Pantheras had long since lost track of how long he'd been in this particular brothel, much less how long he'd been away from home. He'd tracked the moons at first, using that as a touch stone to remind him of how long he'd been away. He'd made friends here in the brothel, of a sort. They took care of each other, sort of. Without them he didn't think he'd have been able to survive this long. He'd been something of a sheltered kid when this all started, after all. 

Vinh mostly hoped that his brother was doing okay without him. It was... possibly a silly thing to hope for, given he knew he would not be doing well were the positions reversed. Still, he did hope for it. One of them should be doing okay, at least. But the world didn't really work like that so it was kind of hard to say.

He'd finished cleaning up from his last client a little bit ago, and so found himself wandering into the main entry room. Since there was no one new there, Pantheras settled himself off to one side - out of the way, but obviously present for when it was his turn to take on another client. To be fair, Helene usually knew when he was no longer occupied and would send someone back anyway but ah, just as well really.

... Pantheras did need to find time to redo his hair though, the roots were starting to be visible. It wasn't a huge deal, as it wasn't like any of his clients really believed his hair was naturally this color, but keeping up appearances was still sort of important, at least. Especially given in this place appearances were all he had. Theras didn't want to even think about what would happen when he didn't have that going for him anymore. 

Well, not something to worry about just then, he supposed. On the other hand, sometimes it was hard to do anything but think about it. He wanted to go home. It was just too bad that he'd long since figured out that wasn't really an option.

Anyway. Vinh pushed that thought out of his mind and raised his head slightly - he thought he heard someone coming in.