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Stand up child, and turn towards the lightning, and the thunder; so I can see what I've known for all these years.

My characters are nuts. They don't tend to follow linear, logical sense. They also seem to enjoy throwing people for crazy unexpected loops, so you know, maybe never try making sense of them and you'll be mostly happy. Mostly. Also not listing my NPCs here, but I play a number of them.

23, Maleish, Macenian, he thinks, Blood Fighter, House Asheron, former brothel slave (Helene's bunch)
Pansexual | Polyamorous | Current Lovers: Pantheras, Livia, Alcides, Lycaon

Currently: Reuniting with a childhood friend of sorts.

17, Nonbinary (technically a 'they'), Dalmascan, Warlord, House Essair.
Pansexual | Demisexual | Polyamorous (under the right circumstances) | Current Lovers: Sandalio, tentative Kohaku

Currently: Um. Doing a lot of things. Uh, getting to know his mom, re-establishing a relationship with his brothers, figuring out what love is, very slowly, some more reunions, uhh... stuff like'at. The last thread on the site right now is his "And the Cracks Begin to Show," but we're ignoring it for right now to catch the rest of the site up to it.

24, Male, Dalmascan, Warlord, House Kenleigh technically but also Kenleigh fell so whatever.
Pansexual | Maybe polyamorous I don't actually know | Current Lovers: Icarus?

Currently: Finding out his House fell, being kinda pissed off, and also I think he's dying kind of. That won't last long, fortunately.

3,096, Maleish, Saqqaran, King of Saqqara, House Lucain, kind of a living whirlwind.
Pansexual | Polyamorous | Current Lovers: None

Currently: Watching over Haradi for King Sidonai. He may or may not also be having a lot of fun murdering slavers when he finds them.

29, Female, Galacese, Blackram Marauder Admiral, House Agnon
Pansexual | Maybe poly, I don't know | Current Lovers: Katsuya

Currently: Miniature war with the Ebondrake later, and she's helping her fleet figure their shit out and deal with their dead.

24, Female, Macenian, Nobody terribly special... like at all... no house, either.
Pansexual | Probably not poly but I've been surprised | Current Lovers: Astraea?

Currently: I think she's in a brothel at the moment... That... won't last long. Eventually she'll end up in House Teresi with Shilthandien.

26, Male, Dalmascan, kinda, pirate, inventor of airships, king morally-ambiguous, don't expect to make sense of him you never will. House Asheron. We think.
Pansexual | Polyamorous | Current Lovers: None

Currently: Probably drunk. Or getting there.

26, Male, Macenian, really nobody notable, House Essair. 120% House Essair.
Pansexual | Maybe poly, I don't know | Current Lovers: Xiaodan?

Currently: Getting to know his niece but otherwise... just... helping with the horses as always. (He likes horses. They're not annoying.)

19, Male, Dalmascan, probably, House Wynbrandt
... I don't know if he's pan or not | Probably poly | Current Lovers: Hadrian (someday)

Currently: Buying a brothel slave for Kassandros, so they can teach him how to not-brothel-slave, and then give him to House Essair. Where, Yishai is aware, he'll probably end up freed. But you know. In the meantime, clothes and stuff. Also, his mother got him a what?? (Nope, not over that yet.)