Blinding Light

Started by Kassandros Essair at Apr 07, 2019 7:44 pm
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Kassandros Essair

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When one door closes, another one opens. And if it doesn't, kick the bitch in.

This bunch of wants is kind of a mess, so I'll try and make it make sense lol. Basically there's an open slot in the Essair House, and some openings for vassal houses of Essair that I'd like to see moving. Nothing here is really set in stone, so you're welcome to take a personal spin on it, please do, even, like this is all just ideas. We can idea ping-pong-banter if you'd like beforehand, too, I do love some ping-pong.

Aunt or Uncle
30-60 ♥ Dalmascan Hume (probably non-mage) ♥ Open PB
The Essair wiki page can be found over here.

There may technically be more than one of these, realistically speaing, and there are many more on mother's side. Specifically, this is for a brother or sister of the triplets' father (his name was Vopiscus). Vopiscus was essentially a detrimentally-ambitious, sly fox, and raised his sons as mere stepping stones to power, and little else. This character, or characters, as the case may end up, did not necessarily agree with this viewpoint. Given Vopiscus' manner of raising his children essentially broke all three of them, in some way or another, this character's quite vindicated.

In any case, the boys have more or less destroyed themselves to function, and this character's or characters has/have quite the mess on their hands. Alongside Merenwen, this role would be working toward helping make the Essair triplets more emotionally stable, among other things. Now that their mother Ksenia has returned and is being another positive force in their life, things are probably quite looking up. The family is not blond. Kass and Ksenia were both dark-haired when they were born.

Vassal House Ideas
Everything's open with these, and these are just ideas, feel free to go another direction.

House Mornaux are envisioned to have a hand in the assassin show in Dalmasca. They also likely have dealings in poisons and probably medicinal things. Their underground dealings are probably slotted under their being healers and doctors in public during daylight, but the lights go out and man they can screw your night up.

House Brunsmere run farms, but they don't actually grow food or produce wine like House Asheron, they basically produce psychotropic drugs. Cocaine falls under the header of a psychotropic drug, for an idea of what they deal in. I also sort of imagined Brunsmere has a penchant for producing a lot of seers, but they aren't actually seers, more like... ehhh, think the Oracle of Delphi. Really fuckin' high. Lol it would be very cool if one of them somehow manages to drug their brain enough to be in contact with one of the gods regularly, though.

House Irovaine were envisioned to be heavily in the military scene. Most Irovaine males join the military as early as possible, and usually become very important military officials, with a few making it into the government, just not very high up. One of the Irovaines could very well be a current justicar, and depending on how the dice land, may get the joy of legally prosecuting Marcus Cassimer for... a multitude of shit, honestly, but directly post really screwing Kassandros' year up.

Now, all three of these houses fall under the colective "Cobras" header, and House Essair's Cobras have been steadily replacing the police force in Nydema. To say the least of it, they're sort of important, and fairly instrumental to Essair's reach for Imperator. They most likely came to be vassals of Essair through Kassandros' efforts, not Vopiscus'. He was not a very smart person. If usual trends hold, Kassandros probably helped them out of a tight jam in some way, he's pretty good at that. The thing with him though is that he does not demand loyalty; those that he gains it from give it freely.

It's up to whomever takes any of these houses and gets them moving how exactly they feel about him. Given so many people are, it's entirely possible one or several of Essair's vassals are actually against Kassandros' bid for Imperator, for whatever reason, either general they-want-it-not-him, or because they're genuinely concerned about whether or not he can mentally handle it. Not because he's incapable, but because he's very young, not terribly emotionally stable, and happens to be dying.

I actually thought one of them may turn against him and try to stop him from reaching Imperator. Not, like maliciously, but more of a, this is a very bad idea and you're not stopping on your own so I will make you, kinda thing. Could be an interesting plot-line, particularly if the House that turns on him is very close to him, personally. I have a thought on how to make that work re: House Mornaux, if anyone was interested in this angle.