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Blink. Well that wasn't actually what he meant. On the other hand, Icarus didn't really want to try and explain that and honestly maybe it wasn't such a bad thing. If she could keep it in her head for something as simple as hugging, then it should be easy enough for her to make sure to mentally apply it to the actually important things, too. "Exactly." After a moment with a small nod. It was easier and less embarrassing than trying to point out what he'd actually meant.

Icarus turned immediately at the sound of Thana's collapse - but he wasn't fast enough to react to it, really, and thus could only really stare on in concern as Ksenia crouched down in front of him. Hm. Icarus was sure he'd have asked the same question, but it said something odd about the Hume condition, he thought, the fact that they reflexively asked people who were clearly not okay if they were. It did offer the one who was down a chance to explain but ... anyway. Now wasn't exactly the time for that train of thought.

Ah. That made sense, of course. Hunger. "I'm sure it will." Providing that was what was wrong in the first place, but based on Thana's description of what they'd been through it was the most likely option. A pause here to decide on a course of action. "If it starts to pass, see if you can get him sitting on one of the benches. I'll be back in a moment." With something for them both to snack on. Bread or fruit, maybe, for the calories and to tide them over until an actual meal could be offered. Leon would want to meet the two anyway to decide on what they were lacking - probably everything, but well.

Anyway, kitchen. It didn't take long for him to duck into the kitchen to find what he was looking for.

In the mean time, Lycaon had made his way up the stairs and was headed for Kassandros' office. Kass generally knew everything that went on around Nydema, much less the house, so he really doubted he had to say much. But, ah, warning they had guests just in case this was one of the few things that he didn't already know was good. ... The former bloodfighter did wish he'd thought to get names, but, ah, a little late for that.

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When one door closes, another one opens. And if it doesn't, kick the bitch in.

If they were going to make it anywhere near Saqqara, for any length of time, he'd firstly need to get his finances figured out. 'Random trips to Saqqara' weren't generally on the list of things he was presently budgeting for, but the good news was, Sepheres had done spectacularly, getting the House's ledgers in order and sensible. Now, instead of just guessing, he knew exactly how much they were spending, and what on, and exactly how much went to taxes, and how much was excess. His whole... buy half the market fiasco last month had somewhat turned out to be detrimental, at least financially speaking, but it wasn't as if he wasn't expecting as much. It wasn't really a serious concern.

He'd likely need someone to watch the house while he was gone... probably, his brothers would be going with him, along with the Lucains and a miniature entourage. Leon and Merenwen, perhaps, could handle the general affairs, and at least Lycaon would likely be remaining behind, if only because Thetis was in no condition to be going anywhere, just now. He might perhaps see if the Wynbrandts were willing to meander by on occasion, and ensure the House hadn't come upon great misfortune unexpectedly while he was -

His pen stilled, and he froze in place, listening to the sounds downstairs. After a moment or two, his gaze flicked toward the wall, and the light whispered in the back of his mind. She is here, she is here, right here, get up, it urged. Kassandros debated ignoring it, but he did have to admit some measure of curiosity. Eventually, his gaze went back to his paperwork, and then he heaved a sigh, dropped his pen onto the desk, and got up, shuffling around the desk and down the hallway to the landing. This particular landing, the one just before the front entryway, was a loft landing, staircases on either side, but the hallway at the top was open to the rest of the estate. The Essair cobra hung, made of wrought iron that had been painted a nice silvery tone to lighten the colour, small red gemstones for eyes, at the entryway that passed under the hall, between the staircases. Kassandros shuffled to the end of the hallway, just before the closest staircase landing, and settled behind the wall, listening.

Offhand, he didn't recognise these two. The female sounded weirdly familiar, like he should recognise her, but he didn't immediately. Then he heard Icarus, and... Thana. The woman called him Thana. Not a name he recognised, either. Of course, it wasn't long before he had an Alasdair to one side of him, and he arched an eyebrow, but didn't say anything. Presumably, that meant one or several of them had asked for him. Friends of Icarus', maybe? (Did Icarus even have friends? That was a sad thing to wonder, and yet, wonder it he did all the same.) The light seemed almost excited she was here, whoever she was, though if he had to guess, probably whoever the woman in his entryway was. What was so important?

It wasn't like he ever claimed to understand the light; half the time, it made no sense. This was part of that half it made no sense in. He breathed in, glancing at the wall with a look on his face that said he really would rather just go back to his stupid arithmetic, but being head of house meant doing things he didn't necessarily want to, all the same. The breath came out somewhat as a huff, and he turned the corner, standing at the top of the stairs, watching. She still was and was not familiar. Well, Icarus had retreated for the moment. The one at least seemed terribly undernourished, so either he'd deemed them generally not a threat, or trusted them either way. Kassandros didn't tend to question Icarus too much.

In the end, he made his way down the stairs, and shuffled a bit to the side, One or another would eventually notice he was there. He did tend to kind of glow, after all.

