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Started by Hien Tran at Apr 06, 2019 2:16 am
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You could stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won't back down.

Somewhere around here, Hien had already decided, was his brother. Once in a while, just wandering around, it seemed some people almost seemed to recognize him. He had, however, no real leads. Mostly, he was just wandering around, and hoping brilliance struck him. It'd likely serve him better if he found someone here that knew how Dalmasca worked, among other things, and perhaps the best place to start would be... here. Kirinyaga had to have led Hien here for some reason, right? It wasn't by accident, as much as it seemed like it was, that he'd ended up here in House Essair. No, something or someone was looking out for him, and, it was as good a place to start as any.

Besides, perhaps not ignoring someone in their own house was a good start toward getting somewhere. Hien wasn't getting anywhere on his own, and, as much as he was loathe to admit it, he'd need help. That was the end of that. Thus far, everyone in House Essair had been very kind and welcoming to him, so, perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea to start here.

With that in mind, sometime after breakfast, Hien scampered up the stairs, one hand reaching out to brush against the wall. It seemed like it was some kind of stucco, gritty and rough, nothing like what you'd find in Jihon. He both liked it, as it was different and interesting, and didn't, as it was... very different, and he wasn't sure he favored the rougher texturing. As he went, he counted the doors; like any well-raised Jihonese man, he didn't pay the slaves any mind as he passed them, though it was hard to tell which ones were slaves, here, as they were not really dressed the part. He wondered, momentarily, if that was smart, but then it probably inspired quite the significant amount of loyalty for a pittance of expenditure on a bit more fabric than typical. ... simply, it reminded him, that, for all that House Essair were kind, he should watch his step. Kassandros was also very intelligent, perhaps dangerously so.

Ah, this door, he'd almost missed it in his musings. Hien stopped, and almost went to open it, then rethought that decision. Perhaps he should knock, instead. So, that was what he did, rapping on the door, almost uncertainly, and waited. It'd be best to approach this somewhat like he would if it were his father, probably.

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This could be dealt with later, this went over here... half-paying attention to everything else, Kassandros was separating things and organising his desk. Mostly because it'd reached the point, quite some time ago, really, where he couldn't find anything on it. That was frustrating for many reasons, and really didn't do much to help his already occasionally crazy anxiety. He had a lot to do in a short period of time, and the quicker he managed to get himself back on track, the better. The only bright side in this was, for all that he was a scattered mess at the best of times, what plans he had seemed to be unfolding rather well. Nothing had gone terribly wrong, at least, not related to any of that, and he wasn't sure if he was glad for that, or waiting for the hammer to fall. Maybe a bit of both was valid, really.

In any case, he had several guests of the house that had yet to bother him; one of them was going to eventually (and yes, Kassandros did happen to know where his brother was), but the other still didn't seem to have figured out what, exactly, he wanted. Mostly, Haku more or less avoided him, and that was fine. He still had to figure out if he even wanted to be an ujal, just like Kassandros still had to figure out if he wanted to be Imperator (the answer, most of the time, was no, but once in a grand while, he thought maybe he did). Kassandros' problem, of course, was separating what he actually wanted, from what he only thought he wanted, and that was proving more of a complicated mess than he'd have liked. It really shouldn't be so hard to sort himself out, but alas, this was the world he lived in.

Speaking of his guests... for a moment, Kassandros eyed the door, wondering if the one on the other side of it was going to knock, barge in, or walk away, but eventually, the other knocked. Kassandros debated, momentarily, just leaving it, and not answering (he was getting about sick of saving everyone but himself, as it turned out), but he sighed quietly to himself, stood, crossed the room and pulled the door open. Ah, Hien. Well, Haku had no reason to really bother him, anyway, but Hien had one of those, and a very pressing one, as it were. "Have a seat, if you like," Kass said, shuffling away from the door and returning to his desk.

"Don't mind the minor state of disarray," he added, "just reorganising things, nothing really important." Or, at least, he didn't think so.

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You could stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won't back down.

Somehow, he hadn't been expecting Kassandros to just open the door. Certainly, it'd have made more sense, at least to Hien, had he gotten a verbal response, that he could either open the door, or fuck right off, in not so many words, were Kassandros not feeling up to entertaining him. On the other hand, it wasn't as if this was truly entertainment, so much as a very pressing attempt at finding his brother. Vinh had been gone a good while, now, it was almost long enough for Hien to wonder if he even still breathed.

He'd know. Hien always believed, if Vinh was really dead, he'd know. It was most likely to be a very silly belief, as people didn't tend to simply know things about each other, when they'd been separated as long as they had, but neither were they twins for nothing. At least, that was what Hien figured. He didn't know what he'd do, if his brother wasn't around, anymore. Maybe he'd never go back to Jihon. There wasn't anything in Jihon, for him, if Vinh was gone, no reason for Hien to bother trying to make it as an ujal, no reason to care. Heck, he hardly had a reason now.

