How I Became an Errand Boy

Started by Axelius at Apr 06, 2019 2:26 am
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I came into this world screaming and covered in someone else's blood. I'm not afraid to go out that way, too.

On the one hand, it was understandable.

Livia didn't have too many people she'd be willing to trust with sensitive information and item transport, of course. It made sense she'd want someone she did trust taking messages to Kassandros. Certainly, Alcides was at the top of that list (Axelius would be... uh, confused, if he wasn't, but it wasn't as if he could read her gorgeousness's mind, either, so maybe he wasn't), and Axelius was maybe somewhere down there on it. So, it made sense, but it was also kind of, why him? He wasn't a messenger boy, obviously, he was a giant Macenian tower of a blood fighter, not that anyone could tell he was Macenian at first glance, anyway. That was beside the point.

In any case, here he was, wandering around the streets of Nydema, trying to figure out where in the hell he was. He remembered roughly how to get to House Essair, but he had to admit, it wasn't like he went there a whole lot. The way was somewhat lost in the back of his mind somewhere, but it shouldn't be that hard to figure out. He just had to find it in the mess of estates back here, and then figure out the best street route over there, right? Right, also wrong, see, these streets were nuts. He'd forgotten just how difficult to get around in they really were, but, he supposed that was really unnecessary melodrama.

Anyway... he thought this way. Axelius made a face, more to himself, and headed down this random street. As it turned out, he was almost right; it led to the side of the street he did need, but it was close enough. Hey, he got there, don't judge him. Though, after finally approaching the gates, he paused right there, because one of their guard looked awfully familiar, and he was having a hard time figuring out why... ... staring was rude, but, that was going to bug him...

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Lycaon had originally be purchased as one of Kassandros' personal guards, but somehow he ended up here, acting as a house guard an awful lot. The Macenian blood fighter didn't actually mind, it meant he was here more often than Sandalio was, which meant he could see the boys and Thetis more often - even if it was only to lay eyes on them for a moment and know that they were okay. Or at least, as okay as they could be. It was nice to know that, after all that had happened.

It also meant he ended up face to face with interesting people - sometimes Kassandros warned him they were coming, and sometimes they just showed up. Today was one of those days that he'd ended up at the gate instead of patrolling a portion of the back or up on the wall or something of that nature. It had been quiet for a short while. No assassins and nothing particularly explosive going on - merely the occasional visitor from here or there. Today it seemed was one of those days they had a visitor.

For a moment familiarity pulled at him, but the pink hair stopped him in his tracks. No, he'd remember if he new someone with hair that color. Though of course, that color could only be dye, so it must have been a different color at some point. Still, after focusing on the features Lycaon couldn't shake the feeling of familiarity but also couldn't figure out where he might have known the other from. That was going to drive him slightly crazy. Anyway, it wasn't really important.

He inclined his head slightly in greeting. "Something I can help with?" The other was sort-of staring at him too, he'd noticed. ... Either way, they both likely had a job to do at this point, and maybe it was best not to dwell on it for too long. Staring was rude and slaves came and went, maybe they'd been in the same house briefly or something.

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I came into this world screaming and covered in someone else's blood. I'm not afraid to go out that way, too.

Well, yes. Probably. Most likely, at least, this one probably had a better idea of where to find Kassandros off-hand, than Axelius would. He uh, he didn't have a particular habit of keeping track of the guy (he had a hard enough time keeping track of Livia, but thankfully, Alcides was infinitely better at it than he was, and that was a good thing). Something told him, from what Livia had said of the guy, Kassandros would be even worse to try and keep up with, and uh, he was good on that one, yep.

"Well, her gorgeousn - .... Asheron. Miss Asheron," he forgot most people didn't know her as 'her gorgeousness,' and he was still confused as to why she let him get away with that, anyway, "sent me to pass on a message to Master Essair." He paused, there, to hold up an envelope with the Asheron dragon seal on it. "The blond frown-y one, as she put it. I suppose I can wander around until I find him, or maybe you have a better idea where he is than I do." He still really was familiar-looking, and that was probably going to bother him.

... ah, what the heck. Was he, or was he not, mother-fuggin-Axelius. "I'm Axelius, by the way." If he recognised that name, and he'd been paying attention, he was fairly sure he was one of maybe three Axelius' in the entirety of Dalmasca, then that said a lot. And then maybe he could just, go from there. The worst that happened was, someone extra knew his name. Whupdidoo, not like it was a particularly important name. ... though, it was starting to get some arena clout, if only because probably a vast majority of the arena-goers kept wondering why and how the fuck he was still alive.

Frankly, he had no idea. Luck and... and stubbornness, or something. ... and not being pit against a damned spearman. If ever that happened, something told him, he may not get away from that one entirely unscathed. Not that he usually did, which only lent more credence to that thought.

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Ah, of course a note from Asheron. Well, Lycaon could certainly help get that to where it needed to go. He thought he knew where Kassandros was at the moment so it shouldn't be a difficult task at least presuming he hadn't missed something happening in the last little while.

Uh. Wait. Axelius? Lycaon's brow furrowed slightly as he stared at the other. Well that... that explained a bit, he thought. Lycaon released a deep breath slowly. "I'm Lycaon." He offered mildly. "... Alasdair, originally but most don't know that one." He had briefly tried to insist on it when he was first dragged here into Dalmasca but that had quickly been brutalized out of him. Then again, given how old he'd been, it wasn't terribly shocking that he hadn't been able to hold up to it for long.

And yet, he was pretty sure he recognized this one, and while Axelius really might not know him as Alasdair, Lycaon combined with the fact that they seemed to be familiar to each other would probably tip him off. At least as well as anything was going to. .... It was odd, running into someone from that place, though it probably shouldn't have been. Lycaon wasn't sure how he felt about it.

Mostly he thought he would try not to dwell on it for too long.

"Uh, but Kassandros is probably in his office. I can take you there." The others would be able to manage the gate just fine, probably. It wasn't like anyone was generally stupid enough to go for a frontal attack in broad daylight. Being here just gave him something to do.