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It is better to die with a purpose, than to live without one.

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"M'just dizzy," he did manage to grumble, somewhere in there, but he scooted backward, until he hit the door frame, and decided right there was a good place to stay, for right now. It'd go away, as always it did, and it was really just annoying. Sure, he should probably be more concerned about this than he was, but it'd been relegated as less important, after all the other stuff he was focusing on. If he'd found them somewhere to go, at least, perhaps this wouldn't be much of a problem, anymore.

This house didn't have the same... the same... ugh, he wasn't sure what the word he was looking for was. It didn't make him cringe like House Warwicke had. Several of his former houses had been like that, in fact, this was probably the third or fourth not to instantly make him uncomfortable.

Nice architecture, too. Apparently someone around here really liked light, because there were very large windows in the entryway, and that trend seemed to hold into the foyer. Washing those glass giants might be kind of a pain, though. He'd just hope he didn't end up doing it. Ha.

Somewhere amid Ksenia fussing and Icarus wandering off, Thana noticed the third one. Very bright, he was, almost painful to look at, the overabundance of natural light making him almost glow. (Okay, Thana was probably just dizzy, still, and seeing "auras," but he was pretty sure dude was actually glowing, just slightly.) He did look like a blond Icarus, though... hadn't Ksenia mentioned Kassandros was blond?

That in mind, he patted her hand, and nodded behind her. She could go... do mother stuff instead of mothering at him because he'd gotten dizzy. That was a much better usage of time, really.

Of course, in the kitchen was a very busy Leon, scurrying here and there, already working on midday meal. Somewhere around was Estelle, currently helping him (she had a lot of energy, and maybe giving poor Nikias out there a break from her overload of energy was nice). As soon as he noticed Icarus, though, he skittered to a stop.

"Whatcha lookin' for?" A short pause, and he added, "And what smells like river water?" Fish, it mostly smelled of fish...

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But you will not make me fall.

Yes, he was breathing, and mostly okay, at the moment, and Ksenia would really rather he remained so. She nodded along to what Icarus said, as it made sense, and mostly focused on watching Thana. It was difficult for her to pay attention to too many things at once, see, it'd be easier on her to parse and focus on one thing at a time. Making sure Thana didn't hurt himself, that was on the list of things she could do. Later, of course, she'd feel bad about it, that she couldn't manage to focus on too many things at once, but even just this small thing, it was somewhat helpful.

It was still somewhat difficult to imagine she was welcomed, here. It was debatable, whether it was truly her own fault she'd ended up in the tower, and gone for so long, but, she'd been gone for almost ten years, now. Why was Icarus so willing to take her back in? No, Ksenia wasn't complaining. If nothing else, Thana was a relatively innocent part of this, and he, at least, deserved to survive this whole mess. Her sons needed her, always had, and maybe always would, but it wasn't as if she'd been expecting them to accept that. She was the one that'd gone. Vopiscus wouldn't have done anything drastic. Aemilius, maybe, but Vopiscus?

Then again, he did have spares.

"Yes, and dizziness is highly unpleasant, and leads to accidents," Ksenia answered, tone dry. Maybe the semantics of this highly confusing and unprecedented situation could use to be examined later. Firstly, they needed to find more substantial food for the both of them, and Ksenia needed to relocate her head. What? One eyebrow quirked upward, at Thana's sudden attention behind her, and then, when he pat her hand and nodded, she turned.

Oh, goodness. Kassandros. Her eyes squinted, slightly, unaccustomed to how bright he was, and he was, quite literally. As she recalled, he glowed after a while in the sunlight. He was the one that most took after their father, but the other two had his brilliance, as well, just in different ways. He was just as beautiful as Icarus, but differently, his eyes a slightly brighter, more saturated blue, and his hair was just as bright a platinum blond as it was the day he was born.

She smiled, just slightly. "Kassandros," she said, nodding slightly. "It is... it's nice to... ... the house looks..." ... damn it, none of what she could think up, in her head, sounded right. "... this is Thana." Yes. She'd go with that. "Icarus went to find him something to eat, I think." Right? She thought so.

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Oh, well of course Leon immediately asked. Though actually now that Icarus was kind of distanced from the crisis moment of it it was probably a good idea to let Leon tell him what was okay to give them given the fact that they may well have been starving and he had no idea what their collective diet had looked like recently. Too much or too rich could be dangerous, if Icarus was remembering properly.

Either way there was no harm in asking Leon and the ilim could probably find what he was looking for faster anyway.

"Oh, probably these." Showing him the dried fish that he was holding. "Caught by one of our guests. There aren't many of them but he thought we could use them in the kitchen." Small bits could be added for flavor or someone could snack on them, probably. Leon always had good ideas so Icarus wasn't worried about them going to waste, really. Not much did in house Essair.

Admittedly that was something Icarus was proud of about their house.

