To Behead a Hawk

Started by Livia Asheron at May 13, 2019 12:25 pm
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Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is a quiet voice at the end of the day, saying, 'I will try again tomorrow.'

This was becoming ridiculous. Perhaps a hair frustrating, as well, but Livia did her best not to show it.

Ultimately, this battle was becoming a little too likely to harm innocent bystanders than she'd have liked. How, exactly, Marcus had managed to get his hands on such technology, that was beyond Livia at the present moment, but they'd found it. Oooh, they'd found it, when, by chance, one of the farmers had gotten too close to one, and it had exploded into flame. Several lives were lost in that one fire, and perhaps it was a one-off. Livia had given Marcus the benefit of the doubt, and presumed, at the time, it wasn't deliberate, nor perhaps had anything to do with Marcus at all.

Another farm found a second and third aura ball. Neither of those had been tripped, but one of them had an interesting marking on its outer casing, a marking that Livia recognised as the seal of Marcus' father.

Livia could, of course, train her blood fighters herself. However, there were a few too many of them for her to manage on her own, so she was making her way to the gate of House Essair; Kassandros had Gannicus, these days, and while Livia did not intend to take him back, she did want to borrow him, sort of. As she got to the gate, she waved at the guards. "I can find him," she said, intending to see herself to his office. That, usually, was where he was, after all, and she remembered her way around enough to get there on her own.

The walls were different, she did note. They looked like they'd been rebuilt since last she'd seen them, a bit taller and pointier, if that was a word. They'd been pushed backward several yards, as well, and Livia thought she saw the start of a farm behind the estate, where the wall had been expanded. It seemed he'd taken her suggestions to heart. That was nice to see.

Deftly, she made her way up the staircase, and down the hall. Upon finding the correct door (it, somewhat embarrassingly, took her a moment of counting doors), she tapped softly on the wood. "Do you have a minute?" she asked, her voice a little louder than standard speaking volume, to carry through the door. Most likely, he knew she was there, anyway, but perhaps confirming that yes, today was one of those blue moons in which she stopped by.


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When one door closes, another one opens. And if it doesn't, kick the bitch in.

Mostly, he was okay, now. Honestly, he had been shortly after returning home, they had good healers, and that, but everyone else in the house were buzzing with anxiety over it. Kassandros didn't exactly understand why, but maybe he didn't have to understand it, so much as just accept it, and accept it he had. Actually, he hadn't spent too long in his office, after that, moving around the house in almost unpredictable patterns. Assassins were still a threat, of course, but if he could throw them off by never being in the same place twice, well, that made everyone else's lives easier, and gave the guards less of a reason to be so damned jumpy.

He didn't expect that to work forever, of course. But it worked now, well enough for his purposes, for him to keep doing it. And besides, it'd been a long time since he'd had any active hand in the house's day-to-day affairs. He'd spent yesterday morning helping Leon with breakfast, and then had gone out hunting with Thana later, and now, he was just returning from helping with the small farm they had going back there. Estelle was a chipper-happy ball of sunshine if he ever did see one, but, she kind of brightened the entire day. Maybe she'd be a good diplomat someday. Certainly, she had the demeanour and the brain for it (she was catching onto maths very quickly - maybe she and Sepheres could help Cygnus learn how to do maths; it'd be useful for not getting ripped off at market).

As he turned the corner, headed back to his office, he heard knocking and Livia's voice. He snorted, softly, coming up at her side. "Sure do," he answered. "Don't mind the dirt, though," he added, raising his hands, which were, indeed, covered in dirt. Not like he cared. Little earth never hurt anybody, or so the saying went. "You're not normally one for house calls, though, should I be concerned?" Maybe he should be.

Oh, right, and he got his office door open, gesturing for Livia to go ahead. ... may have to clean his floors after this. Ha.