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There is strength in standing alone, but there is much more in admitting when you can't.

House Essair had to be one of the most peaceful houses Gannicus had ever spent extended time within the walls of. Morning routines were predictable-by this point, Gannicus had taken to spending morning patrol time lingering where he knew Kassandros would be for his morning meditating, occasionally slipping back into the kitchen to help with whatever needed to be helped with. Some afternoons, he'd meander off into the woods outside Nydema's borders, usually with Tihaan and a spear, and they'd drag back wild boar and fish. With Thanatus around, now, they never really wanted for fish. That guy was almost always off fishing in the early evening, but he was quite skilled at it, and occasionally downed a deer or two, as well. He even used the hides and antlers. It was almost like being home.

No, it was. House Essair was home in a way nothing had been in a very long time. For once, Gannicus had a family again; Victoria was here, doing much better than she'd been when he'd first gotten here, and their sons were here, too. Sons. It was still a bit strange, to think that. If his nose wasn't lying to him, Victoria had a couple other sons, too, but he'd suspected as much back at Lancaster. He hadn't said anything, then, because Titus always loved getting new weapons. Something told him, he'd have quite the difficult time getting those weapons and gaining that leverage with them here in House Essair. Kassandros was... something else, but Gannicus liked him, a lot. Other houses may have been kinder than most, but only one had bothered bringing family back together, and that was this one.

Sometime after Kassandros had gone in, Gannicus slipped back in the house, too, heading toward the medical ward. Victoria could walk, now, albeit not easily, and mostly stayed in bed, still. Every so often, she'd ask him to set her outside in the sun, and she'd sit in a chair in the back lawn, reading a book and listening to the rush of the waves on the shore not far, the trickle of the water fountain, occasionally watch the hummingbirds that came for the wisteria twisted around the trellises. She was happy, here, happier than Gannicus had ever seen her be. Though perhaps confused, Atenra and Sepheres seemed to be doing well here, too. If he didn't miss Saqqara, so much, Gannicus would be perfectly happy to stay here, for the rest of however long they had left.

Quiet as only he and perhaps Sati could be, he shuffled in the medical ward, settling down on the edge of Victoria's bed, and handing her a flower he'd found. It was a brilliant violet, perhaps a bit more blue than purple. Gannicus didn't know what they were called here, but he remembered them being called jewelfire in Saqqara, when he was younger. Much, much younger... "Good morning," he almost forgot that.

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Oh, but what a beautiful destruction it was.

Kindly of him, as she'd begun expecting from the young master of the house, Kassandros had allowed Victoria free-access to House Essair's library, the same as he had the young silver-haired boy, Dimitrios she thought he was called. Sometimes, he and his brother were kind enough to offer to take the books she'd borrowed and read back, and bring her new ones. At the moment, she had a small stack of books on the table beside her bed, and was leafing through one.

This one wasn't a historical text, not by a long stretch, but rather it seemed to be a collection of fables and legends of Macenia. Some of these tales, she remembered hearing as a young girl, among the Allendale tribesmen. Now, she could remember things more clearly, the haze of painkillers and the strong scent of overpowering medicinal herbs no longer thick enough to scramble her thought processing as much. Atenra and Sepheres came up a lot, to visit, and she was glad for that. It was good to spend time with the both, away from the prying eyes of... was he still her husband? She'd figure that out later.

Of course, House Lancaster, according to her sons, believed her deceased. Perhaps she could drop the Lancaster bit of her name, then, and pretend that chapter of her life had never happened. Still, she didn't remember why she'd jumped off the back cliff. In the end, perhaps it didn't terribly matter. She was lucky to be alive. She was lucky to be alive, and reunited with the family she'd thought she'd lost. Sepheres was doing well, here, too, and that was a relief. Even Atenra seemed to be doing better than he ever had in House Lancaster, but there were kinder people here, more than just herself.