Oh, maybe staring at him was rude (how did that work in Dalmasca? He'd long forgotten those lessons). On the other hand, it wasn't as if Kassandros wasn't terribly pleasant to look at. Hien smiled a little, more to himself, following Kassandros into the room, and closing the door behind him. It'd been closed before, it made sense he might want it closed, still? That was a difficult one, but he was going to go with it.

"No bother," Hien answered, after a cursory glance around. It was actually tidier than his father's office could be, at times. "I just..." How did he explain this... "I came here, for a reason, of course. I'm looking for someone, and it seemed like a better expenditure of energy, to talk to someone that knows Nydema better than I do." He was new to the city, after all, and he didn't recall any mention of Nydema in his tutoring back at Jihon well enough to have more than a sparkle of an idea what he was doing. The other two from Jihon, the Tachibanas, didn't seem to be doing much better than he.

Not that he intended to talk to the fucking Tachibanas, bloody disgraces.

Anyway, Hien did shuffle off to the side, a bit, away from the door, in case someone else meandered by. It seemed prudent not to get smacked in the ass by the door.

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Is this your salvation? Is this all you can give? I will not stand in reflection of someone else's dreams.

Of course it wasn't a bother. Because if it was, Kassandros had a couple words for him, and the first one was "go," and the second one was "away." Yes, there were some things even Kassandros wouldn't generally put up with. Often, it came as a surprise, as he seemed to have a very infinite tolerance, the patience of a saint, some said. Only in certain situations, admittedly. There were somewhat specific situations in which his patience seemed to be water in a container with a hole in the bottom.

Fortunately for Hien, he didn't seem to find the hole at the bottom.

Yes, Kassandros knew that. Actually, he knew exactly who Hien was looking for, exactly where to find him, and perhaps a bit more about that someone than Hien himself did. (Sad, when you thought about it, but Kassandros had a few unfair advantages, so to say.) Kassandros did have to wonder how Hien would take the whole brothel-slave thing. Perhaps not very well, and perhaps that wasn't Kassandros' business to be spreading, either. Maybe that was something Kassandros should leave to Vinh to decide to tell him, or not, just like his being a mage, among other things. Just because Kassandros knew something, didn't necessarily mean he'd say it.

Then, it also occurred to him, Hien didn't seem to know Kassandros knew. Hmm. Maybe Kassandros liked it better, that way, when Hien didn't know he knew. Certain interactions became much easier, when they didn't know what he knew and didn't.

"I see," Kassandros replied, folding his hands together in front of him, and rocking back on his heels slightly. "Well, I've lived here all my life, I suppose I could probably point you in the right direction. It'd help if I knew who it was you were looking for?" Despite that not being worded as a question, it was toned as one. The good news, he supposed, if there was to be good news in all of this, was he'd gotten quite a bit of practice pretending he didn't know things he did, when his father was still around.

There were things he knew that Vopiscus most certainly did not need to, after all, and Kassandros had eventually learned to keep quiet about it. (If the visions truly did belong with Cygnus, and not Kassandros, perhaps it was best they were with the elder, for now; Cygnus wouldn't know subtlety if it turned into a cobra and bit him, let alone could tell when to keep his mouth shut.)

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You could stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won't back down.

Hien supposed that might help a little, in the way of finding Vinh, yet in the same breath, Hien wasn't so certain how much he wanted to divulge. Certainly, he still wasn't so sure he trusted anyone here, and Kassandros was not just yet an exception to that rule. Many in Jihon were kind enough to their Dalmascan neighbors, seemed fine with them being around, but Hien never really was. Dalmasca did have a notable habit of expanding anywhere they thought they could, and Hien was not convinced that Jihon's islands wouldn't eventually be on the list. Dalmasca already had several military encampments and bases on Jihon's southwestern island. What was stopping them from expanding further?

The simple fact of the matter was, Hien did not know Kassandros very well, and neither did he have any reason to honestly trust him. The Jihonese deferring certain things to Dalmascan houses wasn't even that far-fetched; Dalmascans could move about in Jihon without much trouble from the locals, and that kind of mobility would be priceless for any Jihonese house, and Hien was quite aware House Tran were not exactly best buddies with a few other ujalin lines, such as Tachibana, and House Zhu were beginning to overstep their bounds.

He had to be careful how much he gave away, and what he said. Outwardly, he smiled placidly, crossing his arms, one finger tapping softly against his arm. "I'm looking for my brother," Hien answered. "I haven't seen him for a few years, but I believe he's in Dalmasca somewhere." If asked to explain how or why he thought that, Hien wouldn't really have an answer. He just did. Still, all the same, he knew it was possible Vinh really was gone now, that the twin-sense thing didn't work as well as it seemed it should.

"He's my twin," Hien explained. If anyone understood this entire thing, he supposed it'd be one of a triplet set. "I haven't heard from him or anything, I just, know he's here." He just knew. And maybe he was wrong, he'd admit that, but he believed he wasn't enough to be here at all. Hien figured that counted for something, particularly given he didn't really trust house Essair.

He imagined, house Essair didn't really trust him, either.