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When one door closes, another one opens. And if it doesn't, kick the bitch in.

Oh mother fucking ow.

Son of a - that hurt. That hurt a lot, actually, wait. If he was in pain, that meant, he was alive. Well yes, he knew he was alive, he remembered that in the in-between, when he was saving Thetis. (Turned out, you couldn't easily heal a person in a coma unless you, as well, were in a coma. That was useful information to know.) Damn it, he almost wanted to go back into that coma, because fuck everything hurt.

For a long moment, though, he just stayed where he was, trying to adjust to the pain. It wasn't even that bad he didn't think, or at least it shouldn't be by now, so he shouldn't be in so much pain. After several moments, he sort of grimaced, hissed quietly, and attempted to say something, but what came out was sort of a garble. Wait. What? Oh.

"Oh." Now that he was paying attention, that wasn't... actually there. It felt like there should be a tongue there, but no, it wasn't. He frowned, slightly, went to raise one arm and hissed again. Moving his wrist muscles and tendons hurt. He settled that back down, squinting that eye closed and then startled. Everything had gone dark for a second, he'd just - and he closed that eye again. ... he was blind in his left eye. Okay. Alright. He was okay. He could deal with this. He did, however, raise one hand and move it, ignoring the stinging from doing so, trying to figure out where his vision ended on that side.

That was quite narrower a field of vision he had, now. He'd... that'd take a while, probably, to get used to, and he knew that. Well, he guessed he knew, now, what he'd been walking into. Honestly, he still wasn't sure if he wanted to survive that or not, now that he knew what "that" was, but his brothers needed him.

He could deal with this. He just needed a minute, or a few, maybe he needed a few. Quietly, he raised his hands, pressing the palms to his forehead, and squeezed his eyes closed, drawing a sharp breath from the pain of moving so much. This was going to take quite a bit of getting used to, and he didn't think anything would ever be the same again, not for him. What little he remembered, which wasn't much (mostly exclusively the confrontation in the street, and that was only short snatches), was markedly unpleasant.

Well. Now, he supposed, Dalmasca had gotten awfully close to killing him. Why were they still here, again? Right, because they hadn't quite made it out before Marcus sprung his trap.

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Sandalio was concentrating on the damaged leather in his hands. It was not really a mindless task by any means, in fact it kept him quite focused and caused time to pass at a surprising rate. But it was better than spending a lot of time just waiting and hoping for something to happen.

As Tristan had expected it was definitely beneficial to have something to do instead of just sitting and dwelling on the fact that Kassandros wasn't awake yet. He still did that, of course, but this was... something. It was something to turn to when his mind was going in circles. It was something reasonably constructive that he could get done and not have to leave for more than a short while to get supplies or something of that nature.

It was better than being trapped in his own mind. It was better than constantly wondering if he could have done anything different, anything better. If he could have saved Kassandros even a little of this damage if he'd been there. It was silly to dwell on, of course. It was silly becuase they'd never know what different actions might have changed for them in the future. This was... what they had. And it hurt, because it felt like he'd failed.

And it hurt more because he wondered if it was wrong to try and keep Kassandros alive despite his wounds. Sandalio wasn't really... sure that it was. As much as he didn't want to lose Kassi, as much as he absolutely hated the idea of looking forward to a world without him... he wasn't sure that Kassandros would want to live this way. And some part of him... maybe a large part of him, was just as broken up about that as the incident itself.

Dammit, he was working on leather specifically to avoid that train of thought. With that in mind, Sandalio redoubled his efforts to focus on the task at hand.

Despite his being distracted it didn't take long before Sandalio noticed Kassandros moving beside him. Unsurprisingly his attention locked onto the other, and for a moment he barely seemed to breathe.

"Kassi?" He whispered after a moment. Somewhere after the other closed his eyes in obvious pain. It wasn't surprising of course. The other still had a lot of injuries that were only just beginning to heal.

Kassandros Essair

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When one door closes, another one opens. And if it doesn't, kick the bitch in.

Mostly, he was breathing. Every breath kind of hurt; if he was guessing rightly, he'd broken some ribs somewhere in there. His jaw hurt, too, as did his temple. If he remembered correctly, though, Marcus had kicked him in the temple. That was the side he was blind on. Apparently, kicking him had done a little more damage than it seemed like it should've. It wasn't like Kassandros knew what was normal, here, but he also realised this was a lot. He had to wonder how long he'd been in that coma. Time was hard to sort out, when one was in a coma. It kind of was, and then wasn't, and then was again.

