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Lucius' letter had offered quite a bit of an opening for Damian to come and visit. Of course, he didn't need a reason to, exactly. And certainly Lucius wouldn't generally send him away when he did come. It was always nice to spend a little time with Lucius anyway, a nice reprieve from the constant bustle of Nydema. Besides, the Ilim were always fun to play with.

It was rather early in the morning. He probably should have sent Lucius an answer, just so he knew to expect Damian, but on the other hand, it wasn't like it was all that far so Lucius was probably not really expecting a letter response as it was.

He moved around the house quietly to put the horse he'd ridden up safely. It took a short time to make sure the horse had been watered and put up. Once that was done Damian slipped inside the house. The Ilim all knew him, of course, so he wasn't too worried about simply appearing without warning Lucius. He'd mentioned hume slaves, but he'd also said that they'd been borrowed by Essair.

Damian had to wonder what Essair wanted with his brother's slaves. But well, he'd ask eventually, maybe.

"...I'm not sure you should climb that." Damian was watching one of the young Ilim. The young Ilim chose that moment to giggle and throw herself at him. Damian made sort of a strangled noise of surprise as he caught the girl.  "Please don't do that again." Concern in his tone, of course. If he hadn't managed to catch her she could have really managed to hurt herself, and Dami didn't really like that idea.

"Okaaaay." The girl agreed, and he set her down gently back on the floor.
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Treat your soldiers as your own sons, and they will follow you unto the ends of the earth.

At some point, Lucius had fallen asleep on one of the couches. There'd been a couple ilim kids under one arm, but they'd woken up long before he did, of course; they had more energy than he did, anymore, and had worn him out running around like chickens without their heads all evening. Now, they'd found a feather and were tickling his nose. He'd wake up eventually.

In the meantime, one of the older ilim, a female with mouse ears and tail, was looking for the other kids... fortunately, ilim took a decent amount of time to have children, so they only actually had about five very young ones. One of which just jumped off -- aaaayee, at least Damian had come in about there. "Still jumping off things," she huffed. "That's the third time this week. Thank goodness you caught her. Nice to see you!" quietly, of course, albeit her being quiet would not side-step Lucius eventually waking up, but eh.

"Lucius fell asleep in the parlor," she said. "I imagine his back's going to hate him today." Most likely. It was almost amazing he hadn't fallen off of it, because it was one of those couches that didn't have a back to it, being meant to be laid on. And he didn't seem to have managed to squish the kids, either. They might've protested about that a bit.

Of course, almost right after she said that, a loud sneeze sounded from the parlor, and the two that'd gotten the feather squealed and ran out of it. She giggled, a bit. Served them right. "Aaaaaagh," Lucius grumbled. "... what time is it? Never mind," and a thunk as he flopped back over, presumably.
"... sounds like he's awake. It's ten!" she answered. "I'd probably best go make him some tea. And you," looking down at the girl. "No more jumping!" Sheesh.
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Damian smiled at the Ilim who had come in looking for the kids. He shook his head slightly. "Kids will be kids I guess." Still, if she kept doing that she was going to learn why they told her not to. So... he would hope she listened, maybe. Well, they'd see, he supposed. "It's nice to see you too." It was, really. It'd been a bit before he spent any real time here at the side house, and being honest about it... he kind of missed it. It was peaceful here in a way being in the house with Marcus just wasn't.

Dami winced slightly at that. "You are probably right." Yikes. Lucius wasn't as young as he used to be, and yeah, eventually sleeping in odd places was going to catch up with him and make him hurt. Hopefully not too badly though, because he'd probably been telling stories to the kids or something. He did that a lot, if Damian was remembering right.

A nod in agreement. "He sounds like he needs it." Yeah, well, he'd just woken up, he usually did when he first woke up.

"I'm going to go say hi." Or, you know, probably just good morning and then let him try to finish waking up because Lucius sounded like he'd had a night. Dami knew his way around, of course, so it didn't take long to get around to entering the parlor. "Morning, Lucius." His voice was mostly quiet, but he was quite sure his brother would hear. He went ahead and settled on one of the other seats int he room. Luci could be a bit of a slow riser - but he was allowed.
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Treat your soldiers as your own sons, and they will follow you unto the ends of the earth.

