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Started by Tristan Essair at Jun 12, 2019 10:05 pm
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Tristan Essair

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I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. And when I leave you will finally understand, why storms are named after people.

Most likely, Tristan almost looked offended, for a moment. What'd he take him for, a Dalmascan? Sheesh. Of course, that was not perhaps entirely fair, because even maybe some Macenians might do that, even some Galacese, if they had the incentive to. At the moment, though, it'd be better for everyone if he learned to do it the right way, because bridles snapping at the wrong time could lead to a lot of unnecessary terrible.

"Of course," he said, instead. "If I remember rightly, you learn pretty quick, so I don't think it'll take you long to catch on. I've got a few other things you can busy yourself with, many of which are leather-related, so I'll probably just run you through a basic leatherworking overview, and then we'll get into specifics. The other things I've got involve a lot of metal, and I think Merenwen would kill us both if I dragged a forge up here." Yes, most likely.

Besides, this would probably make him look like a dumb-ass to Xiaodan, and he was trying to figure out how to break the ice with her, but something told him, that was not the way he wanted to do it.

Ah. "So, either Roland, or you have another surprise kid." Tristan thought about that for a moment, and then smiled, slightly. "It'd be nice, to have Roland around again. ... I might mix you two up for a bit, as I relearn the differences." But the slight mishaps would be worth it. Their family was almost all together, again, and it'd been a long time since it was, but Tristan hadn't ever quite forgotten how much he missed the last time it was together. Maybe things wouldn't ever be the same as they'd been at Macenia, but this was a good start.

Sandalio Essair

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"It probably won't." Sandalio did tend to pick things up reasonably well if he was shown how to do them. It served him well given there were certainly times when he was merely tossed into something without any hint of what he should be doing. So, well, with someone actively showing him what to do, it shouldn't take too much work to manage to pick it up from Tristan. He'd try not to be too annoying about it.

"I don't think that would be a good idea, no." No forges in the infirmary. There would definitely be some unhappiness from the healers, and for good reason. Forges weren't exactly safe at the best of times, and there were - yeah. There were reasons this wouldn't work out well.

"Basically yes." And he sort of snorted at that. "Ah, I preemptively forgive you for the mess ups." Just, putting that out there. Because that was really all that he could think to say on the topic. Tris could be forgiven, they looked a lot alike and it had been a long time since their brother had had to tell them apart. Sandalio would probably trip over it too if he wasn't one of the two twins, after all.

"So I'll probably go by there later on." Just because a walk was probably a good idea anyway. "Do you want to tag along?" Partly because he had little interest in going alone or going at all beyond curiosity, and partly because he figured Tristan would want to see their brother again if that was indeed who it was. Since that was one of the two most likely options it seemed a reasonable question to ask.

It'd be nice to have their family back together again though, it really would.

Tristan Essair

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I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. And when I leave you will finally understand, why storms are named after people.

That was probably for the best, given Tristan was fairly certain, he was going to mix them up at some point. Ah, come to think, Estelle may not be able to tell them apart easily, either. Then again, children were somehow more in-tuned with things like that. Maybe she'd pick it up faster than Tristan would, just because she wasn't hung up on the same inane things adult-humes were. Sometimes, children were too perceptive, but on the other hand, it served well enough. They might yet get to skip trying to explain her dad had a body double.

"Yeah, of course," he answered. "Just let me know when you want to go." And, well, he'd go, too. If nothing else, Sandalio seemed like he could use the moral support. Now really wasn't the best time to go gallivanting off to go find Roland, but that wasn't Roland's fault, and maybe one of them being in a fairly decent mood and present, that was a good idea, too. It wasn't like he'd really understand why Sandalio was so deflated right off.

But he did think, too, that maybe having his twin back would be a big help, as well. And if he was Asheron's, then, either they'd let him go pretty easily, or they wouldn't mind him being around here a lot, and that was probably good.

