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It is better to die with a purpose, than to live without one.

With some work, Thanatus had managed to find them an abandoned barn to stay in. It wasn't perfect, and he was about 99% sure the ceiling was going to leak when it rained, but it provided protection from the wind and most of the rain. The morning after they left Warwicke, he'd managed to catch and roast a chicken, and pulled the sinew out of it. He'd made a couple cords and some threads, which he was now using to sew together a blanket, having already made the lady a dress that fit her, out of a couple fabric sacks he'd found, having made a needle out of one of the chicken bones.

The cords were for this knife handle. Thana had managed to get a meat knife on the way out of House Warwicke, but while the knife itself was acceptable, the handle was kind of flimsy. The blade wobbled in it, and to say the least, it uh, it needed a bit of help. There was plenty of scrap wood and metal pieces in this barn, he could probably vaguely copy the blade design and make multiple blades.

At the moment, though, he was in the town center, looking for any sign of that cobra emblem. He swore he remembered seeing it on some of the patrols, but, he wasn't sure if he really wanted to ask one what it was, either. If anyone from House Warwicke came by, he'd probably have to go back, too; the woman was sleeping, at the moment, and he wasn't sure how long she'd stay that way, or whether she'd stay there when she woke up. If he lost her, he'd find her again, but just not losing her in the first place, that'd be a better idea. Most likely, he was jumpy, maybe a bit overprotective, but, it wasn't like the woman was capable of defending herself. She didn't even remember her own name. He didn't know how trusting she was with strangers, either, the last thing he wanted was for her to end up in the wrong person's path.

Anyway, he'd just make this foray as quick as he could. Someone knew what that emblem was. He just had to find them. Sounded easy, right? Yeah. Not so much in practice, as it turned out. He stood to one side of the town center, watching. More concerned about her, than himself, he was still dressed like a typical slave, and most paid him no mind at all. Maybe he could make a pillow out of the chicken feathers, if he could find more fabric. This was a bit difficult, but, he'd figure it out, he'd get through this, find her cobras, and he'd just hope to whatever stupid god was listening at the moment that these cobras of hers did actually want her. Thana didn't know how to get to the Free Cities. He just knew to go west, which, overall, wasn't terribly helpful. If they had to go to the Free Cities, they were going to get so lost.

Maybe he should ask someone? Thana didn't know if he wanted to draw attention to himself, and figuring out which one to ask... eh, that was a toss. His gaze darted around the crowd, some. It was still somewhat early, so there wasn't a very large crowd, just yet. As he moved a bit in place, trying to get a better look around, though, he felt his shoulder smack into someone else. "Oh, sorry," he immediately said, turning to face them.
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Icarus was, for the most part, just looking around and trying to get an idea of how things were going around the area. He had ended up doing some price checking at the market earlier, and would take those prices home for use in the ledgers, but for the moment, he was just listening to what he could hear around him. His movements were deliberate, and he moved with a sort of purpose that was likely to keep him from being terribly interesting.

He was wearing a cobra arm band at the moment, because he hadn't found one of the shirts with an actually embroidered cobra on it. Kass was so very stern about them wearing the cobra when they went anywhere. He'd almost forgotten and man the look on his face. But he was wearing it and Icarus would keep it on until they got home at least.

It was in that distracted state that Icarus found himself in a minor collision with someone else. Icarus turned slightly as well. "It's fine." Immediately.  He did stop, stilling near the one who was speaking, with blue eyes regarding him for a moment. A slave, it was almost certain given the way he was dressed. Or, not dressed really, as the case was. Possibly a blood fighter given the particular clothing, but sometimes others would wear that particular garment. Hm.

"Are you looking for something?" He didn't exactly know why he felt the need to ask that question. But then, a slave roaming around, no emblem that Icarus could see at first glance. It was worth asking. And it happened some times that when he felt the need to ask a question like that, he was right. And if the slave didn't need help then they could both be on their way. But Kass always liked to help slaves when he could, and that was something Icarus could do pretty easily too.

Icarus thought he'd probably go home after this though. He was relatively certain he'd heard all the useful information he was going to for the moment.
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It is better to die with a purpose, than to live without one.

Wow. ... if he had to smack into someone else, at least he was cute. That was not an appropriate thing to think, alrighty then. Then, of course, he knew how much Dalmascans liked the pretty ones. Thana almost frowned, but just barely managed not to. The guy wasn't upset about it, and really, that was good for him. He didn't need to go drawing attention to himself. He didn't know if the Warwickes were aware they were gone, or not, by now, and he certainly didn't need to be telling them, by catching their attention at market. Some part of him wondered, though, if they'd even know what they were looking at, even if they looked right at him. Most likely, no, but Thana wasn't going to bank on it.

