The Precocious Little Turd

Started by Selverya Agnon at Apr 09, 2019 8:18 pm
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Selverya Agnon

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If you face the fear that keeps you frozen, chase the sky into the ocean, that's when something wild calls you home.

This is Jharnan, Selverya and Katsuya's son. He's probably a lot like a typical ilim. At least, one that was allowed to grow up normally, or as close to it as they can get lol. Easily bored, probably gets up to trouble a lot, extremely curious and expressive, and, in Selv's words, something of a precocious little turd. He doesn't ever mean any harm, he's just very active, both physically and mentally.

Jharnan is about nine years old. Neither Selverya or Katsuya are terribly oppressive parents. While there would be obvious boundaries and rules, for the most part, he isn't stifled. Anything he gets interested in is encouraged for as long as his interest lasts, and then, just as enthusiastically, the next thing he gets interested in is encouraged, too. He's mostly grown up around the Blackram Marauders, a very large pirate group, so he may have a slightly skewed sense of right and wrong from a more traditional standpoint, but, Selverya's never really had much tolerance for killing or whatever for the sake of it. The Blackram are psycho, not rude.

As the Blackram have ports and connections everywhere, he's probably seen most of Azaleon at his tender nine years old, and he may know more than he should, overall. He's probably also very aware of the current northern corruption issue, even if he doesn't entirely understand what it means. Because he is Katsuya's son, though, he may eventually develop abilities a bit beyond what is normal for a typical ilim, such as finding he has ability to communicate with living things in a way that's a bit abnormal, even for an ilim, or that he has a knack for just knowing what is wrong with someone, and nursing sickly or dying things back to health. Probably make a really good healer whenever he figures out, and learns to harness, this, and the reason why is because he is the grandson of Iuna. ... no, I'm serious lol

I have a tonne of pictures of him, I can send them over, or whomever takes him can redesign him, or use an RL face if that's what they want. He is meant to appear like a decent blend of both his parents, so he's got traits from both. His hair's golden blond, eyes are green if you can't tell in the screencap, and he does have the moon marking his father does. Ears and tail match his father's, and he's a bit darker in skin tone than his father, but a bit lighter than his mother.

Aside from this, you're free to take it from there, and we're totally okay with bantering ideas and discussing stuff if you wanna change something. Have fun with him! Kinda rare to have an unjaded child around here. Lol I actually don't know what his last name would be, I think Agnon... I don't think Selv and Katsu are married. ... anyway.