Galacese Royal Guard

Started by Shilthandien Yrdyn at Apr 26, 2019 10:00 pm
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Galace, of course, has a royal guard, primarily tasked with watching over the royal line, whichever family/house that may be, and presently that would be House Yrdyn, the eldest son of which just ran off to Dalmasca for some reason at random. To say the least of it, they're probably in rather the tizzy, and may be rather hot on his trail by now. On the bright side, the good news for them is, he's actually holding still, now, and would likely be much easier to catch up to suddenly.

I don't have anything special in mind for these, but most likely, at least a few of them would've been with the guard for a long time, and at least mostly familiar with Shilthandien. Hey, maybe some of them are friends, even. Oh, I did have an idea for one of them to come from a family that forges Galacese-style blades and taught Shil-he has to have learned from somewhere because princes don't bloody learn to forge. Maybe that one's a good friend of his, a bit like a brother-figure, enough that they volunteered to go find him. ... and or just went and some more of the guard followed later, like, okay apparently we're doing this.

Anyway, yeah, it's a thing. Uh, the guard would also likely have rather the notable hand in helping with the corruption issues that Galace is facing, so some of them might be rather battle-hardened and very knowledgeable in the ways of dark aura, and how to fight it. Many have probably also lost friends and family to the stuff. It's quite potent.

There may be some humes in it, but most likely they're ilim. (I can help you design one.)