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Started by Ksenia Essair at Apr 26, 2019 8:42 pm
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But you will not make me fall.

Just a stray idea, but Ksenia should maybe have family members in House Warwicke that are not insane.

In short, she developed magic and accidentally froze her mother solid. Had a neat side-effect of killing said mother (neat, I say), and the rest of the family, not knowing what else to do with her, put Ksenia in one of the towers and most forgot she existed.

Now, I'm not entirely convinced she was the only daughter of Naevia's. I'm also not convinced absolutely everyone in the house forgot she existed, and before Thana, it's entirely possible someone else in the house was going up there to visit and make sure she didn't starve, or bring her more books, whatever, and this could easily have been one of her siblings. It's been said, of course, that Ksenia died and there wasn't much thought put into it on the Warwickes' side after that, but here shortly, it'll probably come out that the Essair triplets' mother is back, and, well everyone in Warwicke know who that is.

Could lead to some reunions and maybe the triplets getting to know aunts or uncles on the Warwicke side that aren't horrible. Which'd be good because they're not Essairs, they're Warwickes. Lol apparently whomever leads House Warwicke is letting it, uh, go to the dogs... hyenas. I had to. So there's probably some internal strife going on there that might be interesting to play with.

Anyway, I'd prefer if Ksenia remained the oldest, but other than that, these are wide open. =)

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What a frightful yip.

So this guy is intended to be... probably the youngest brother. He's also hitting a couple other wanted advertisements along the way, but I wanted to toss him in here so you could have a looksee at him, and see if you like what I did with him. I took a few creative liberties with him, if anything's not agreeable to you, let me know and I'll dial back. ♥


Oooh, I actually like what you did with him! Yay I can't wait to play with him. ♥

(Certainly have room for more than him, though, if anyone else is interested in playing a put-upon Warwicke!)