, of course, just weird." Realizing how much he cared about someone, and growing so attached to them despite the fact that he'd always tried to keep his bonds loose because, well, blood fighter's died. He didn't want to abandon them and he didn't particular want to be abandoned. And yet here he was. Emotions were fickle things and apparently he should just.. get used to the idea.

Of course she did. She was Thetis and was probably glad that he'd gotten attached to someone, because such attachments were normal, human, and of course she wanted that for the blood fighter's that she'd pulled out of the arena, the ones that she'd worked hard to start the process of making them remember how to be human instead of just someone's play thing.

Thetis was like that, too gentle and kind for this world. And yet, it was good that her light wasn't being taken from the world - even if he still thought this place was not right for her.

"Alright." He'd just wanted to make sure, because if he was going it made sense to make sure there wasn't something else that hadn't gotten mentioned already. Sandalio didn't mind taking multiple trips, but if he didn't have to it was easier. ... Besides that, he was still somewhat loathe to be away from Kassandros for too long, even with Thetis' mention that he was going to be okay.  "I'll be back soon then."

It turned out that he ran into Xiaodan first. That seemed fitting somehow, given Thetis had primarily been hers to support and heal. They'd gotten most of this way on her stubbornness alone, practically. "Xiaodan." He greeted politely. "Thetis is awake."

The girl looked taken aback for a moment before smiling a little. "That's great news."

Sandalio nodded in agreement. "She wanted an apple but I wasn't sure about giving her anything solid without asking." She'd been unconscious and Sandalio wasn't actually sure how that worked exactly. But certianly he didn't want to cause more harm.

"Mm.. that should be fine, as long as she doesn't have too much." There was a slight pause. "I'm going to go check on her." Xiaodan fully believed him, of course, but it had been such an unexpected thing that she wanted to see. Xiaodan really had expected to be preparing to say goodbye.

"Okay." They parted ways then, Sandalio heading downstairs to get that apple before he went looking for her sons. The twins would be in the library, and Cyprian was probably in his workshop. ... Nero though... Nero may be a challenge.

Xiaodan entered the infirmary quietly and allowed herself to take in the scene before her.