Ten? It was ten. And he was fairly sure he was dying of exhaustion. Not that this was surprising. The kids had worn him out, to be sure, and then he'd had to read them to sleep, and that took a while, because they kept asking questions. It took them at least another hour or two, to finally fall asleep. Lucius, on the other hand, had fallen asleep in about two seconds after they did. Now, it was ten, and he was still exhausted. Probably, he could roll over and go back to sleep, but, apparently Damian was here.

"Mornin'," he grumbled, pinching the bridge of his nose. "The kids ran me all over hell and creation last night, ugh. They only do this to me, I swear it." They seemed to have stopped being quite such hellions when Andreas and Cyprian were around. Probably because at least Andreas was more capable of catching the buggers.

"Nice to see you! How's life and stuff?" He had a feeling he knew. There was a reason Lucius was never at the main estate, of course. Mother was over there, and he did like seeing and spending time with her, but, heck if it wasn't kind of a plus and a minus to be there. Ultimately, his presence just made the main house more tense than it needed to be, and he'd stopped staying for very long. It only caused more problems, because he and Marcus never did get along, ever. He'd be there for maybe ten or fifteen minutes, a few hours if he was lucky, and then they'd get into a fight about something. Probably how he needed to get married, and varying nitpicks at whatever military thing he'd done that Marcus didn't like this time.

He wasn't quite as hard on Damian, though, thank the gods for that.
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"I mean, if you're that tired no one's going to judge you for going back to bed." Damian's tone was mild. "I can help wrangle the kids." And he'd still be here when Lucius was more ready to face the day. He didn't actually expect that to work, mind, but he'd at least point it out given how tired he sounded.

"They do seem to like to wear you out." Damian suspected it was partially because he was easier to wear out than the other people that Lucius occasionally had help wrangle. He didn't say that though because Lucius was probably well aware that it was due to his somewhat lower stamina. Lucius was, after all, not as young as he used to be, and time on the battlefield had done its damage over time. Or at least, that seemed to be what it was, from where Damian was sitting. Of course, age did its thing too. Lucius wasn't old by any means, but keeping up with a bunch of small ilim was exhausting no matter how old you were.

"It's nice to see you too." Smiling rather brightly. Ah... that question. Well. Nothing terrible to say, really. "Mostly the usual." Yeah, mostly. "Dad's annoyed about something or another Essair did." Nothing new there. "Mom's doing pretty well." Hadn't gotten sick, nothing bad had happened. Not that someone wouldn't have told Lucius already if something like that had happened. "I'm doing well too." He was, to be fair.

But, it wouldn't be hard for Lucius to see that Damian's mind was somewhere else, for all this light responses. His mind was still on the boy he'd met two days before, the one who'd been hurt by him just barely touching him. He hoped that he'd be okay. It was a stupid thing to hope for, no one cared if a slave lived or died. Still, Damian hoped someone would care enough. Maybe he should have told the woman at the front. But then he hadn't known... exactly what was wrong with the boy, and maybe she already knew. He hadn't wanted to get Dimitrios in trouble, so in the end he hadn't told anyone.

And of course, it was also on the man who had looked enough like Damian that he had a relatively good idea of how he was going to age. He'd come to the understanding sometime in his early teens that his parents must have been dead, because that was the only reason he could think of for him to have been adopted. No one ever spoke of them, after all. But it seemed... that wasn't exactly accurate.

He wasn't sure how to bring that up with Lucius though, and he thought maybe it was better if he just... didn't.
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Treat your soldiers as your own sons, and they will follow you unto the ends of the earth.