"... now, this'll be a weird question," he started. "But who exactly is that?" he asked, nodding in the lady's direction, the dark haired, green-eyed one across the room that'd broken her leg several times. She was Gannicus' girlfriend, if he remembered right, but she seemed oddly familiar, and Tristan was fairly sure there was precisely zero reason for that. He was fairly sure he'd never seen her in his life, but the familiarity was still tugging at a corner of his mind.

It was bothering him, so he was asking.

Sandalio Essair

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Sandalio nodded slightly. "Okay." That was something he could do. And it would be nice for all three of them to be together no matter who it was that Kassandros had sent him to go find, because honestly it wasn't like Sandalio's mood was going to be the best, but it was also not something that he wanted to put off for too much longer, because the reality was that it was at least kind of important.

It wasn't like Roland would know exactly what was going on and while Sandalio was sure he'd perk up some at seeing his twin brother it still may be obvious that there was something... wrong. At least if they were all together they could shift some of that elsewhere for a while.

At least it was Asheron, because if who they were looking for was with Asheron things would be much smoother. Even if Livia wouldn't give them up, just seeing them should be a reasonably easy prospect on a relatively frequent basis. Compared to... what had happened at Salonus in order to retrieve Estelle. If he never had to deal with Salonus again, that would be good. But if he did Sandalio may well just gut the guy. Especially right now.

Er. Sandalio followed Tristan's gaze for a moment before focusing back on him. "Victoria, Titus Lancaster's wife. ... Former wife? I'm relatively sure that they think she's dead but I'm not sure that constitutes an annulled marriage technically." Ah... hm. that was kind of an odd thing to think about. "Why?" Just asking because it was a weird question and Sandalio couldn't quite figure out why Tristan wanted to know.

Sandalio couldn't think of any reasons for Tristan to know her, but well, it was possible? Or it was possible that she just looked similar to someone else that he knew. Sandi wasn't sure, which was why he'd asked

Tristan Essair

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I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. And when I leave you will finally understand, why storms are named after people.

Titus Lancaster?

Hmm. Tristan's gaze narrowed, slightly, casting toward the wall in thought. He vaguely recalled one of his former owners, a blood trainer of course, having some sort of relationship with House Lancaster. Most likely, they had something of a rivalry with one another, as most blood stables-having houses were, in some sense, rivals. But he did not recall ever having occasion to hear of, much less meet, Titus' wife. Which meant... he knew her somehow else, and he couldn't say... how.

House Lancaster didn't typically train beast fighters like Tristan's owners all had. As such, the House didn't have much in the way of interest in the beast fights. Which meant that it was unlikely that he'd seen her in the stands at any point, either. Of course, she was very familiar this close, he remembered the birthmark just to the right of her nose, long before he saw it, which meant it wasn't only at a distance he'd seen her, either. That was going to bother him.

"She's very familiar," he answered. "I can't figure out why. House Lancaster don't deal in beast fights. Only one former house of mine had any dealing with Lancaster, but only specifically Titus." But that was a strange thing to ask her, he thought. Hey, you look familiar, where have I met you before? Jeez. It wasn't like he even had a vague idea of why, so it wasn't even like he had a direction to go in, there.

But then, he'd never known Kassandros to tolerate people in his home not being fairly patient people. He didn't make a habit of sheltering monsters, after all. And if Gannicus liked her, then she couldn't be that bad. It probably took a very patient, strong lady to survive the stupid that Titus was, anyway. With that, he stood up and shuffled that way. Guess he was asking.

Sandalio Essair

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Hm. That was rather odd, because off hand Sandalio couldn't really think of any reason for her to be familiar to his brother. Tristan would certainly know if he'd been in Lancaster before - and that wouldn't have made sense anyway given the simple fact that Tris had been pitted against animals mostly, not people, and Lancaster didn't do that.

So why was she familiar to him?

"Well I don't think she'd take it badly if you did decide to ask her." Victoria seemed like a rather nice person from what few dealings with her he had had - not many, but she was here and Essair was pretty picky about who was allowed to be here, being totally honest about it. And she treated Sepheres well which was more than could be said about Titus or anyone else in that god forsaken house except maybe Atenra and some of the slaves.