Was he looking for something? Yes, actually. The former blood fighter narrowed his eyes in thought. How much should he say? This was always the hard part. There were plenty of people in the town center. He could find plenty of someones to ask. But did he trust them all? No. He hardly trusted one Dalmascan, and this one was dressed too nicely not to be Dalmascan.

But, his eyes. They reminded him of the woman's eyes, a very clear, bright blue. Ah, he was staring at his eyes now, and like a good slave, he looked a bit to the side of him, and down, instead. Incidentally, his gaze fell on the armband, and Thana leaned to the side, to get a better look at it. That was it. That was it, that was the cobra.

"Cyprian, Kassandros, Icarus, and Cygnus," was what he said. "The House with the cobra emblem. That's what I'm looking for." It'd seem, maybe, he'd just found it? Even if this one wasn't one of her cobras, maybe he knew where they were. She needed somewhere safe to go, or she was going to die, anyway, if it wasn't because House Warwicke hunted her down and finished what they'd started, it'd be because of... well, this was Dalmasca, for fuck's sake, it could be almost anything, and just being away from her for this long was starting to make him antsy.

He couldn't save her from everything, though, and he knew it. He needed to find someone that could.
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Icarus was quiet and still. He noticed for a moment, that the slave stared at his eyes and then seemed to realize what he was doing. He didn't say anything - it wasn't like it bothered him one way or another. He did notice the interest in his armband too. The teen didn't say anything, instead waiting with relative patience for the slave to decide if he was going to move on with his day or answer to what he was looking for.

Names. They were... all very familiar names, himself, his brother, and... well he wasn't sure how Cyprian fell into this exactly, but he knew where that one was, too. The house with the cobra emblem, of course. The fact that there were people that knew Cyprian was with the Cobras was bothersome, but it wasn't as if Essair was threatened by that fact. Not specifically, at least.

"Well, you're talking to the right person." In a mild tone. Kind of funny how fate had apparently pushed them together in such a way. "I'm Icarus." Explaining that comment was prudent, he thought, perhaps. Making the slave mistrust him was pointless. But... why was he lookign for house Essair? He wasn't afraid, of course, just curious. "And the house with the Cobra emblem is House Essair."

"I could show you, if you'd like." Icarus didn't mind, he was going that way anyway. And it was probably best to keep an eye on the slave until he knew why he wanted to know about house Essair.

On the other hand, anyone who actually was dangerous would probably have known full well what they were seeking.
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It is better to die with a purpose, than to live without one.

That was freakishly convenient. The surprise was probably evident on his face, even for just a moment, and then it went away. This one was Icarus. Thana tilted his head, slightly; nope, still cute. Apparently, his... mistress? She was and was not... had rather pretty sons, if this one was anything to go by. It wasn't surprising. Considering, even under how much she'd deteriorated, he could tell, she was a rather pretty woman, herself. The eyes passed on, if nothing else, and those were very striking. And, he was being weird, again.

He blamed the lack of sustenance.

Did he want to take the chance? He wasn't sure if she'd be wanted, in house Essair. It was the best shot he had, but, clearly being related didn't always mean good things. "First, we should talk, I think. I'm not asking for myself, and the quicker I know your response, the better." It'd be easier to alter his plans now, and get her out of Dalmasca now, than to get side-tracked fussing with a house that didn't want her, anyway. There was too much at stake, and the farther away from Dalmasca he got her, before House Warwicke realized they were gone, the better. If he needed to run for the Free Cities, it'd be best if he knew that now, not later, when it may be harder.

Thana was probably being paranoid, but, in this instance, he thought he was allowed. House Warwicke would, if they found them, realized he'd lied, probably manage to make their lives much, much harder, if not end on the spot, and damn it, he'd gotten her too far. It was too late to back out, now. Fuck, he didn't believe in gods, but just this once, if any of the damned bastards were listening...

He nodded a bit away from the press of people, shuffling that way himself, waiting until Icarus followed, or at least got closer, before he started explaining. No one else really needed to hear this. "I don't know her name. No one seems to know her damned name, and for the love of fuck I can't imagine why, but that's beside the point. The point is, her own family tried to kill her, I have no idea how long she'd been in that tower before I got her out, and she's starving and weak and easily distracted and confused. I can't save her from everything. She's forgotten a lot, still forgets things from time to time. Sometimes I'm Thana, other times I'm 'what's your name again?' She says her sons are in the house with the cobra emblem. She called Kassandros the light from the shadows. Her eyes are the same shade as yours. If you don't want her back, I'll figure something else out." But he didn't get her this far just to get her in the same situation again. He didn't get her this far just to end up in worse, either, albeit he wasn't sure what counted as worse, at this point.
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Icarus' gaze narrowed slightly at the slaves wording. They needed to talk, the quicker he knew the response the better. There was a lot of presumption in that - starting with the fact that Icarus would listing and ending with the implication that the slave had any right to make demands on his time when he didn't even know this one's name. And yet he didn't mind so much as being concerned about what exactly he was getting into.