Lucius laughed at that. "I'd judge me," he answered. "I don't need to be sleeping all day, and besides, you're here. That's a good reason to get up." Probably the best reason, if he was being honest. ... well, maybe the only reason Lucius would get up so quick after, what was that, like four hours of sleep? Shit, he was going to regret that later, but it wasn't like he'd never run into something similar at the Macenian border. Crazy fuckers could hammer an outpost for twenty six hours straight, if they tried. If you ended up at the wrong outpost, like the really wrong outpost, in Macenia, you'd end up with wave after wave after wave...

Their tactics were nuts, man, but they damn sure fucking worked. He loved Macenians. He did not love fighting them.

The usual. So, dad was being a whiny cunt, and mom was biting her tongue. ... yes. Okay. Well, he was glad to know nothing had gone horrendously wrong in the last few days, since he'd been over there. Damian, or someone, would've told him, if something had. ... Essair? Still? Lucius slowly turned his head, arching an eyebrow at Damian, for a moment. Marcus was aware that if he kept provoking Kassandros, sooner or later, he'd get serious, too, right? Lucius wasn't sure how a full-on cat-fight between them would go. Marcus wasn't above certain manner of playing dirty, which, Kassandros was above it. Come to think of it, that could end terribly for Essair, really. He wondered, briefly, what Kassandros was planning on that front, but the less he knew, the better. The last thing he needed was to have a treason charge his father could hit him with.

Marcus fucking would, and Lucius knew it.

"You're doing well?" he repeated, rolling over onto his side, propping his head up against his knuckles. "You sound kind of distracted, to me. What's up?" He had that slightly hazy undertone to his words. That was the 'I'm thinking about something else,' undertone. Damian was always thinking, at least, that was never surprising, but it was surprising when it was coloring his words.
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Well, Damian couldn't really argue with that. Lucius judging himself wasn't something Damian really had a way around. So, yeah that was fair. He didn't really think it was necessary but ah. Not really the point he supposed. "I won't die if I have to entertain myself for a bit though you know." Slightly amused. The Ilim made it pretty easy to do, honestly, given the little ones always wanted to do something and if someone had the time to help they were thrilled.

"I know, I know." Shaking his head. "But yes, still Essair." Damian both did and did not understand why. Essair was something of a threat to Marcus' position, but not an extreme one. Cassimer had survived those coming in and out of the warlord class before, and there was little point in getting so upset about one rising house. Never mind Damian wondered to an extent what exactly Marcus was going to do as time went on and Essair continued forward.

There were plenty of rumors that Cassimer played awfully dirty, if one knew where to listen for them.

"Yes, I'm doing well." Damian reaffirmed immediately. ... Of course Lucius picked up on that. Damian wasn't immediately sure how he wanted to respond to that. But it wasn't really... he didn't think his brother really needed to worry about it. "It's not important." He said after a moment. "Don't worry about it." He smiled brightly.
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Treat your soldiers as your own sons, and they will follow you unto the ends of the earth.

"I know, but I haven't seen you in a while, anyway. Maybe I missed you." By a while, he meant maybe a week or two. He'd come back from a military tour a few weeks back, went home long enough to say hi to Damian and mother, and then left, before Marcus came home. It worked well, for avoiding the inevitable outburst. There was always an outburst, and being honest about it, it was really starting to wear him thin. He had more trouble from his own fucking father than he did from the Macenians he was at war with, that was some kind of sad. Not surprising, though. Lucius had long ago decided Marcus was a bloody psycho, and quite frankly, Lucius wanted nothing to do with him. Unfortunately, he was still his father, and Lucius hadn't quite reached the stage where he was willing to turn to patricide. It was tempting, though. Wasn't like Marcus could actually best him in a real fight. But there were laws, and blah blah blah...

He didn't talk about that with Damian. He didn't want to incidentally nudge the younger man one way or the other; if he liked Marcus, good for him. If he decided he didn't, good for him. It wasn't up to Lucius to make that choice for him.

