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Children are dying. The injustices of the world live in those three words.

Well, he'd done a right and proper good job, holing himself up somewhere, and pretending the outside world didn't exist. As Belena kept insisting on pointing out, the days were beginning to grow longer, and by now, Cyprian only had a vague idea of what day it even was. Marcus said it was April, now. He wondered if Thetis had ever woken up. No one had told him she had, but then, it was a bit presumptuous and stupid of him, to think anyone would if she did. After all, nobody really liked him, and that was fine by him. If other people didn't like him, after all, they tended to leave him right the hell alone, no?

The little furball that was a bit less 'little' that most little furballs - he never had memorised his name - had made a point of bothering him about sustenance, however. By now, Cyprian had become accustomed enough to the furball's interruptions, that he'd begun subconsciously centring his days around it. He spent the few hours he had in the morning mostly stretching out and setting up his workspace. After the first interruption from the furball, he went to melting down the sand, to make the glass, and then mixing in the colours. After the second, he was making his new pieces, and after the third, and final, interruption, he went to placing his newly made pieces in the box, where they'd cool down overnight. Then he had a bath, and went to bed, not long after sundown. Those were his days, and Cyprian had become so accustomed to them, they were now in April, and he didn't think he'd spoken to his brothers since they'd gotten here. Dimitrios didn't much need his help, and neither did Andreas. Cyprian did occasionally peek in on them, but just long enough to set eyes on them, and wander off again. Dimitrios seemed to be able to walk on his own now, so that was good.

Honestly, he didn't even know if he and Andreas still belonged to House Cassimer, by now.

But, he still had this glass figurine to give them, the one he'd crafted of Thetis. It seemed less important, somehow, now that she was around, but she still may not make it (if she hadn't woken up, by now). He'd had to go get it, a few weeks ago (was it a few weeks, or only a few days?), to complete the last touches on it, but it was done. It looked a lot like her. Her jawline was a bit off, he thought, but with a piece so small, he wondered if he could get it terribly close, anyway. Thus far, though, Cyprian had been avoiding the whole thing. Belena made a displeased noise in the back of his head; she was often displeased with him, this was something he was coming to be accustomed to. Ah, but, she was right. With a heavy sigh, somewhere between furball interruption one and two, he set what he was working on setting up aside, stood, and retrieved the Thetis figurine from the shelf. It sparkled in the light, shimmering with the gold detailing, but he'd also managed to stain the glass different colours, the colours he remembered her being. Her hair was a translucent brown tint, the dress that deep green she loved. It did make her eyes stand out, even on the glass.

Gently, he wrapped it up in papers, an old ream of tissue that the furball had given him, for some reason (he'd explained why, at the time, but Cyprian had forgotten), and then headed toward the house. The wall around it had been altered, he noticed... when had that - whatever. Not the point, he'd probably best not get distracted (he was oh so easy to distract). Now, he wasn't entirely sure, off-hand, where the twins would be. It seemed kind of rude to simply wander around until he found them, but perhaps the library... Dimitrios did love to read. With that thought in mind, he meandered up the stairs, taking them two at a time, and then turned - ah. It seemed he was right, as there they were, one seemingly raving about a book he was reading, and the other looking bemused as usual.

Er... well he didn't want to interrupt, so instead, he leaned against the wall, and decided to watch and wait. Besides, they were a lot happier, now. It was kind of nice to see.

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Andreas never did get tired of listening to Dimitrios talk about the things he read. One might think it should get boring, listening to him talk about things that Andreas didn't - or maybe couldn't - understand, depending on the book. But no, it never did. His brother was always so enthusiastic about it all, and Dre himself was always so pleased to be around his twin any more that this was... perfect yeah.

Which of course was how things found them in the library at the moment. Dre listening to Dimitrios talk about one of the books they'd found in the library since Kassandros had given them basically free rein to do what they wanted here as long as they didn't damage anything. It was strange, really, being not so different from home with Thetis and yet it... was. He tried not to think about that too often though. It was depressing to think about, even knowing that their mom was at least alive still. It was still hard.

The library though, it had all kinds of things, and books about all sorts of topics. And if Dre had to be honest, it seemed like Dimitrios was flourishing here at least more than he had before. And he was healing somewhat too - doing far better than he'd been when they were first reunited. It wasn't perfect, but it was enough to be a comfort to Dre. He hadn't been ready to lose his brother too.

They'd been here since shortly after breakfast this morning, and they probably would have been undisturbed until lunch, if Dre hadn't spotted Cyprian where he leaned against the wall, obviously watching them. Dre decided to wait for a pause in Dimitrios' talk before interrupting, if only because it was rude. But they had hardly seen Cyprian since they got here, so he thought he'd probably call at least a little attention to their brother when that happened.

They hadn't always seen eye to eye. But they were still family, after all.

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Courage is not the absence of fear. It is the decision there is something more important than fear.

It was nice, here. No one seemed to have any expectations for himself, or Andreas, and for the most part, the two were left alone. Dimitrios, at least, liked to make sure the library was in order, and had gotten around to arranging them by language, fiction and non-fiction, author, subject matter... he really needed hobbies, probably, but it was better than sitting around doing nothing. He'd been doing quite enough of that the last month, thank you. Aside, it was also better than worrying about his mother.