Despite his misgivings, Icarus followed the other off to one side, away of the press of people. His body language was closed, expression carefully neutral. He listened because he was curious, and because it was potentially important. As it continued, Icarus tried very hard to maintain a neutral expression. That was, of course, easier said that done as rage started to twist through him, blue eyes turning to ice. He forced himself to continued breathing slowly.

"In a tower?" The words seemed to force themselves out despite clenched teeth. For a second, the most logical reaction seemed to be the urge to strike out at something probably a wall. He didn't do that, instead continuing to breathe because the last thing he wanted to do was leave ice everywhere, but the air was just a tiny bit cooler around him than it should have been.

After a moment or two he seemed to mentally step away from the edge, his breathing calming down further, and the blue of his eyes thawing a little. "She's been gone since we were six." Finally. "We're seventeen now, if you want some idea how long she's been there, probably." So, yeah, there was that. "And her name is Ksenia." Someone remembered, though not the monsters that had locked her in the tower, apparently.  ... Her own family, how dare they?

No. He concentrated on pushing that down again, instead of letting the indignant rage take root. It was already there, already too strong. He did not need to give in to it any further. He needed to get it under control before he saw her again as it was. He'd spent... so long angry that she'd left. He'd spent so long hurting because they needed her. And this was what was revealed? It... it wouldn't be hard to confirm the Slave's words, either, if she were really starving, he would know when he saw. He would know when he asked Leon to take a look at her.
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It is better to die with a purpose, than to live without one.

That was something. Some kind of reaction, at least, was helpful here. He tried not to be too impatient, because considering what he'd just said, Icarus probably needed a few minutes to process that, if he was any sort of a decent person. Considering he'd not balked at having a slave be somewhat demanding, hadn't taken offense to it, he was probably pretty decent. He did the same thing she did, though, when she was upset. Once in a while, the woman would get frustrated with something, or remember something upsetting, and the air around her would get cooler. Was he an ice affinity mage, too? Maybe he could undo it when she lost control of hers.

Ah, okay. Given that was the first thing he said, it was a good thing, for Thana. He did care, enough to be pissed off about it. That was good. Thana frowned, slightly. Six, and they were seventeen now. Eleven years... that was a long time. "Sounds believable," he said. "She's a mage, though," he said, very quietly, just in case he didn't know. "Ice affinity. Fourteen layers of ice in the tower, last I counted. Buried her clothes, the bookshelf, her bed. Kind of a miracle I could still get the grate open." Ksenia. She said once, it started with a K. That was a nice name, actually, he liked it. It was nice to have a name to call her, besides having to get by on 'miss.' Not that she minded, but, Thana did.

"She's hiding, at the moment," he went on. "She gets distracted too easy, I didn't want her getting separated from me. She's doing a bit better, got her eating now, mostly fish and whatever edible wild plants I can find, but it's still not enough. Loses control of her sorcery a lot, and it drains her aura faster than I can help her regenerate it. Certainly not helping her condition." He didn't know much about magi, but he was pretty sure it wasn't helping, no.

Oh, shoot he was rude. "Oh, I'm Thanatus. Former blood fighter turned tower guard. I was supposed to kill her when she finally fell to mage insanity, and then they decided they were tired of waiting and cut her diet. I didn't like that plan. She knocked herself out using too much sorcery, and I ran with it. I told them she'd died, said I was dealing with the remains, gate guard let me right out, so I don't know if they know I'm gone, yet." They paid him so much mind, honestly, he'd almost be surprised if they remembered they had a blood fighter, once.

"We'll have to go get her, first, of course, but she's not far." Whenever he thought he was ready to, because, he seemed to be having a minor war with his temper, there.
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"That doesn't really surprise me. She wasn't when she left but..." He shrugged. Kassi made mages, see. It wasn't surprising that after taking care of them for six years she had ended up gaining magic eventually. It was a bit of a shame that it had happened afterward though, after she'd left and didn't have them to help her figure it out. Fourteen layers of ice. Ice. Heh. He had the same affinity as her. That was sweet, in a sense. At least he'd be able to help her now. He still had moments where it got out of hand, but Icarus had relatively good control.

