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It is neither hardship nor enemy that drive a man to evil; it is his own mind.

Tihaan has an older brother, and a dad. First up, House Assad has ruled Haradi since it was established, and it was established by Kythra Assad a few hundred years ago. Kythra was a mage, and passed her haranite mage gauntlets on through the family, which eventually ended up with Tihaan as he is the only current mage in the Assad line. Haradi and Saqqara are traditionally very close, and there is Assad blood in House Lucain, the ruling house of Saqqara since its inception, and Lucain blood in House Assad.

His father is King Sidonai Assad, and has been ruling Haradi for the last few decades. While a very fair ruler, he is also somewhat passive, and has been trying, for the most part, to shield his people from Dalmasca's treachery without getting them into an actual war. Unfortunately, the time to act has long been here, and Sidonai has been very hesitant to do it. When Tihaan disappeared, he refortified the walls around the city, more forcefully persecuted any slavers found in the city, and pretty much withdrew. Now, in board canon, he turned Haradi over to King Sahura Lucain of Saqqara, and left to find Tihaan on his own. This can be kept, or changed, either one.

There are no restrictions on this one except that Tihaan is often said to be the spitting image of a younger version of his father, so his PB, ideally, would be older Noctis Lucis Caelum of FFXV. Unless you can find someone else that looks like an older version of Tihaan.

Now, the oldest son of Sidonai, and Tihaan's elder brother, is named Ryhil. Ryhil is... think Rhaegar. He's more of a poet and a lover than anything else, and while he could lead, he's never wanted to. Following Tihaan's disappearance, he was the first to go looking for him, maybe even before the crownsguard reacted, because Tihaan is next in line for the throne. If he doesn't come back, Ryhil's stuck with stuffy paperwork and overly-tense diplomatic meetings and believe you me, Ryhil is 10,000% okay never doing that ever.

It was envisioned that he had a relationship with someone in House Argyros, but it's up to whomever takes him if they keep that or not. He was blond last he was played, so he doesn't even really have to be blue-haired. The red eyes does kind of run strong in the family (yes, btw, their eyes are red), so that should probably have reached Ryhil, too.

Anyway. Yeah!