Ah, she was just in time.

The corruption was quite extensive, she could tell. She hadn't bothered with a ship, instead opting to shift into her owl form, and fly in. It was much easier that way, to ensure the corruption in the sea didn't decide it wanted any vessel she could scrounge up. Besides, it was somewhat difficult to find a boat in Saqqara, and at least, if she flew, taking a shortcut across the continent instead of needing to go around the darn coast, it went a bit faster. The Guardians were, how you say, a bit adrift, and given she was the only one that knew who they all were, it was probably up to her, to go find them and bring them together. Quickly, too, before the corruption broke free of the confines of Galace.

The were, in her snowy owl glory, landed upon an undamaged ship mast, surveying the area. The Blackram Narrows were quite worse for wear, but part of it had been rebuilt. The sea floor was still littered with broken ship parts and corruption-mangled bodies, but there were fewer down there than she'd expected; likely, the work of Kemosiri's entourage. Yes, she knew he was here, too, but there was little Kasaya did not know.

A soft hoot, and the owl took off again, flapping her way onto shore. As she neared the sand, she dropped altitude, landing in a slight puff of sand, and then shifted hume. A moment of concentration, and her clothes swirled into place around her. Now, she needed to find Katsuya. Of all the Guardians, he was the most likely to do something immeasurably stupid, no thanks to the Ebondrake, and so she'd thought it prudent to start with him. The other three... well, they were certainly just as out of the loop as Katsuya was, but a bit less likely to try and aura-burst on their own. Together, they may survive, but alone, just one aura-bursting was exponentially more likely to kill, and they did not have the time to wait for another Guardian to be born and come into their powers.

Absently, she dusted herself off, loosing stray grains of sand, and then shuffled in a seemingly random direction, but she knew where she was going. She even looked like she did, too, striding across the coast with a sense of purpose. Then, when she found him, she meandered to the side, a bit, out of the way. Since she was here, she could perhaps assist in clearing the sea floor of corruption, being as she could remain underwater for quite some time.

He'd notice her sooner or later. Still, Kasaya was in no rush, albeit perhaps she should be.