Skeletons in the Basement

Started by Damian Cassimer at Jun 12, 2019 2:01 pm
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Somehow, he still kind of was, despite Lucius' words stating that he shouldn't be. Because sure, Lucius did probably need to know but it felt like maybe there should have been another way or like he should have known something was going on - he was living at home after all how the hell had all this happened and he had no idea about it until now? So many had died down there that Damian hardly knew where to begin.

Damian nodded, accepting that. It was true, of course. Lucius was family too, and even if Damian hadn't wanted to involve him, he would have been eventually. It was better that he knew before the Justicars came to ask him questions or something like that. It was better to have him helping than have him blindsided later.

It still made Damian feel bad to drag him into the middle of this mess, as horrible as it was.

"It's fine. You're not the one who should be sorry." Damian supposed Lucius probably felt the same way, even as he said that. Hm. Well, that was fair enough now that he thought about it. Anyway, ah he was supposed to be going now, so mom didn't have to keep dealing with it by herself for any longer than she absolutely had to.

Lucius knew now, and Damian trusted him to come when he was ready to in order to help out at the main house. Damian began to move back towards the door. "Love you, Lucius." It just felt necessary to say, for some reason. Then again, he didn't really need a reason to say that to his brother.