So... she had points going towards she can't be that bad.

It appeared that Tristan was indeed going to ask. Sandalio rose and decided to follow - he was kind of curious and admittedly wanted to hear what the answer ended up being.

It might have been as simple as having seen her while at market or something but somehow that didn't... feel right. He didn't know why. Probably because of the way Tristan had latched onto it - after all so many faces passed at market it wasn't likely that Tris would really remember her from that or have it stick in his mind unless something particularly notable had happened. So...well.

Asking wouldn't hurt and would hopefully put the matter to rest. Seemed like a win to him.

Tristan Essair

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I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. And when I leave you will finally understand, why storms are named after people.

That was good, then. Sandalio would know her and how she was likely to react better than he would, but then, Tristan also knew, and understood by now, that the Essairs really wouldn't tolerate a truly terrible person, and Gannicus wasn't likely to fall in love with one. Still, for some reason, he felt really nervous, like he'd unknowingly waited his whole life to sit down next to her and ask this stupid question, and he couldn't for the life of him figure out why.

It was probably nothing. He'd probably just run into her a few times, remembered because she had a very unique and striking appearance, or something important happened the day he met her and he remembered her and not what happened, or something. There was a logical explanation for all of this, he just didn't really know what it was.

It seemed Sandalio was curious, too, because he followed, and Tristan settled down, carefully, in one of the chairs nearby. "I'm..." Mmm, he was too blunt for this. "Tristan. I'm Tristan. We've met somewhere before, and I can't figure out where. I was hoping you had a better idea than I do." If she didn't know, either, then she didn't know either, and he could still move on with his life.

At a closer range, though, he remembered her eyes. The little flecks of gold in the green, a ring of brown around the edges, almost hazel but not quite. Strangely, he remembered that gaze watching him before, a long, long time ago. That was almost surreal, and he had no more of an idea than he did before. He'd just hope she knew. That was going to bother him.

Victoria Lancaster

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Oh, but what a beautiful destruction it was.

Surya had been by that morning, as often he was, bringing her paper and books, things to occupy her mind, and her hands, with. Sometimes, Sepheres came in here, settled to the side somewhere, and handled the ledgers. The little girl, Estelle, liked to come upstairs and sit with him, and he'd teach her numbers. She was good at learning, and had an insatiable curiosity, often pestering Victoria about what she was reading or making that day, too. Victoria thought it precocious, not annoying. She'd always wanted a daughter, but, fate gave her sons, and while she didn't regret that, she'd still hoped for at least one girl.

Someday, maybe she and Surya could get a little girl. Surya often did give her things she didn't think she'd ever get. Not since... her hands stilled, amid weaving baskets together. It hurt to think of her, and Victoria had managed to avoid it for a while now. Longer than usual, but she still walked where there were more shadows on the ground, even now. Someday, even that wouldn't be comforting anymore, if anything Etiana had told her was correct, and Victoria had no reason to question it.

Movement caught her attention. She turned, and couldn't really help the staring part. Of course, she'd seen this one before, and the other... he was the eldest Essair's guard, the one that stayed closer. She glanced in said eldest Essair's direction, over there, but to be fair it wasn't as if the young man was going anywhere. Tristan? Victoria frowned. Oh, this couldn't be happening. Tristan looked like her, you know, sort of. She never cared for facial hair. She said it itched too much, and Victoria had no reason to doubt anything she said, but she had often kept her hair long. Hers wasn't as curly as Victoria's - that, they'd inevitably inherited from Victoria - but it did do that golden highlight frost thing Tristan's was doing, and his also wasn't really curly.

Neither was the one's behind him, something with an S... was that Sandalio? He looked more like her father, she thought. It was the nose, and his eyes. Her father had grey eyes, though his were a slight bit bluish. "... you... might recognise Egnacia Allendale better." Goodness, when was the last time she'd called herself that? Quite a long time ago, by now, that was for sure.