Wanna Be a Pirate?

Started by Selverya Agnon at Apr 07, 2019 11:39 pm
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Selverya Agnon

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If you face the fear that keeps you frozen, chase the sky into the ocean, that's when something wild calls you home.

The White Shadow is the flagship of one of the Blackram Marauders fleets, and the ship Selverya captains. While her fleet has a higher number of ilim members than usual for the Blackram, overall, they're really not to be underestimated, as they don't get serious often, but when they do, they get serious. The fleet is about ten ships worth; you're welcome to either join the White Shadow's crew itself, or add another ship to the fleet. The White Shadow is a water ship, but with the right power sources, can convert into an airship.

There's not much to know about the fleet itself, barring that they love playing pranks on each other, and singing songs horribly off-key, but, currently, the fleet were off the eastern coast of Galace when they happened into contact with the Ebondrake Cult, sailing southward. None of them really know what they were there for, but Ebondrake aren't known for being kind; as such, Selverya's fleet ended up in a massive ship-fight with the Cult, and while they won, it was at a rather hefty price. Over half the fleet is now dead, dying, or in some stage of corrupted, which is painful and tends to drive infectees mad eventually.

Selverya grounded the fleet in southern Galace, on an island off the coast of Macenia, so they can tend their wounded and figure out what to do with the corruption. Unfortunately, the island is crawling with Macenians not terribly kindly to pirates, and they're having some mild trouble getting the supplies they need quickly enough.

Let there be pirates, and all that.