That was his - and a slight jump and a flail, there, but thankfully, he didn't manage to flail right out of bed. Hitting the floor might hurt. Right. Sandalio. Of course there was a Sandalio here, Kassandros remembered, now, hearing him talking to him. The words never really registered, but he recognised his voice. It was always too soon, when he heard him. A breath in, calming down a little better, and he winced a bit, raising one hand and waving over there, in the blackness where he couldn't see anymore, and shook his head. That entire side, over there, it was... well, if he had to guess, his nose was in the way.

Shame he lost his tongue and not his nose.

Actually, no, never mind, either one sucked.

Sitting up, what little he had, hurt like hell. His arms didn't like holding up his weight, and neither did his ribcage, for that matter. That in mind, he scooted back around, and fell back down, after a very pained gasp-whine noise loosed, and it registered what, exactly, was hurting so much. Maybe he'd just, stay down. Come to think of it, though, he wanted to go outside, or at least sit in the sunlight, but he didn't think he could make it over there to the window on his own. Just breathing hurt.

Come to think of it, while he knew what these scents were, they smelled... different, and stronger, somehow. He could catch the scent of vinegar, and the earthy notes that he'd come to recognise as Sandalio's scent, after a while of sleeping so close to each other as they were. There were more notes in it, now, he could catch those too, but he didn't have words for them offhand. Maybe it was a side-effect of being conscious after a while of not being conscious. Fuck everything hurt.

Somewhere, in there, curled up in somewhat of a ball there, he'd started crying. The physical, and emotional, pain, it was just too much at the moment. He didn't think about it much, eventually reaching one arm out, toward Sandalio. He could use a hug. Yes. That sounded nice.

Sandalio Essair

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Sandalio winced and apologized quietly as soon as he realized that he had surprised Kassandros. It wasn't exactly his fault, it wasn't like he knew Kass hadn't noticed him yet exactly, but he probably should have been more careful. Kassi was just coming out of a coma for gods' sake. But it was.... well. It was too late.

Oh. Nothing at all? He couldn't see anything at all in that area? Well... there had been some concern that he might end up blind on that side, apparently the answer was yes, entirely so. Carefully Sandalio moved until he was where Kassandros was likely to be able to see him at least. Didn't want to do that again, though he didn't expect that the other would forget him.

It was hard to say, after all they hadn't been able to estimate the damage before he'd woken up so... maybe it was worse than they thought after all. Another wince there, somewhere as he realized just how much Kassandros was hurting himself trying to move a bit. Finally the other seemed to still mostly.

Oh he was cry. Of course he was crying, Sandalio realized belatedly. He'd been through hell and then he was unconscious for ages and now he was awake and his body was far from ready to be doing much of anything. Never mind everything that he'd lost in the process. It was... yeah it was a lot to process and maybe Sandalio should have been more concerned if Kass had continued on as if unbothered by it all, because of course he was bothered.

The former blood fighter moved until he was sitting carefully on the edge of Kassandros' bed where he could pet the other one and hug him if that was what he wanted. Sandalio was hesitant - the last thing he wanted was to hurt Kassandros anymore than he already was. However, sometimes the need for comfort was far more important than the need to avoid any additional pain and Sandi could recognize that much at least.

"Oh Kassandros..." Murmured, very quietly. He was trying to avoid hurting Kass' ears. Weres had stronger senses, he knew tha tmuch. He wasn't quite sure how much more sensitive though. He had no idea what else to say, really. Maybe nothing needed to be said. 'Its going to be okay' just seemed patronizing after everything.

Besides, Sandalio didn't really know that anyway.

Shit, he was eventually going to have to tell Kassandros he was a were now. Maybe... maybe that could wait a few minutes. Just, letting him calm down first. His touch on Kassandros was quite gentle, just a whisper of pressure on his shoulder. But he was there, and maybe his presence was all he could offer. ... But maybe that was enough after all.

Kassandros Essair

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When one door closes, another one opens. And if it doesn't, kick the bitch in.

That was slightly louder than he'd expected it to be. It got lost in everything else, and really didn't matter right this second. In a minute or two, maybe he'd ask - but then, he no longer had a tongue. Kassandros would have to get very creative, now, because there were many sounds he wouldn't be able to make, anymore. And when most of his body didn't hurt like hell, anymore, maybe he'd start experimenting with it, and see what sounds he was capable of making.

