я твоя не первая

Started by pink martini at Apr 28, 2019 2:02 am
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Drive Italian, wear Japanese, drink Russian, kiss French.

Cygnus Essair

17 • Maleish • Warlord • House Essair • Dalmascan • Hume Mage • Lightning Affinity • Pansexual probably • Poly • Currently single

  • He needs to figure out what the fuck he's doing with his life. Mostly at the moment, he's minding his own business and feeling like a giant failure, and that's fair, but he can't mope and hide forever.
  • He could really use friends that aren't going to stab him in the back, or mess him up even more. He's a very delicate being at the moment, he's very easy to mislead. (He is NOT as smart as Kassandros and Icarus.)

Lucius Cassimer

31 • Male • Warlord • House Cassimer • Dalmascan • Hume • Pansexual • Maybe poly • Currently single

  • He does have a wanted ad up for a lover and his mother, both could be very useful about now.
  • Other than that, he could also use friends. Probably will be his saving grace.
  • House Cassimer is kind of collapsing at the moment, so, yes, very important.

Spartacus (Sati)

3,037 • Male • Blood Fighter • House Lancaster • Saqqaran • Were (Hawk) • Fire Affinity • Pansexual • Poly • Dating Aquillius (Alexios)

  • Most likely, he has kids. All the Lucains really do, so, somewhere, I'm sure, there are kids of his.
  • He's a difficult one not to get along with, so if anyone needs a blood fighter friend, Sati might be your dude.