Accidental Might-Bes

Started by Lucius Cassimer at May 13, 2019 1:56 am
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5' 9"Height

Treat your soldiers as your own sons, and they will follow you unto the ends of the earth.

Lucius has a habit of patronizing a certain brothel (the one run by Helene, in fact, which all brothel-slaves on the site come from currently), and paying to just sit around and talk for an hour. No, I'm serious. He figures it's a nice break from the monotony of day-to-day for them, and he's gotten to know a few of them that way. Usually, it was a different slave every time, but, eventually, he found one he liked, and from there on out, it was always that one.

Of course, most of the other slaves were like "Hey, looks like a Cassimer likes you! Go you!" but at first Lucius didn't like them... like that. That changed. Nowadays, though, he keeps this to himself. Why? Slaves do what Dalmascan masters say. That's the way of the world, and Lucius knows it. So ultimately, he made the executive decision to not say anything because you know what, if they like him back, great, if not, that's great too. And maybe someday if they do, they'll say something. Maybe not. Far be it for him to decide if it gets said or not.

He's actually weirdly submissive. You'd think he'd be more assertive, given who his dad is, but I think that's exactly why. He's a sweet. Like, too sweet. He really does always have the best intentions and maybe the execution is a bit off, but that's fine by him.

This'n can be male or female, or neither, don't mind. Lucius is pan, actually. He is very active in the military, so he's probably gone for large periods of time here and there when he's out at the Macenian border or something like. But yeah.

Ahm, he also has a mom, thinking Cate Blanchett as her PB but you can do whatever there. She's a very intelligent and diplomatic lady, because Marcus is such a chaotic riot. Uh, they've mostly had side-lovers since Lucius was born, because Marcus is a sadist, no really, and probably hurt her, and she decided that was not happening again, so they only have the one. Damian was adopted later, and while he isn't her own son, she does treat him like he is.

Marcus is pretty much designed to be her opposite in every way, so she should be his opposite in every way. She has a very placid, calm manner, and while she may get a little more firm here and there, she's very good at diplomatic tactic and never raising her voice. It was actually also her suggestion that Lucius move to one of their other estates because he and Marcus were constantly at each other's proverbial throats, and I think she got scared Marcus might actually kill him if he got annoyed enough, and that concern's not unfounded.

Willing to banter ideas. Not much is really set in stone on either of these, they're just ideas. =)