So what, she'd been sleeping on bare ice? That thought actually infuriated him all over again, but he pushed that down next. Listening to the slave talk, and nodding a little. It was probably best, if what he was describing was right. Best that she wasn't here in the town center, there was a lot of danger to get into. Especially if they thought she was dead. "No, I imagine it's not helping her condition." Burning way more energy than she could generate... that was dangerous.

A nod. Right, Thanatus. He could remember that. They'd cut her diet, and decided to starve her because she wasn't going crazy fast enough. What in the fucking- his maternal family was, if it was possible, even worse than the paternal line. Well then.

Icarus closed his blue eyes for a moment, and took several slow deep breaths and released them. When he opened his eyes again, he thought he'd finally gotten a final handle on his rage. He could deal with it later, chopping would or something constructive until it went away. But for now, he needed it under control because upsetting her wasn't going to help anyone.

"I'm glad she's not too far. On the bright side, neither is the house." Yeah that was a bright side. "So we can go get her and then get her behind walls with people who will defend her to their last breath if they have to." A little grim toned, but he also didn't think Warwicke would be stupid enough to strike against Essair any time soon.
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It is better to die with a purpose, than to live without one.

That explained why she couldn't control it. He had to wonder if they'd put her in the tower because she was a mage, actually. It seemed logical to him-she's dangerous, nobody knows what to do with her, can't teach her how to control it because she's the only mage in the house, maybe she'll do everyone a favor, and go nuts. Then, they have an excuse to kill her. Right? Ugh, he hated that this made sense. He wished it didn't, but, it sounded like the Warwickes, alright.

Walls would be an improvement, yes. Thana already would defend her to his last breath, if he had to, but he also realized he was but one man, and faced with the right adversary, he'd fall pretty fast. Sturdy walls and more than one with combat ability would be immensely helpful. He'd done the right thing, finding her cobras. At least one of them cared. At least one of them wanted her. That was enough for him.

He'd be wondering if he was right, squinting a bit harder, at all of this, but you couldn't very easily fake that kind of intense reaction. Especially not at seventeen; that took years of practice, and the chances of managing to make genuine-seeming anger rise that fast without feeling it were pretty well slim. Thana wasn't afraid of fighting him, if he had to, either, but he didn't think he'd need to. He seemed genuine. Thana had gotten accustomed to the tell-tale signs of liars.

"I caught and dried a bunch of fish, the other day," he said, turning toward where they'd been staying. The quicker they got to her, the sooner his nerves could stop being a bundle of jumbled. "Sun-dried, but easy to rehydrate and use for different things. House Essair can use it." Boiling it for a few minutes would make a decent broth, and steaming it would make it usable in other dishes. There probably wasn't enough to use it for much besides perhaps a flavoring or a garnish, but, it was good it was going to be used either way.

Oh, "That house there," he started, pointing at one of the estates. The big one with the multiple buildings on the other side of Cassimer, with the dragon on its gate. "Which house is that? I caught and killed a wandering chicken, and I think it was one of theirs." They were, as it happened, the only estate with free roaming chickens.
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Had they ended up locking her up because she was a mage? That seemed possible, but it only served to make him more angry. But that anger stayed buried in his heart, and his expression remained calm. He didn't really want her to pick up on his anger and assume it was at her. He had been angry at her, before. When he'd thought she'd chosen to leave. But... even if she had chosen to leave, there was a chance she wouldn't have stayed away if she hadn't been trapped in a tower all that time, and he couldn't really validate remaining so angry with her.

Icarus moved to follow the slave then. "Alright." Mildly. If it was already caught it might as well be used in something. It wasn't like dried fish could be returned to the water to live. "I'm sure Leon will be able to find something to do with it." Leon, the chef, apparently. Nice Ilim, for all that Icarus was only just getting used to him. Leon seemed to be the resourceful type in the kitchen. Certainly meals were never boring with him in charge.

That was nice though, to be honest. Icarus hoped his brothers were as willing to see their mother as he was. But, Icarus thought he could convince Kass to give her something of a chance, as long as what Thanatus was saying was true - which starvation was, honestly, something that was pretty easily proven just by looking at her. And uncontrollable magic would be the same. They had something of a responsibility to at least get her control over magic before she hurt someone else.

He thought Cygnus would be glad to see her though, most of all.

Mm. Icarus' gaze followed where he pointed. "That is house Asheron." After a moment or two of orienting to make sure he was right. "Led by Livia these days. The chicken probably was hers. Ah, but for what it's worth, she'll probably be fine about it." And Icarus could apologize to her later about the incident, he'd probably offer to replace the chicken but he didn't know that she'd ask for that.

Livia was like that, sometimes. But at any rate, with even a hint of the situation he didn't think she'd be angry. Probably just relieved to know what actually happened to it.