Software Bugs

Started by Nariko at Apr 18, 2019 3:58 pm
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Maybe in a different light you could see me stand on my own again, cause now I can see.

Just, starting this thread, um, on Firefox at least, the full-screen login thing is not centred on the page. Tian says his is, he's using Opera, so I presume it's a Firefox-is-stupid issue.


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tossin in that i had a webhook set up for news before i posted that and it didnt do anything.


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Stand up child, and turn towards the lightning, and the thunder; so I can see what I've known for all these years.

  1. Last post information on boards that are displaying a subforum's information and not its own are broken and I don't know why right off but I have a vague idea. What really trips my trigger is it'll get the colour right, but not the ID. Tf even.
  2. There is a glitch with the latest post links going to the wrong page, I'll have to stare at it and figure out why.


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i think we got the posting webhook working at least