The Quiet Left Behind

Started by Kassandros Essair at Apr 28, 2019 12:50 am
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When one door closes, another one opens. And if it doesn't, kick the bitch in.

For an embarrassingly high number of seconds, Kassandros looked confused. Okay? That was... that was it? Just, okay, and that was it? Maybe it was sad, that something like that confused him so much, but he'd never really thought about what kind of a response one should get there. What was normal, here? Kassandros had never figured that out, because honestly, it'd never really mattered much, before. Mostly, he'd avoided thinking of things like this, because it was easier on him, in the longer run. What else had gone right over his head, because he couldn't stand thinking about anything it was related to? How much of his life had he missed, avoiding things like that?

Okay. That seemed to indicate, at least, he could take the time to become ready, and the other wouldn't mind it much. It was something of an odd thought, having that time to figure things out and get accustomed to feeling things like attraction. He'd always figured it wasn't something he'd have the leisure to figure out, and maybe he still wouldn't. Time was fleeting, after all, and no one ever really had as much time as they imagined they did, or needed.

What was he - Kassandros let out a very undignified squeak and clung to the Macenian. That was one way of doing it, he supposed, and after a few moments of breathing, his brain remembered that this was Sandalio, and he did still trust him. He let a short huff out. "That works," he said. "I would say warn me next time, but, it all worked out I guess." Yeah, so it did. He might fall asleep on him, though, even if only because it'd been a long day already, and he tended to relax around Sandalio.

And maybe later, he'd start questioning whether Sandalio really didn't mind or not, but he'd also never known the Macenian to lie. So maybe he should just tell his head to shut up because his heart already knew the answer.


The confusion in the blond's expression only made Sandalio want to repeat that it was fine and that he was never goign to ask him to do something that he wasn't ready to do. However words meant nothing and really all that Sandi could do was keep proving it by always backing off when Kassandros seemed uncomfortable. And always reiterating that it was fine when he did so. That was... probably all he could do.

It was sad, but that was reality. Especially here in Dalmasca. It still made him a ltitle angry that Dalmasca did this even to its own people. Ah, but anger had no place here, he well knew. It was too easy to take anger directed at someone else and internalize it if there was no actual discussion about the topic.

A short little laugh there. "It did work out, but I'll try to remember to warn you before I do that next time." At least until the other was comfortable with him doing it. Some people never did, being fair about it. And that was okay too. Kind of normal, even, Sandalio supposed, to not really like control suddenly being taken away by someoen much larger wandering off with him.

"This is much more comfortable though." Sandalio mentioned as he settled down onto the bed beside Kassandros. Maybe they'd fall asleep talking before too long. But after the evening they had, maybe that wasn't the worst thing that could happen to them, honestly. After all ... healing did generally mean that sleep was required at some point shortly thereafter