shiroi taneuma [incendi plottage]

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In short, if you want to plot with me, you're welcome to message me directly, I don't mind. My characters have openings for almost anything, I can come up with something, I'm sure, to make sense of most plots and connections. I think most of them don't really have specific openings, but hopefully there's something in their bio or here that brings up ideas. I'll add to it later, I just want it posted for now.

Holy crap, I think I love this RTE. Is it single?

Kohaku Tachibana

29, Male, Jihonese hume, probably technically married, non-mage, former Ujal, still a bit misogynistic and mrrp about mages.


  • Basically he just really needs friends. He's not a terrible guy, he's just still... learning. The good news is, he's not upset about the fact he needs to learn stuff.
  • He does have two kids, Xiaolian (the girl) and Ashihei (the boy), they're fraternal twins I believe. Technically either or both could be played.
  • His father is somewhere. I'm sure very annoyed at him for leaving like that but dude can suck it.

Hien Tran

22, Male, Jihonese hume, non-mage, very misogynistic and nope about mages, that'll change. Eventually.


  • Pretty much Hien's a brat and not very smart, so he's kind of digging himself a bunch of holes and these will not be easy to get back out of.
  • I do kind of want him to end up friends with a slave, not realize they're a slave, and then get hit with the knowledge they are later. Just because I'm an asshole.

Kemosiri Lucain

3,032, Male, Saqqaran were-cat, shadow affinity, overly friendly and a bit of a handful, Blackram Marauders Admiral, Captain of the Iron Bullet.


  • Siri probably has kids somewhere. I'd be shocked if he didn't.
  • He also has a ship crew. Some of it may be manned by his kids.
  • Technically dude is very single, and I'm not against changing this.

Ksenia Essair

45, Female, Dalmascan mage, ice affinity, think regal elegant overlady, mother of the Essair triplets, oldest daughter of House Warwicke, not that she claims them, and they don't claim her, either.


  • She really needs friends. It'd be cool if she had some political female friends, you know in Dalmasca they have to get very sly when they're female, reuniting with some of these sometime might be neato.
  • She is also very much singular and that can be fixed.
  • Basically everyone's mom, so if anyone else needs a mom...
  • She does have more siblings, if anyone else wanted to make a Warwicke sibling.


Maybe in a different light you could see me stand on my own again, cause now I can see.

So, since they're in the same house now, we should thread Victoria and Ksenia someday, and see if they'll make niceynice. Their kids are going to end up getting married. .. like, twice over, so, may as well. xD

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Yes, absolutely a thing we should do!