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Nero Essair

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Fairly significant a hindrance, yes, it was. Nero was trying to ignore it, mostly. It did hurt a little, now that he'd stopped moving, and he was just going to hope, when he stood back up, it didn't near cripple him on the spot, that might be a bit of a complication. On the bright side, if there was to be a bright side, Nero wasn't a very proud creature and didn't have too many reservations about asking Icarus to just pick him up because walking was not happening. Nero had never known Icarus to be notably judgemental.

"Essair is fine?" he asked. "Asheron? I am curious about what happened to House Greyson. I can ask Cyprian later, though, if you don't know." Cyprian had all the makings to be a terrifying force of nature if someone just thought to let him be himself. If anyone knew, it was likely to be Cyprian. Or Kassandros, Nero supposed Kassandros might know, if only because Kassandros seemed to know everything.

It was useful, times like these, but man that had to be a pain in the ass.

A small smile, and he added, "You? I don't have to belatedly deck anyone, do I? You did go off somewhere I wasn't last tour." It was probably for the best, given Nero barely survived that one, but you know, Nero wasn't terribly fond of Icarus going where he wasn't. It was not very pleasant, because Nero couldn't protect him when he wasn't anywhere near him. At the end, there, he held his hands up. He thought he could stand, now. Maybe.

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"Essair is fine, as is Asheron." Icarus agreed with a nod. "Greyson is standing but I don't know the details of their general day to day affairs." Ah, no. But it was okay in the sense that it wasn't falling so that was something? Falls tended to be relatively loud affairs if only because no one could really mind their own business. But for more details... yeah asking Cyprian might be a better idea.

"I'm fine." Icarus responded easily. "It wasn't fun but everything turned out okay in the end." He didn't really like being on the boarder but he wasn't sure anyone did. .... Well some particular brands of psychopath may enjoy the free rein to kill but that was... something else entirely and not really Icarus' thing. "Nothing terrible happened." Though admittedly, even if it had Icarus wasn't sure he'd tell Nero that.

Nero had plenty of things on his plate, he didn't need that too given he just hadn't been there. Icarus took the extended hands and began to try and help the other up onto his feet - fully prepared to take the majority of Nero's weight if it came down to it. What? He was not going to let Nero fall and hurt himself worse just because Icarus hadn't been ready for what might happened.

Besides, he had been warned that Nero had no idea if he could stand anyway.

Nero Essair

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At least everyone important was doing okay. If he wanted more information than that about Greyson, he supposed he'd need to ask Cyprian, but, he intended to, anyway. Greyson was generally strong enough to stand without the Kenleighs, and Nero was going to hope they managed to. If they didn't need the Kenleighs, and could manage without them, then Nero would just leave them to it. He was only a little concerned they needed another, decent patron house. House Greyson had never operated without one before, but if Nero remembered rightly, they were fairly powerful in their own right, and might yet be fine.

... somehow, that statement didn't inspire confidence, but, Icarus would be Icarus. It wasn't like Nero could fix it if things hadn't gone so well, they were stuck with however it'd turned out, and maybe dwelling on it wasn't a good idea, either. "That's good, then," he decided. If he said so, Nero would have to believe him, and it wasn't like he often had a reason not to.

Right, standing. For a moment there, he made a face, but he did pull himself up off the charred stone. Then, quite promptly loosed a smothered shriek of pain and squeezed his eyes closed for a second. That hurt, a lot more than it had before, but he had a feeling it would. For a minute or two, he just stood there, and then cautiously rocked his weight back and forth from one leg to the other, and then nodded.

"I think I can walk, at least," he said, "just maybe not so gracefully." But it didn't need to be very graceful, it just needed to get him to House Essair. Which, wasn't terribly far, he could do it. Worst came to worst, he ended up leaning a little heavier on Icarus than he wanted to.

Icarus Essair

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Icarus smiled fractionally at Nero's 'that's good'. Being fair about it, nothing had happened anyway. It just... war was war, and it wasn't ever pleasant. And he'd been worn down when he came home but who wasn't? He hadn't taken any significant injuries. All in all, it wasn't so bad at all.

But you know, then he'd come home and been faced with oh by the way that guy you really like and consider a friend, he's dead, and his house fell. Wasn't that great? At least Kassandros had already been working to help the living siblings because depending on the situation it was hard to say how long they might've survived without that help.


Icarus grimaced at that pained sound. That was... he didn't like that at all. It was also, unfortunately, necessary and he knew it. Just staying in place wasn't going to fix things even if it was painful. And, of course, if it was that painful to stand then clearly he needed a proper healer and it was probably better to take him to her than the other way around simply because Merenwen would have a cleaner environment and more of the tools she might need for the healing on hand already at home.

Icarus remained still for a moment, prepared to support Nero's weight, but allowing him to do what he needed to in order to try and get himself to where he could move under his own power. "We'll take it slow if we need to." But graceful wasn't a requirement by any means. Icarus began to lead the way, keeping a close eye on Nero because he had no interest in pushing the other too far. At least they didn't have to go far.