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Started by Pantheras at Apr 06, 2019 2:18 am
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Yishai Wynbrandt

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If I gave you the truth, would it keep you alive; though I'm closer to wrong I'm no further from right; and now I'm, convinced on the inside, there's something wrong with me.

"I know," Yishai answered, half-whining. "But I don't like this district." As it turned out, Shai was kind of cute. So far, so good, he hadn't gotten any unwanted attention, and that was nice, but he wasn't really banking on his luck holding up, because luck very rarely did.

"Well, I guess the good news is," he started, once they'd gotten down the street a ways, "since we still have the hessions Kassandros gave us, we can use it to buy you new clothes and stuff." He was sure they could figure something out at home, they had plenty of fabrics and several of their house knew how to sew and could do so quite well. But since Kassandros had given them so much, it'd be a bit quicker, then, to simply use what they had leftover, and knowing Kass, he'd probably already written it off the ledgers. ... it was only fifty hessions, anyway, it wasn't like Wynbrandt couldn't eat that cost if they needed to, but Yishai didn't expect Kassandros to make them.

House Essair were really nice to them, actually.

"Not that - I mean I guess if you want to... keep wearing that... ... Hadrian lost that fight, though, I'm sure if you don't lose it to me, you'll lose it to Essair." Probably. "He said something about a brother being around, too. Hien?" Yeah, he thought that was his name. This was probably more like, if you want to pretend you weren't in a brothel and hide that from your brother, well, you have the opportunity to remember how to do that. That was Yishai's best guess. It sounded like Kassandros, at any rate, and maybe it was a good thing. They probably really weren't the same people they'd been the last time they were around one another.


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"I'm here. You'll be fine." Hadrian responded mildly. And to him it really was that simple. If anyone got interested - that was what he existed for. He was here to protect Yishai, and he was perfectly willing to do his job if something happened. Of course that didn't stop anyone from worrying about it, for the experience from being unpleasant, he supposed. But the point remained that Yishai pushing himself too far definitely wouldn't help matters.

.... So maybe Hadrian had become somewhat attached to thekid, as strange as he was.

Oh. Oh dear. Well, it made sense, using the money meant to buy the slave to clothe the slave except it also didn't because didn't the money belong to Essair? In that case shouldn't Essair be consulted?

Well. Being fair about it, it wasn't like he knew much about the family dynamics, and he hadn't actually been there when Kassandros had made this request. That in mind, Hadrian kept his mouth shut, of course. ... Though he had to wonder how the brothel slave was going to take the suggestion that they were going to buy him clothes.


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Er. He wanted to what? On....well on the one hand clothes did sound kind of nice, and not being so exposed in a normal house was probably going to be a good idea. On the other hand who actually bought their slaves clothes like that? The idea was completely foreign to Pantheras and he wasn't really sure how to.... handle it.

Also was that really a good idea? ... Really? Because since it hadn't been used to actually purchase him that might be implied that it should go back to Essair. Still, arguing with a new owner seemed like a very bad idea - even if this 'new owner' wasn't supposed to be keeping him for very long. 

"If... that's what you want to do." Buy him clothes. That was still such an odd thought okay, but he wasn't going to argue because arguing wasn't a good idea. There were probably worse things that could be going on. Still he couldn't quite fathom why that was what this kid - Yishai? wanted. 

"My brother?" That surprised him, rather obviously so. His expression was.... difficult to get a read on. Somewhere between excited and terrified. It was great to be able to see his brother again, but he wasn't.... he wasn't really a person any more and he wasn't sure how Hien would take... any of this. Never mind learning that he wasn't just a slave but a brothel slave. Then again maybe he didn't... need to know that part.


On the other hand, somehow Pantheras expected he would have some quirks that really didn't mesh well with normal behavior around his brother. Hein was in Dalmasca. Had he really come looking for him? Well, that seemed like the most likely reason. 

Yishai Wynbrandt

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If I gave you the truth, would it keep you alive; though I'm closer to wrong I'm no further from right; and now I'm, convinced on the inside, there's something wrong with me.

Well, that was true. "Yeah, but I'd rather you didn't have to." Sure, yeah, that was kind of why he was in House Wynbrandt to begin with, but that didn't mean Shai had to be happy about it (he still really wasn't). He didn't like buying into the slave trade, at all. He did know, though, Hadrian wasn't the first slave House Wynbrandt had ever bought, and he was very unlikely to be the last.

Yishai gave a short shrug there. "Sounds like something Kassandros would do," he answered. "I think, since your brother's here, Kass wanted to give you the chance to readjust to not being in a brothel, so you won't have to tell him that, if you don't want to. I mean, that's kind of your business, right?" At least, it was to them. Yishai had to agree with Kassandros on this one. That was this one's business, not theirs.

"He may figure it out, anyway," Shai said, shrugging a bit. "But at least he can find out in a maybe less embarrassing way." Something like that. Depending, it could be really messy to have it come out by default, rather than Pantheras being able to decide how it did. That did occasionally make a very big difference in how it was recieved.


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Did it? Well, this Yishai would probably know better than he did, of course. But it seemed like a strange thing for a noble to do with a newly bought slave, at least to Vihn it did. Then again, maybe Dalmascans just treated slaves differently? But that didn't really add up either so Pantheras was.... confused. He didn't ask. It wasn't a wise idea to argue, even if he didn't really understand.

Helene had said Essair was a good house, maybe this played into that somehow. And maybe it didn't matter in the end. 

On the other hand, the idea of controlling the way his brother found out about this was actually rather tempting if nothing else. ... And maybe just not letting him find out at all. Sure, Pantheras couldn't erase that he'd been a slave but maybe... maybe he could leave what kind of slave out of the equation and maybe it would be okay in the end. He wasn't sure of course, there were a lot of factors that could be involved in whether Hien found out or didn't but if he could control it even a little that would probably be better.

Maybe Hien wouldn't take it any better, but Pantheras might be able to handle it, and potentially reduce the damage somewhat. Pantheras nodded quietly at Yishai. "You're right, that does sound nice." He conceded after a moment.