The other woman, here, she was in the next bed over, occasionally muscle spasmed, but thus far, had remained unconscious. It was clear she was a mother, too, to the twins here, and sometimes, Victoria would wander over and hold her hand, for a time, in hopes of passing on some of her own luck. No child should be standing to lose their mother, anymore.

He was awfully quiet, and amid her reading through the tome in her hands, she didn't notice he was there, until he'd settled down beside her. Then, her gaze rose, and she smiled. "Oh, how pretty," she said, tilting her head to get a better look at the flower he offered her. "It's a shame you pulled it up. Good morning. How's your day been?" Sometimes, Gannicus spoke more than he would in House Lancaster. Even he was doing well, here, and it was good for their sons to know their father, even if he was a complexity and a source of confusion unto himself. Neither side knew what to do with the other, but, a little at a time, she could see them getting comfortable with each other, getting to know one another. Sepheres, especially, could use the role-model, as Umbrius hardly had the opportunity to be such, for him. Atenra knew Umbrius much better than his younger brother.

Sometimes, she still wondered what had ever become of her other sons... ah, she supposed she'd never really know. She hoped they were well, wherever they were.

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There is strength in standing alone, but there is much more in admitting when you can't.

Oh, but he didn't.

Instead of answering with words, however, Gannicus returned her smile, albeit quieter than hers, less vibrant and more subdued, and stood back up, shuffling across the medical ward to find something-ah, this would work, it was the perfect size. Then, he set the flower, and its cluster of dirt, into the little dish. This one had a decent root system, and Gannicus was hoping it'd settle where it was put back.

"This one did not kill it," he said, finally, returning to Victoria and setting the dish the flower now rested in on the side table. "Perhaps the little gardener can get it to spawn more little flowers. It is called as jewelfire, the last this one remembers of it, but this one doesn't know how it's called, here." Perhaps Victoria knew. She often seemed to have rather the plethora of random information in that pretty head of hers. "This one's morning has been good. Very normal." Leon did his fussing, Kassandros did his morning routine, Tihaan stalked around looking annoyed at everything, Lycaon gracefully fretted, the twins were nerds, the girl ran around the fields squealing in joy. All was as it should be, in House Essair.

Still, there was an odd sense of foreboding that Gannicus never could entirely shake off. As if there was something changing, and drastically, right under their noses, and he'd had this sense before, of course. That was twenty some years ago-he never did figure out what it was, then, either. Perhaps, this time would be the same. It was hard to say. Unfortunately, this was one of those things he wouldn't really know, until they got there, and he either did, or didn't.

He did always wonder what the point of being able to sense these changes was, if, ultimately, he neither had any idea what they were, nor what to do with the information. It seemed like such a waste of time, but then, Gannicus wouldn't proclaim to understand the gods' ways, or even that of Azaleon itself. He did know, at least, weres were intrinsically tied to the earth. Whatever happened to the land, the weres knew it, quite quickly, too. All the same, he may or may not still be stuck here, but it wasn't as if he was going to leave without Sati, at the very least, neither was he terribly interested in separating from her, either. (He'd already thought he'd lost her forever, once, and he wasn't looking forward to reliving the experience before he had to.) The end result was, he may as well be stuck here, and whatever trials Azaleon faced, it'd just have to do it without him.

"How has yours been?" he decided to ask, instead of bringing all that up. It wasn't for Victoria to be concerned about, anyway. "Does your leg feel okay?" Some days were better than others, on that front. Yes, Gannicus did that fretting thing, too. Speaking of-he turned slightly, looking over his shoulder at Thetis, still unconscious. He took a breath in-she smelled about the same. The infection had festered, a bit too much, and she'd nearly been lost to it. The rest of this was up to her, and her own will to live, perhaps. There wasn't much more Merenwen could do for it. Ah, but he hoped, for the sake of her children, she pulled through it. He'd always heard good things about her, and it'd be a shame to lose someone like her. Azaleon could use a few less Marcus Cassimers and a few more Thetises.

But, she breathed a bit stronger, today. Perhaps, soon, she'd rejoin them.