Dust and Words

Started by Nero Essair at Jun 16, 2019 9:41 pm
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Okay, so one was okay, and the other was missing an appendage. ... what was that supposed to mean? For a second, there, Nero looked confused, but then Dimitrios eventually got around to explaining it. A eunuch. ... you know, sometimes, Nero really wished he was stupid, yes he did, he did indeed...

Fortunately, he was getting better at controlling his temper; despite the fact it flared, right there, he did shove it down almost immediately. So he probably had a hard time getting around and doing much of anything for a bit. Kassandros had thought to get Andreas and Cyprian to help. That was thoughtful of him. This wasn't surprising, though. Kassandros often was. ... maybe he'd find some slavers later and pin them to a wall with a sharp object down a back alley.


Not now.

"... I'm not entirely certain that this is how that works, Dimi, but whatever makes you happy." Nero paused, for a moment. "I'm fairly sure I'm mostly gay, so don't look at me. So's Cyprian for that matter. Andreas, the future of the clan rests with you. ... you kind of need a girlfriend for that though. ... well maybe someday." Yes, maybe someday. Most likely, that wouldn't be anytime soon, but Nero hoped, someday, they both found someone they trusted besides one another, and were happy. They could both use the happiness. It wasn't like they had much of it growing up. Small little snatches here and there, but that was all.

Their lives were going to be... both easier, and harder, Nero thought. No matter what they did, Aemilius wasn't around to make stupid decisions. Things might actually start going well for once.


Or, well, Dimitrios could just go ahead and out with it all at once. Then again, tere was a chance Nero would have learned about it eventually so maybe... giving him everything at once so there were no surprises later wasn't such a bad thing. On the other hand it just sort of was at this point, and there wasn't much anyone could do to change that. So, maybe it was for the best that it was accepted enough that Dimi just told him that.

Andreas gave Nero an odd look at that. Well that was one way of deflecting around it he supposed but on the other hand he uh still wasn't sure it worked that way. And the whole idea of the fate of the clan resting on him was... surprisingly unpleasant in context. Or, well, maybe that wasn't surprising given he had never given any thought to having a family and things were kind of terrible here in Dalmasca - he wasn't sure he wanted to raise a family in this place if he was being completely honest with himself.

"To be fair, having kids isn't really the end all be all of living." He didn't... think? Then again he was young and maybe he was wrong, that was a thing that was possible it wasn't like Andreas had these things figured out. Anyway the point was he was pretty sure there were lots of things that Dimitrios could do for himself rather than living through Andreas for which would be a good thing because they did have their own lives and personalities and wants.

"We'll see though." In regards to the girlfriend. Andreas hadn't really given much thought to what he might be, to be honest about it.


Courage is not the absence of fear. It is the decision there is something more important than fear.

Sure it was. If that was how Dimitrios had decided it worked, then, that was how it worked. Being blunt about it, as well, it wasn't as if Dimitrios really cared what others thought about it. The only good news was, he really hadn't had his heart set on having kids. (Dalmasca was a bit too messed up for him to want to raise kids in. Mother was a braver person than he was.)

"If we were going to continue our bloodline, kids are necessary," Dimitrios mentioned, shrugging slightly. "But there's no House Kenleigh anymore, so I guess it doesn't really matter." Well, as far as Dimitrios was concerned, he wasn't a Kenleigh, anyway, so maybe it didn't really matter. "But it'd be nice if you found somebody special someday. ... maybe not here, though." Kassandros was always on about how they could leave if they wanted.

Dimitrios did and did not believe him.

"So, speaking of, what're we doing now?" House Kenleigh had fallen, but Nero was not, in fact, dead, and they could probably re-establish the House if that was what they wanted to do. Dimitrios wasn't so sure about it, really. It seemed like a bad idea, given their House had rather the reputation already, and Nero was good, but maybe not quite that good. And anyway, it wasn't as if any of them were attached to the House itself. Just each other.

Well, they were all together again, so maybe that was the only important part.