Started by Spartacus at May 13, 2019 1:48 am
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This guy should have kids!

They are, most likely, going to be weres. Depending on how old they are, they may or may not know this yet. Sparty is the older brother of Kemosiri and Gannicus (Surya), so those two would be any kids Sparty has' uncles, and Inetkaes is their great-aunt, Sahura their grandfather, and Atenra and Sepheres their cousins.

House Lucain rules the Free City of Saqqara, and here shortly the ones displaced by the slave trades will be returning home. They may or may not remain there, we don't really know yet, but Sparty will likely insist on finding any of his kids first.

No restrictions here, except most likely they'll be a slave, and they must be at least partly black. If you can get similar facial structures as Sparty's PB, A+, if not, no big deal. If you need some suggestions, you can ask! Also, either gender's fine, so these can be sons or daughters, whichever. House Lucain does tend to pop out boys more than girls, but yeah either way.