In the interim, charades seemed to be the answer, and he really wasn't up for charades, just now. But he felt like he ought to be in sunlight. It'd been long enough since he'd been able to just sit in the sunlight and soak it in that he was almost sad about it. Right now, though, his head hurt, and his heart, and his ribs... he rearranged himself, much hissing in pain as he did so, and settled in Sandalio's lap. Normally, he'd be highly adverse to this, this thing where he had weaknesses, but this was Sandalio, and maybe that was enough, now. It wasn't like, at any point along this wherein he could've, Sandalio had hurt him, and presently, he just seemed to want to help, if he could.

He wanted to go outside. Even if it was just to the window, even, he could live with that, he just needed the sun. "Nn," ah, wait, words weren't working. Right. He shook his head, more to himself, and then gestured at the window. That. Out there. And then sat up, and raised his arms. He wanted sunlight. And now would be good, because he felt like some sort of sunlight-powered thing that had been thrown in darkness for too long, and it was making him really paranoid. Something to that effect, it wasn't like he really knew why he was so attracted to light. Aside from the fact he was a light mage, but he'd never heard of a light mage nearly feeding on sunlight, either. Not that anyone in Dalmasca would really be a good source of information in that regard, anyway.

Sandalio Essair

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Sandalio remained quietly still, allowing Kass to decide how he wanted to settle himself in hopes of that allowing a minimal amount of additional pain or potential damage to be done. One hand rested lightly on Kassi's back once the other had settled down. That was about all he could do, he recognized, after all. Just... try to offer some comfort and be here. Kassandros had been through a great deal, and there wasn't anything that Sandalio could do or say to make it right.

Maybe not even time would, honestly. Nothing would ever really be the same again, realistically. Sandalio still wasn't sure how to handle that - and he certainly couldn't blame Kass for an emotional reaction after what he'd been through.

... Yeah actually he'd have been far more concerned if there had been no reaction at all, if he was being completely honest with himself. Mostly because Kass did have a nasty habit of really not seeming to care about his own health and safety and Sandalio was pretty sure that was really not a good thing. He couldn't fix that either, exactly. But he could certainly worry about it when it was appropriate.

Blink. Oh, well. He did understand that, of course. Sandalio looked conflicted, glancing towards the window for a moment before looking back at Kassandros. "I'm really not sure that moving you right now is a good idea." He said slowly. On the other hand, Kass did really like spending time in the sunlight and it certainly did seem to strengthen him in a lot of ways.

Hnn. That was uh.. he wasn't sure he could win there, because there wasn't much of a way to get Kass even to the window without having to move him. And moving him was potentially the problem. There were broken bones and various other injuries that were still quite fragile. But... Kass was a light mage and was perfectly capable of healing himself, he'd proven that much before, if he had the energy for it.

Torn, Sandalio was definitely torn. "Though I suppose I could ask Merenwen." He allowed after a moment or two. Maybe she was the best one to make that decision. She knew Kass even better than he did.

Kassandros Essair

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When one door closes, another one opens. And if it doesn't, kick the bitch in.

Yes, normally, that would be a bad idea. All things considered, it was probably still a bad idea, even for him, but sunlight was where he got his strength, too, and maybe he'd heal a little bit faster in the light than he did here. He probably wouldn't want to speed it up too much, so he wouldn't want to spend too long in the light. After all, broken bones that repaired too quickly were, of course, very fragile and broke again quite easily, and that was counterproductive. But perhaps a little time here and there wouldn't hurt much more than anything else, and it may even help.

Of course, there was no real way of saying that, so instead, a slightly lopsided frown crossed his face. Ah, maybe asking Merenwen would be a good idea, but that'd take time, and Kassandros was feeling somewhat impatient. He would fucking try crawling over there, if he had to. It was probably somewhat fortunate Kassandros had remembered that he shouldn't, and had yet to.

Which eventually translated into the frown turning into more of a pout. A quiet displeased noise, and Kass wrapped his arms around one of Sandalio's arms and tugged slightly. Pleeeeeeasey pleasey please...? It wasn't like Merenwen didn't know Kassandros was quite persuasive when he tried.

Besides, somewhere in here, Kass would find something Sandalio couldn't say no to, and win.

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Sandalio frowned at Kassandros' pouty expression, just a little. He hated the idea of trying to say no to that face, it was actually almost physically painful. But on the other hand just moving him without a healer's approval seemed... like a really bad idea because there was a chance of hurting him or accidentally getting one of the wounds dirty so it needed to be properly cleaned again or any number of things that could go terribly wrong.

Sandi definitely didn't want to risk doing anything that would delay Kassi's healing. On the other hand he'd seen the way Kass reacted to sunlight before and maybe it would be a good thing. Merenwen still seemed like the best choice to consult but Kass had that look and Sandalio wasn't actually sure if he trusted the other not to try to get to the window or something by himself.