"Of course still Essair." Well, Kassandros was younger and certainly more liked than Marcus was, these days. The kid could go far, if House Cassimer got out of his way. Lucius didn't intend to stand in it, but Marcus never did stop. Honestly, even if Kassandros was aiming for Imperator, maybe he'd make a good one. Lucius knew the rumors. Couldn't prove anything, of course, or he'd have whacked some of his soldiers with the flat side of his sword, but he heard some things. And still, the Essairs didn't let it get in their way. He admired their determination, if nothing else, and maybe some of Kassandros' ideas were radical, but at this point, that was what Dalmasca needed.

Lucius made a face, somewhere between 'really?' and 'uh-huh...' "Well, seems to be bugging you," he said. "I tend to worry about things that seem to be bugging you. I won't judge you, either, you know. And sometimes talking about it helps." Sometimes. If only because, in explaining it to someone else, you sort of explained it to yourself, too, and made sense of it. Lucius had no idea how that worked, he just knew it did. Besides, maybe he could help?
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"I missed you too." But it had only been a week or two, so it wasn't like it'd been ages or something. Which, it was still plenty long enough for Lucius to miss him, so it wasn't as if Damian was going to refute that. Just, hm. He sort of missed when they saw each other all the time. But Lucius and father fought a lot, so it wasn't surprising he didn't come by as often as he used to anymore. Dami didn't like it when they fought, but Marcus was shitty at caring what other people thought.

Damian sighed quietly. Well, Damian never really claimed to understand Marcus, he just... he'd wanted to make him proud. He'd really wanted to make Marcus proud of him, but that just wasn't something he could manage to do, it seemed. Maybe it didn't matter, in the end, if he could make Marcus proud or not. At least he still had Lucius, and maybe that was just... something he'd had to live with. "Essair just doesn't really seem like a house to cross." Or... something like that. Just leaving it there.

He had a feeling Lucius would understand what he meant there.

"It's not really something you can help with, I think. It just... is."  Was that weird? He didn't think it was weird, all things considered. "And it's not that I'm worried about you judging me, I just don't think it's really important for you to worry about." Okay, actually there was a tiny sliver of concern that Lucius would judge him for being in the brothel in the first place, but Luci was usually pretty forgiving of most things. He'd probably be fine with that. It was just... you know.

The guy he'd met there, he hadn't known his father was alive. He'd spent most of his life believing him dead already, and as it turned out, he wasn't after all.
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Treat your soldiers as your own sons, and they will follow you unto the ends of the earth.

No, it didn't. Marcus didn't make smart decisions, anymore. On the other hand, House Cassimer ostensibly had more backing; most weren't going to suddenly turn on Marcus, if only because few could really believe he'd be all that terrible, in reality, but they didn't know him. Truth be told, neither did Lucius, anymore. His father hadn't always been quite so terrible as he was, and as time went on, and he heard more whispers in the quiet, dark places of Dalmasca, the more he wondered if maybe everything he'd thought Marcus was, was a very elaborate facade. It was hard to say. Lucius may never know. But if this war with House Essair got any worse, he may sooner or later lose his patience.

"House Essair is weaker, in some sense," Lucius mused, looking up at the ceiling. "Kassandros hasn't had time to build the support structure that Cassimer stands on, and his father before him did little to do so, either. He may fall easier than we think. He may not. Either way, it'll be pretty messy." He didn't really want Damian or their mother anywhere near it, when it got that way, but he wasn't going to ask it. Maybe Damian would get the same idea, given time.

Uh-huh... that was concerning, in some sense. "You know I'm probably going to worry, anyway, right? Besides, remember the talking about it helping sometimes thing? Still stands, really." It did. "Your feelings and thoughts are valid," he said, waving his hands mystically. "... jokes aside, they really are. At least to me." And really, at the end of the day, maybe all they had was each other. Lucius liked being someone Damian went to when there was something on his mind. Lucius went to him, usually. Unless, you know, it involved their father, because, Marcus was a righteous fuckwit, but he didn't want to catch Damian in the middle of that miniature war.

Lucius and Marcus had been at each other's throats for over a decade now, it was really nothing new, anyway. Sometimes, though, Lucius really didn't want to be a Cassimer, anymore. He didn't mention that, either. If and when that time came, he'd let Damian decide what he wanted.