Rumour Pickings

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I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. And when I leave you will finally understand, why storms are named after people.

Yeah, it better be fine, because it was happening next time, whether Cygnus liked it or not. Completely bluntly, Tristan really didn't care if he liked it or not. He'd learned, by now, there were a lot of things that Cygnus did not like, and precisely zero of them, that would hold any meaning to him, really mattered. Go figure that.

In the meantime, as quickly as he could, he'd made a small bundle of fabric, which he pressed against Kassandros' wound, and then wrapped it with the rest of the fabric, to make something that'd put some amount of pressure on it, then unceremoniously got him up. "Maybe you should run ahead and tell Merenwen and Xiaodan we're on the way and what's going on," he suggested, looking at Cygnus. He couldn't mess that up, right?

That was what Tristan figured.

"Gimme this arm," Kass huffed, pulling the arm Tristan had draped over his shoulder back down, between them.
"Why?" After a second, he felt why, as the light magic fired to life and the Macenian caught the warmth. "... never mind."
"I forgot you could do that, honestly." Clearly, he couldn't actually do everything all the time, so most of the time, the healing bit was typically left in Merenwen's hands. She was a very good healer, so most of the time, Kassandros didn't have to intervene, but he could, if he had to, it was just easy to forget that. He just focused on getting back to the estate, and preferably without jostling him too much, mostly because it was unpleasant, yes, and he tried not to be rude.

At least it looked like the combination of his shirt and Kassandros' glowing was managing to keep him from dying as he scurried up the hill, that was something to be thankful for. It wasn't like Tristan was worried; if you worried too much in critical situations, it tended to end in your brain, or your body, freezing, either one. Sometimes both. Fortunately, the glow was also hidden, and Kassandros could keep it generally unknown to the larger Dalmascan public he was a mage, and the estate wasn't far now that Tristan had figured out a couple shortcuts to it.

And yes, he was taking them.


Canius lay dead. Sandalio couldn't say he felt any sort of satisfaction at that, really. The blind rage had been spent, and the threat was dead, so maybe that was all that mattered in the end. It took a second or two for Sandalio to get most of the blood off the blade before he resheathed it. By then, the shadows in the immediate area had stopped moving unpredictably.

By the time he'd turned to assess the situation more properly, Tristan had gotten the wound at least mostly bound up and it looked like all that was left was going to be taking him home to the healers. Sandalio followed, intentionally holding something of a rear-guard position and keeping Icarus in front of him.

He trusted Thana to take care of Icarus, really. What he didn't trust was the other Dalmascans and they'd had plenty of unpleasant surprises for one night. Besides, as much as he wanted to be right there with Kassandros right now, he wouldn't be much help. Tristan had it under control, and Sandi trusted him too. That made it easier than it may have been otherwise to just stay back here.

Sandalio did have to wonder what kind of repercussion there was going to be for killing a man during the festival of Iuna. ... Then again, he could pretty solidly argue that he'd been acting in defense of his master. After all, Kassandros could have died of these injuries and it wasn't a stretch to believe it by any means. And Kassandros himself had been acting in defense of his brother. So... it was an easy defense.

The Justicars may not like it, but it was an easy defense, and it was the truth.

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It does not do to dwell on dreams, and forget to live.

Tristan went to stand, and Cygnus moved back out of the way; strangely, he wasn't expecting to end up with orders. Any other day, and maybe he'd be annoyed about that -- Tristan was just a freedman, right? Then, of course, Tristan meant a lot to Kassi, and maybe that was the important thing. He could probably find it in him somewhere at least not to be rude about what mattered to his older brother.

As it happened, those were orders he could actually do something with. "Right, good idea!" he answered, seeming strangely chipper about getting a direct 'go do this thing,' but it was better than being in the way, or lamenting his own uselessness, or getting into more trouble somehow, and it was something he probably couldn't mess up. It wasn't terribly difficult to tell someone something happened, after all, and maybe the forewarning would be good. The house healers could prepare for the mess of blood, and have a vague idea of what to do when it got there.

With that, Cygnus shot to his feet, and bolted off down the street, much faster than he seemed like he could move. (Hey, there was a reason he was a lightning mage... he did about move at the speed of it if he tried...) By the time everyone else had really started the journey, Cygnus was already halfway there, go him!

Now if he could just be this useful all the time, right?