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We have quite a few houses on Messiah in the general setting that are available for adoption, and heads of houses taht can certainly be taken by players. One is also welcome to create their own house, but we recommend having a look at the existing, non-played houses, first, as one may align to one's goals already. There are also several houses with just one or two played members, which certainly have room for more members.

Fully Adoptable

House Argyros
Haradi / Merchant Class

The oldest vassal line of House Assad, those of House Argyros have been with Haradi and House Assad for many generations. The line are merchants, and own a good deal of land in and around Haradi. Much of the market trade fluctuation in the Free City happens because of, or goes through, House Argyros, and it is they whom traditionally track taxes and tariffs.
This one is envisioned to have a single son that followed Tihaan into slavery, but that is very mutable, can be changed, and the rest of the house is free reign. It is very likely House Argyros are also common in the Haradian Crownsguard.

House Forrester
Highwind / Merchant Class

Unsurprisingly, given Highwind's huge foresting industry, the leaders of that foresting industry have generally always been Forresters. They are in relatively consistent contact with House Yrdyn and their vassals, and have worked out a deal with the Galacese that allows Highwindians to traverse through Galacese territory in exchange for the spiricite that forms in the rocky regions of Highwind's forests. On occasion, a Forrester is elected to a more central leadership position, but more often, the Forresters don't even bother running. They're humble woodworkers for the most part, and would prefer to remain that way. Well, most of them.

House Greyson
Dalmasca / Merchant Class

Newcomers to the major noble lines of Dalmasca, Greyson were originally a minor house serving House Kenleigh, and when Kenleigh fell, Greyson arose to take their place. For the most part, Greyson have kept their noses clean, and remained out of interhouse conflict, but with the rise of the house as a major power in Dalmasca, that, most likely, will change, and soon, despite their head of house's attempts to prevent them from being dragged into it.
There is something of a wanted ad idea that comes with this, an idea for House Greyson's head of house, re: their ties to House Kenleigh and relationship to those that were in House Kenleigh.

House Kanesuke
Jihon / Warlord Class

House Kanesuke is well-known for having a large amount of military influence. Some of the House's ancestors literally wrote the book on military treatise, and many of Jihon's unique means of battle formation and tactic can be attributed to the Kanesukes. They gained much influence with other militarily leaned houses for the years, and are said to have created their own greatest opposition, and this would not be wrong. One of history's greatest ironies, perhaps, that the Kanesukes essentially raised their own enemies. They are generally not on good terms with more houses than not, and their influence is waning, so if they are to remain a major house, they'll have to turn their luck around, and quick.

House Munemoro
Jihon / Warlord Class

House Munemoro were cemented in Jihonese history thanks to Dao Munemoro, the first to fully study the art of creating weapons. They are not master weaponsmiths in Jihon, and if you want a good blade, you want either a Galacese blade, or a Munemoro, though House Teresi's work is getting quite impressive, too. They are very neutral, and tend not to want to become ujalin, instead happy to remain dedicated to their craft, and back other houses for the elevated position, instead.

House Rhordyn
Macenia / Warlord Class

One of the oldest and highest exalted lineages in Macenia, House Rhordyn traditionally rules the largest tribe of Macenians still within its borders (there are a few roving the other side of the Free Cities). While they have lost this status a few times over the years, they always eventually get it back. House Rhordyn are on very good and familiar terms with House Yrdyn, and members of the house are somewhat frequent sights in Galacese lands. Their alliance began through sharing hunting grounds, and continued through the years. It is thought most Macenians have some blood from Rhordyn somewhere.

House Salonus
Dalmasca / Merchant Class

Notorious and well-known, even if they are never quite liked, Salonus is a name most Dalmascans know very well, and the slaves of Dalmasca know even better. Some have theorised anywhere between a third to a half of Dalmasca's adult slaves and ilim have, at one time, been in House Salonus, and many of those in brothels were 'trained' by Salonus, as well, for House Salonus deals in pleasure, no matter how perverse a pleasure it may be.
Gaius Salonus, the head of house, has been sort of NPC'd along, but he is technically playable, as are his children. They are a bit incestuous, though.

House Zhu
Jihon / Ujalin Class

What the Zhu lack in most things, they make up for with sheer numbers. House Zhu are, and have been for a long time, the largest House in Jihon, and merely due to this, their influence is everywhere. Rarely do the Zhu take anything head-on, instead preferring to slip about the shadows, and manipulate other Jihonese Houses into playing their cards in a way that benefit the Zhu.

Partially Played

House Assad
Haradi / Royalty Class

The rulers of the Free City of Haradi for the last several generations, and the source of the auratech movement in the west, House Assad are an old and honoured lineage. Formerly warlords, the House have roots in the Ivory Mountains, at the base of which Haradi sits, but they are believed to have originally been Macenian.
There is currently only one Assad, this being Tihaan, but he has a father and older brother. Their names tend to be kind of Hebrew-ish.

House Lucain
Saqqara / Royalty Class

The founders, and rulers, of the Free City of Saqqara, for the last three thousand years, House Lucain is probably the most ancient noble line on Azaleon. The lineage don't flaunt this, however, and tend to keep their precise founding years to themselves, years long before the current era. Most, as a result, don't know much about House Lucain, and their story, truthfully, sounds like something out of a story book.
House Lucain are many, and are all weres:
Sahura, head of house, king of Saqqara, founder of house and Saqqara both, were-jackal; Inetkaes, Sahura's elder sister, were-shark; Sati, Sahura's eldest son, current blood champion of Nydema, better known as Spartacus, were-hawk; Surya, Sahura's second son, better known as Gannicus, were-lion; Kemosiri, Surya's twin, currently a pirate admiral, were-forest-cat; Atenra, Gannicus' eldest son, were-cobra; Sepheres, Gannicus' younger son, not old enough yet but he will be a were-dragon. Almost any of this number may have kids.

House Warwicke
Dalmasca / Merchant Class

A lowborn family of occasionally quite ill repute, House Warwicke stands on the bones of those that have fallen before them. While none can place direct blame on their shoulders, it is certainly no secret that a Warwicke, or several, has almost always had a hand in some ill fate or another befalling other houses. The Warwickes have blood ties to almost every other house in existence in Dalmasca, and quite often flaunt this fact.
Ksenia Essair married into House Essair from Warwicke. She killed her mother with ice sorcery on accident, and House Warwicke locked her in a tower and forgot she was there, but there could be other siblings that married into other houses, or, just plain left because Warwicke were psycho.

House Yrdyn
Galace / Royalty Class

Pronounced 'eer-den'. Headed by Galacese Emperor Viniel, and his wife Alyssiel, this house holds a good deal of diplomatic power in Galace. As their head of house is the current emperor, they likely have dealings in a lot of different fields, but they are envisioned as very down to earth, and really more the type of nobility that never forget they're just people in the end. The only requirement for House Yrdyn is they are ilim, not hume. Galace will likely never be ruled by a hume. Perhaps weres someday, but not humes. House Yrdyn are on good terms with House Rhordyn of Macenia, and are frequent sights in the tribe's lands. Their alliance began through sharing hunting grounds, and continued throughout the years.
Shilthandien is the prince of Galace, and technically the next heir to head House Yrdyn. They do know some things the vast majority of the rest of the board does not, so please message me if you're interested in playing a member of Yrdyn.