Kassi wasn't exactly known for being careful with his own health or safety, after all. It was... something to be concerned about certainly.

Sandalio patted Kass quietly "I'm still not really sure about this." Kassandros pouting really did manage to catch him partially off guard. Kass was usually too sophisticated, and it was quite easy to forget that he really was still a teenager, and sometimes people that age did pout from time to time.

Unfortunately he hadn't been expecting that and it pulled at his heart a bit harder than expected. He should stick to his guns on this and insist on going to find Merenwen first. On the other hand he also didn't want to end up essentially fighting with Kass so soon after he'd woken up. Hnn.

"I would really rather the healers know where we are and make sure they're okay with it." Not because Kass was asking permission in any way but because Sandalio really didn't want to take any unnecessary risks. They'd nearly lost him once already. It was probably easy for Kass to tell that his resolve was just a little less sure than it had been before though.

Kassandros Essair

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When one door closes, another one opens. And if it doesn't, kick the bitch in.

That still wasn't quite the answer Kassandros wanted. He supposed it was a fair response, though, because Sandalio worried too much, especially about him. It should probably not be so strange, that someone else cared that much, but then his father never did, and that was his father. But there were quite a number of things wrong with Vopiscus, and that was only one, and maybe that was a poor example. It wasn't like he knew what was normal here, but it still seemed a bit overkill just for him.

Then, neither did he want to upset the Macenian. Even if Kassandros didn't understand why, he did care, and Kass knew that. Maybe it wouldn't hurt much, just to go along with it, so he didn't hurt him on accident. That, of course, wasn't what he wanted to do. But he was pretty sure being in the sunlight would actually help, not hurt, and he knew he just had to wait for Merenwen to okay it, but... gosh his aura reserves were so much lower than normal, and given how high they usually were, it was making him antsy, and maybe just a little crazy.

It was either Sandalio carried him over there, or so help him Iuna, he was going to crawl over there.

... the pout got a little more pronounced, and then his expression turned more wry than anything, one hand raising. That hurt, that hurt, and a slight spark of light went off as he opened his hand, and... that was it. The wry expression turned somewhat 'I told you so,' one eyebrow arching upward and his lips tilting sideways, because it wasn't supposed to do that, and his other hand pointed at the window. It'd be fine, anyway, it wasn't like Kassandros couldn't heal himself, under normal circumstances.

Not that right this second was 'normal circumstances,' which was probably the part that made Sandalio so antsy, but that was beside the point. It wasn't like Kassandros could say that, and he wasn't terribly interested in figuring out how to charade it, either.

Sandalio Essair

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For a moment it seemed that perhaps Kassandros was going to yield and allow him to just go ask Merenwen. It would take a few moments, of course, to find herand get permission, but Sandalio would have felt much better about that than just going for a few years. Not the least of which being the fact that if they were suddenly not where they were expected to be it might be a little... odd.

But Kassandros was stubborn, and it seemed that he was not quite ready to yield on this either. That was both not surprising and slightly distressing because Sandalio really didn't trust him not to try to get to the window or something the second he tried to live.

And that was kind of...surprising, such a tiny spark of light. Kassi's power was drained - that wasn't shocking but cleearly that was part of the other's upset and likely why he wanted to be in the sunlight.

Sandalio sighed. "Fine... fine." He conceded defeat there. Apparently he was just going to have to take the risk here despite his disquiet with the situation and... well. Hope that Merenwen didn't get too upset with him for doing it. She did know him better than most, so it seemed likely she'd understand that arguing with him was quite difficult when he put his mind to it.

"I'm going to have to carry you." Obviously. "And I'll try not to hurt you but I can't promise that the movement in general won't be seriously unpleasant." Aforementioned broken bones and things, after all. But okay, fine. Kass won. They were going outside into the sunlight, apparently.

Why did he bother arguing with Kass again? Right, because sometimes he could manage to win the arguement long enough to at least minimize the amount of damage that could be done. Or they came to some kind of a neutral positioning on the matter but uh not this time.

Anyway, Sandalio considered how he was going to do this for a few seconds to make sure that he was doing the best he could to avoid damage. It took him a moment or two, before he gathered Kassandros up in his arms. And then, of course, he made his way down to where they could get out into the gardens. It wasn't far at least, and Sandalio made a special effort to avoid jostling Kassi any more than he had to.

Eventually they made it outside and Sandalio ended up settling down not too far from there. They'd have direct light in this spot for a little while at least.