"Ah, but what I was looking for was something for our guests to nibble on while there was a chance to assess their condition because one of them is having a bit of a dizzy episode, likely from not eating enough." It was a very logical guess from Icarus' point of view. "But it does occur to me that maybe I should let you or Merenwen assess them first to make sure I don't cause more problems."

Yeah so there was that. But at least he'd thought of that more clearly before actually doing something? Making things worse was the last thing that Icarus wanted to do after all.

Lycaon found Kassandros a little sooner than he'd expected to, standing on the stairs. And, as expected he hadn't needed to say anything. It was clear that the other was already listening to the exchanges downstairs. It wasn't long before he followed the blond down the stairs to rejoin the others where they were.

Lycaon didn't think they were dangerous per se but he was still one of Kassandros' bodyguards and it seemed prudent not to underestimate these guests, even if their plight did seem rather genuine. The woman, it seemed, knew Kassandros. He wasn't sure what to make of that. On the other hand she couldn't quite form a sentence. Mm. Maybe she was as bad off as she seemed.

The former bloodfighter was, perhaps, paranoid. He could reocognize that fact.

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When one door closes, another one opens. And if it doesn't, kick the bitch in.

... holy shit, she looked like his mother.

That was - that was very - what was he supposed to do with that knowledge? Don't turn her away, the light buzzed, in the back of his mind. You'll regret it! On one hand, Kassandros wasn't sure he should care what the light said, here. She'd left, a long time ago, and maybe it didn't really matter why. Now was a weird time to be showing up out of nowhere.

But, fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your outlook, Kassandros wasn't stupid. He remembered enough of her to remember she was much, much larger than this, originally. Actually, if he was remembering rightly, she'd been just slightly overweight. It was cute on her, so oh well, but she was far too small for this. Something was wrong, and he knew it.

Besides that, Icarus had more of a temper than he did. If Icarus was bringing them here, then, maybe there was something he was missing. As it was, she didn't seem able to finish a thought that went past a certain length, and, watching her eyes, in the light, they were slightly glossy, like she wasn't quite all there. That was concerning.

And this one seemed to be having some sort of a dizziness episode. Kassandros frowned, shuffling over to them, and kneeling down to get a better look at... Thana, was it? Icarus went to get food, she thought. Well, that was probably a good first step, and Leon would most likely insist on being involved, because he always was, when it came to food. That was his thing. He'd know how to handle this better than most of them. Certainly, better than Kassandros did. All he remembered was that it was possible for the body to forget how to handle food, so if you gave a starving person too much food at once, they could get sick.

Wasn't that a kick in the ass.

"It's nice to meet you, Thana," Kassandros said, standing up and looking at Ksenia. Asking her anything seemed like something of a waste of time. After all, she could hardly come up with a sentence, anything more complicated than that might be rather the difficulty for her to handle. "Welcome home," he said, instead. He thought it was welcome home, and maybe it could stand to be welcome home until he had reason to change that. That seemed like the simplest thing to do until Icarus came back and could explain some things.

Because he was definitely owed an explanation, here.

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Words mean nothing. It is easy to say, but many times harder to do.

... yes, but that was very semantic, and, aside from that, he'd already done his falling. Now he was down here. Oh well. That kind of happened when you got dizzy, and honestly, it wasn't the worst thing he'd ever lived through. Thana supposed Ksenia might worry about that kind of thing, but Thana really didn't fully understand why.

Hey, he could die, now. Ksenia had a name, again, and at least one of her sons seemed to want her. That was a good start, in his opinion. ... was it nice to meet him? (Jeez, he was just as pretty as Icarus was, apparently they were twins...) He looked a hair befuddled, but he nodded. Yeah, he'd go with that, for now.

Oh. Leon blinked, a bit, and then frowned. They had guests, and one was having a dizzy episode. He felt like there was more to this story that he'd missed, but then, maybe he didn't really need to know the story to be able to fix it. Besides, Icarus didn't like much of anyone, maybe he could just, get over it and go with it.

They had many titanic blood fighters now, he could leave that junk to them.

"Okay, well, let's go see how bad this is, then," Leon answered, setting stuff down. "And I can use the fish, actually, makes good broth. You can set those up there," he mentioned, pointing, and then shuffling out into the entry. Kassandros had made it out, apparently, and Leon smiled at him, and then looked at the other two.

Well, the one was way worse off than the other, he could tell that immediately. Oh, you know, she sorta smelled like them... huh. Anyway, he stood there for a moment, breathing. "Okay, he's actually in the early stages of malnutrition, so you can probably give him something more substantial than say, bread, without messing him up too much. She has had a wide variety of stuff... some... surprising stuff, uh, just not as much as she should be getting. But, means she should be able to eat something besides bread, too. We've got some fruits they can munch on, for now, until lunch or so, some cheeses and stuff. Cheese and crackers usually go pretty okay this early. Just make sure not to give them too much at once." Leon nodded once.

"... I'd still have Merenwen look at them, just in case." They also smelled like river water, which meant they might not've been living the cleanest, and that could lead to some health issues.