The Haradian Crownsguard

Started by Tihaan Assad at Apr 27, 2019 2:27 am
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Tihaan Assad

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It is neither hardship nor enemy that drive a man to evil; it is his own mind.

Haradi also has a royal guard, theirs is called the crownsguard. This one's also got more openings for humes and weres, as both are more common in Haradi than in Galace.

A few might've gone out looking for Tihaan, maybe if Ryhil or Sidonai are looking for him, they went when one or the other of them did, whatever. There are no characters in this group, so it's more or less wide open.

P.S. Haradi has aura guns, flying ships, and cars. c;


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What a frightful yip.

Would you like a Haradian Crownsguard leader? Lol