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When one door closes, another one opens. And if it doesn't, kick the bitch in.

Kassandros couldn't help the snort. It was unrefined and graceless, but, they wouldn't be so lucky, most likely. Marcus was unfortunately more of a pain in their sides than that, it couldn't possibly be so easy. Murdering him, on the other hand, may be relatively easy. He almost wondered if Marcus would manage to be present for the upcoming celebration in Iuna's honour. There'd be so many people there, he could certainly get away with dropping some nightshade in his wine, or so. Perhaps. Perhaps not. He didn't mention that to Livia, of course; the less she knew, the better.

For a moment, one of those icy death glares crossed his face before he could really stop it. Livia meant well, and Kassandros knew it, but, we didn't talk about his pain. Kassandros hardly knew what pain was. He was a young privileged boy of barely seventeen; he'd only just turned seventeen last October. What did he know about pain? What'd he know about loss? Nothing. He just thought he did, being a melodramatic Dalmascan as always, as if he had any right to complain, as if he had any right to be upset. It was just Dalmasca's conditioning making him think he did, but in truth, no, he didn't. It didn't matter either way. He didn't have time for his stupid senseless feelings that wouldn't get him anywhere.

His gaze softened back out. Glaring at Livia wouldn't get him anywhere, either. His uncle would probably agree with her, about here; always on about how he should talk more, open up more, but Kassandros had never figured out what the point of that was. Why talk about things like that, just to upset the people around him? Nah. "Atenra is welcome, if he would like to follow," Kassandros answered. "I happen to have his brother, I suppose you could mention that. Sepheres may be a little more familiar than Gannicus, mm?" Besides, Sepheres was also his son, and Victoria was there. He didn't mention Victoria. No one had ever survived falling or jumping off that cliff until she'd done it, by some wild miracle.

"Now, I'm going home," Kassandros said, standing. "It was nice seeing you, I'll get started on these plans we were discussing, thanks for being awesome, keep doing that, send them over whenever's good for them, and I will see you later." He started toward the door, and then stopped. "Oh and, go fuck Alcides already, you know you want to." With that, he headed back down the hall, before Livia could argue with him, or push the point.

Life was pain. His wasn't anything special, and besides, the only people he had to talk about it with, he either didn't trust, or were slaves. As if he had any right to whine at a slave about how his life had been hard. The mere idea was almost laughable. Even if only briefly, he knew what it was to lose your will. To have to go along with something you didn't want to, to not have a say in something that happened to you, and no, he didn't think he had a right. It'd be so selfish for him to even bring it up. How did you broach something like that, anyway? It always seemed so awkward, to him, randomly talking about some stupid thing that happened a long time ago, that someone hadn't been there for, that didn't make a damned bit of difference in anything.

Anyway. Well, now he just had to hope he didn't get home with an arrow in his shoulder. Not that it mattered, now. Apparently, he wasn't going out with the military in Einmanudur, anyway.