Partner in Crime

Started by Cyprian Essair at May 13, 2019 2:21 am
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Children are dying. The injustices of the world live in those three words.

Alright, forgive me this one, I know Cyprian's a friggin handful.

Anyway, this is specifically for the head of House Greyson, though technically could be filled by the head of any house that happened to be a vassal of House Kenleigh. Cyprian used to be... the de-facto? head of House Kenleigh, his father was a psychobabbly drunkard with a penchant for violence, so nobody liked to interact with him, and forget getting him to remember to do anything important. Nero had the whole military-influence thing down, so Cyprian took over the ledgers and bookkeeping, the management of day-to-day mercantile affairs of the house, and keeping track of their merchant ships. They had quite the impressive fleet, could've given House Wynbrandt a run for their hessions, but Wynbrandt probably bought them all.

Anyway, Nero died, Aemilius pissed off the wrong people, the House got torched overnight and the survivors sold to slave market. The justicars should care but I think they don't really know what happened there.

In any case, the head of whichever-house-this-ends-up, worked with Cyprian pretty closely. The thing with Cyprian is that he's not afraid of playing dirty if he has to, and may have orchestrated some very convenient ill-fortune for political opposition to House Kenleigh before, and quite honestly, it may have been Cyprian that kept Kenleigh afloat and a major house for so long despite their ill-repute thanks to Aemilius. This is why Greyson works best; Greyson has, and has had, the underground connections and seedy friends that Cyprian would need for this.

Now, House Greyson became a major house in place of Kenleigh when it fell. Given their close ties and perhaps some fondness for each other, it's possible the head of this house went looking for Cyprian and the twins after the house fell. You know, more like a, I want to make sure you're okay, type thing. There's also potential for romantic angling here, I will say Cyprian is very gay, but he's... difficult. He's got a laundry list of mental disorders and there are days when you just Do Not, so I understand if it doesn't go that way, I don't care if it does or not. Just, you know it's a potential.

The head of House Greyson is currently called Adranos. This can be changed, nobody cares. It can also be replaced by another House, again, nobody really cares. I'm totally up for plot-bantering, that's A+.