She still wasn't awake. Miss Merenwen and Miss Xiaodan were doing the best they could, and he knew that, he knew it, and it still felt like maybe they weren't doing enough, sometimes. He tried not to let it show. He didn't want to upset either of them. It wasn't their fault. It was honestly Dalmasca's fault, just in general, but not having someone in particular to aim his anger at, it did kind of make it worse. All the same, he tried to ignore it. Wouldn't really do to have himself and Andreas incidentally going in anger-circles.

No shit, they were empaths. Like that wasn't a curse in and of itself, but it made sense of a few things, starting with why Cyprian never seemed to much care for people, and why big parties gave him a migraine, and...

With a huff, he set the book he'd been prattling about animatedly down. "You know, you can tell me to shut up sometimes," he said, sounding amused. Andreas probably never would tell him to shut up, but there had to be something more interesting for his brother to be doing than listening to him prattle about fairytales, or whatever it was this time. "Oh, I ran into an interesting book from Galace about airships, these weird things that sail on the water and then also fly, and-" for some reason he got the distinct impression they were being watched.

He turned, then, and found Cyprian in the doorway. Oh! "... you know, it's really kind of nice to know you didn't die on us out there." No, he really meant it. He didn't know what had changed, only that Cyprian was a lot less uptight and annoying than he used to be, less likely to lash out in nonsensical anger. Now, if he'd hang around more often, that'd be even better.

That thing he used to think, about how he wanted to be less like Nero, who ran from things, and more like Cyprian, who stood his ground when things got hard? He still meant it.

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Children are dying. The injustices of the world live in those three words.

It took a bit less time than he'd been expecting, for one or the other to notice him, but once one did, the other did not long after. It was interesting a phenomena, and then not terribly surprising, all the same, given they did tend to have that empathy thing on their side. It made noticing one another a bit easier, among other things, but it was still rather the dual-edged sword. At least the twins were getting some decent training. Cyprian? Well, he only just remembered what day it was. That was a lie. He still had no idea what day it was.

Shortly after Dimitrios' comment, Cyprian snorted softly, in amusement, shifting his weight there in the door frame. Was it nice to know he hadn't died? Maybe it didn't terribly matter, if he had or not, but the twins were... still very young, all things considered, and tended to see the good in people and situations. Dalmasca hadn't completely ruined them, in that way, and Cyprian was still quite glad for it, even if he'd long forgotten how to view the world with an unjaded eye. Sometimes, and rather unfairly, he wondered if he'd be anything like them, if he hadn't broken in all the ways he had. Then, he wondered if they would've, instead; it wasn't as if Nero was going to stop it.

All hail Nero, huh, master of running away from everything, and willing it not to exist anymore. But that wasn't how one deal with their problems, and Cyprian had learned that early; Nero, it'd seem, maybe did, but never accepted it, all the same.

No, Nero had his own problems. It was hard to judge whether he'd dealt with them the right way or not. It wasn't like Cyprian understood them.

"Sorry about that," Cyprian answered, sounding a bit sheepish. "I uh. Forgot other people exist. The little furball... I still don't remember his name, keeps wandering by to bug me about sustenance, and stuff. ... any idea what day it is? I think it's Eimanudur now, but that's as far as I got." On the other hand, it didn't terribly matter what day it was. That was probably not a good way of looking at it, but ultimately, Cyprian really didn't care, he had to admit. Well, he'd asked. They'd probably answer, and he'd say thank you like a polite person. Sometimes, Cyprian was one of those polite persons, and he kind of liked getting along with his brothers, if nothing else.

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Sure, he could tell Dimitrios to be quiet about something sometimes... but that implied that Andreas would want him to stop talking about whatever it was. And of course, he liked listening to his brother even if sometimes he couldn't keep up with the topic. Honestly listening to him talk animatedly about something he enjoyed was better than fretting about their mother, or worrying about Dimitrios himself. He'd spent a while worrying about him before they were reunited. For now, he was just happy to be with Dimitrios again. He didn't have to worry about his brother.

Air ships? Ooo that sounded interesting. If... unusual. Sailed the sea and flew?

Andreas smiled a bit at Cyprian, friendly. "Leon." He supplied quietly - it didn't really matter, but it was also kind of nice to at least try to remember? But it didn't hurt anything if Cyprian didn't know, certainly there had been enough going on in all of their minds that names could slip away rather easily.

Thetis still hadn't worken up. He tried not dwell on that too much because it generally upset him. Which, of course it did. She was their mother and they loved her. And getting upset would just end in spreading that around thanks to the fact that they were Empaths and hadn't really learned how to get around doing that thing where they leaked.

Andreas just hoped that in the end mom would be okay, and he reminded himself that he still had his brothers if nothing else. And maybe that would just have to be enough.

"Uhh. Actually... I'm not exactly sure what today is." That was weird to realize but no, the day had completely gotten away from him. They sort of blurred together. Then again maybe that wasn't shocking, it wasn't like he had much to mark the days by, other than festivals coming up and things of the sort. They did things around the house, but mostly they were left to ehri own devices and the thingst hey did around the house were self assigned because they happened to notice it.

Like organizing the library, which had somehow become something that Dimitrios worked quite hard on.