New Beginnings

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That was, unfortunately, one of the things he was sure Kassandros would know, were he conscious enough to share that knowledge with someone else. Nero might ask Icarus if he'd mentioned it, sometimes he had, of course, but he wasn't going to hold his breath, either. If he ended up in a house, though, it was possible there were purchase records to go through, so even if Icarus and Kassandros didn't know, maybe Nero could, given the right prodding of the right friends. (Nero did still have friends.) Judging by Pantheras' reaction to that question, Nero was going with, he was onto something, and maybe he would like to see him again, before he left.

"One thing at a time, in this," he decided, "might be the best thing. Sometimes it's easier to take things as they come. First up, then, House Essair isn't coming to us I guess." No, that it wasn't. "Nice meeting you, kid," he said, reaching over and ruffling Yishai's hair.
He just seemed a bit vexed, smoothing his hair back down. "I'm glad you didn't die!"
"Hmm, things I never thought would be said to me, go." No, that was fair. Military men died a lot, anyway, as it were. He should've expected it.

Anyway, the good news was, once he figured out where it was, House Wynbrandt wasn't too far from House Essair, and the walk wasn't liable to knock him onto his ass. He did, though, still limp a little. At least he wasn't going to keel over.


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Mm. Pantheras nodded slightly at that. That was true, the house wouldn't come to them. And as much as he was nervous about being reunited with his brother finally, he was excited and he did want to see him again. And of course he wouldn't be able to do that if they didn't go so that was... they were going to have to do that. It'd be okay, he told himself. It was going to be okay. It was his brother, it couldn't be that bad.

Even if he didn't get to see Axelius again. It wouldn't be the end of the world. It'd just be... disappointing. Upsetting. But he'd survive it. 

"You're right." He admitted quietly. One step at a time. That was probably the only way to manage just how drastically the world was going to change around him now. How different everything was going to be as he continued to try and make sense of what was to come.

Pantheras snorted slightly. "I guess that wouldn't be on the expected list." Probably not no. That was... that was odd. But Yishai was just the sort that would say something like that and absolutely mean it. At least, so far as Pantheras had seen while he was here, he did.

He gave one final polite bow to Yishai before ge moved closer to Nero, sort of waiting for him to take the lead. Partially because while he really did want to see Hien and really was kind of excited he was scared. ... And partly because he didn't know where they were going anyway and getting lost seemed like a pretty stupid thing to do given he had a guide. 

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Ah, generally not, no. He snorted, slightly, turning to lead the way to Essair, now that he'd figured out where they were going (it was probably good he'd had this being lost bit before he'd gotten here). "Generally not, no," he answered. "Kind of a pleasant surprise. I actually had no idea so many people outside my family paid attention." He was supposed to be the one nobody really remembered existed. He was fine with that, and changing things suddenly on him was a little jarring. Nero was more accustomed to being the one that faded into the background, anywhere but at home. Home was another story; Aemilius sure did adore him, before, and while Nero hated it, it was actually somewhat beneficial to his brothers.

"I say kind of because I'm not really used to anyone knowing my name outside home, and now that I'm thinking about it, I think I prefer that. Funny how that works out." Life was much easier when you were a nobody, and once upon a time, his name hadn't meant anything to anyone, and he much preferred when it didn't. Most people minded their own business, back then. In some ways, the commoners were much better off, because they could at least live without half the noble caste being up in their business all the time. It was even better, usually, if they had no ties to any other noble house, because they really were likely to be left alone, and maybe only get accidentally caught in crossfire.

Things were very hard that way, though. He knew that.

"So we'll probably go see Icarus first," he mentioned along the way. "To let him know you're here, and such. And I... don't know off-hand where Hien would be anyway, so it's probably not a bad idea to check if he knows. He might. Unless you'd rather wait." Wanting to get his bearings with the new house first, before diving into all that, that was valid.


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Pantheras followed quietly. Well, he supposed it would be a pleasant surprise to realize that people outside of his family cared about him one way or another. Theras wouldn't really know one way or another what people thought of Nero but so far indications were that he was a decent person and obviously something had happened.

That did sort of make sense though. He wasn't used to being noticed so it was strange that people were doing that now. Theras was pretty sure he wouldn't necessarily like a sudden uptick in the amount of attention being paid to him. Especially after some event happened that led to people thinking he'd died. Probably he would just want to be... left alone and allowed to recover and relax a bit.

It was weird hearing that phrased as if he had a choice in the matter. Based on his time with Wynbrant he could extrapolate that he did actually have a choice there and that it wasn't rhetorically worded. But it was still very strange to Pantheras to hear after all this time. 

"That sounds fine." Might as well get the introduction to Essair over with relatively quickly, right? It made sense to him. And everyone kept telling him they were good people so it seemed like it wasn't likely to be a particularly painful process or anything like that. Asking after his brother was a thing he'd do too of course because despite his misgivings he did really want to see him, of course.

He'd missed Hien a great deal since he'd been brought here after all. And maybe just seeing his brother would probably put the worst of his nerves to rest anyway, when things inevitably went as well as they had gone so far in this process of being brought away from the brothel.

"For what it's worth, I didn't really know anything had happened, but I'm glad you're okay, too." He'd been a nice guy, from what Pantheras did remember. The world would definitely be worse off without him in it.

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Good, that was a plan, then. It was very likely to be standard, boring things, like which room was his, and maybe some confusion from the fact he was allowed to do whatever. That took almost anyone forever to get accustomed to, and hey, you know what, that was fair enough.

Oh. "Well, thank you," he said. "I appreciate that." Sometimes, though, he wondered if it wouldn't have been better if he wasn't. But he wondered that a lot, and if anything, his not-quite-but-close dying was enough to inform him that maybe actually dying wasn't a good idea. At least he was back, and, eventually, whenever they got past this part here, he could figure out how to move their family forward.

Come to think of it, he didn't remember the Jihonese freeing their slaves very often, did he know that was normal? Hmm.

Usually, mind you, Nero got sent the other way, to go butt heads with Macenians. (Macenians were a pain in the ass. He also was one, so that didn't help, he was sure.) Nero admittedly didn't know much about Jihon, except that they didn't think much of... um, anyone, actually.

"You know how being free works, right?" Maybe he'd just, ask. There wasn't much harm in it. He'd never known the guy to get terribly upset about questions, even if he should theoretically be offended. It was probably because plenty of people in Dalmasca did very rude things, and asking questions generally wasn't on the list.