As Dawn Breaks

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Inetkaes Lucain

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Inetkaes paid careful attention to Tihaan's introductions. She couldn't promise that she'd remember all the names, of course, but she would certainly make an effort. It was polite, and there weren't that many of them so far at least. So she could at least give it a try. The worst that happened was the apologized and asked for them to repeat names until they completely cemented in place.

She smiled politely at the ilim when they got close enough, and dipped her head. Tihaan got around to introducing her by name before she spoke up, but that was okay. Ine didn't really mind. She was a little surprised at how quickly the ilim pinned things down but then again.... he was an ilim and that shoudln't have been surprising.

Ine laughed a little, somewhere in there. "I apologize for making Tihaan late for breakfast." Just ah, getting that out there because she had been the reason he went out that far and then of course they'd talked for a bit and that was probably at least part of it, and she was willing to take the proverbial fall for that. Even if it wasn't serious because it seemed to be coming from a place of just wanting to make sure they ate properly.

"It's nice to meet you Leon." Still sounding maybe a tiny bit amused. "Ah, you really don't have to feed me." Sort of mild toned. "I know I came a little unexpectedly." To... most of them. Maybe not to Kassandros, but that wasn't the point. It seemed rude, to her at least, to expect them to feed another body when there had been no warning. .... If Tihaan was right, and Leon insisted she wouldn't argue but ah. Just saying that had seemed appropriate.

Really she wouldn't have come up at all if it weren't for the fact that seeing Surya was what she'd come all this way for, being blunt about it. She'd finally found them and they hadn't been moved immediately before she could get to them. Inetkaes didn't want to lose the window to get to them now.

Leon Essair

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Words mean nothing. It is easy to say, but many times harder to do.

"Nah, feeding you is no problem," Leon said. "We'll probably have extra anyway. The fighters and farmers, of course, eat a lot, so I usually make something like three or so times more than we need." Besides, the kids liked to run around and burn lots of energy, and it wasn't a terrible idea for them to have something on-hand to munch on. And Kassandros insisted Leon make sure everyone got enough. If any house in Dalmasca was going to end up with fat slaves, it'd be this one.

Tihaan paused, just outside the door into the foyer, watching something. Leon looked, too. The very blond one was currently playing 'dragon' with Estelle, anyway, running around the yard with her clinging to his back and squealing in utter joy. ... that was not how riding a dragon worked, but hey, Estelle was like, four. Tihaan snickered, slightly. "Looks like Kass is busy, anyway." Yeah, so it did. "But uh, that's Kassandros and Estelle," he said, gesturing at them just before Kass ran toward the back of the house and out of view again.

Leon giggled a bit. "Come on, shoo shoo," he said, shoving Tihaan again.
"I'm going," Tihaan grumbled. Oh, hey, there was a white lion at the base of the stairs. "Ey Surya," Tihaan said, shuffling over to him and gently shaking his mane. "You should probably get up. ... breakfast is a thing, anyway, Kass'll frown at you if you skip." Indeed, he really would.
Surya, though, yawned loudly, and rolled over. And then his ears perked up, and his head raised, looking at Inetkaes. And he toddled over to her, wrapped around her legs, and flopped back down.

"... Surya, that's cheating." ... and somewhat rude.

Inetkaes Lucain

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Inetkaes nodded slightly. Well, he seemed sure of himself and maybe it wasn't really worth arguing. And the person she needed to talk to was busy anyway. There was time, she supposed. Really, Inetkaes had plenty of it, and she knew that. They were weres that which had waited for decades already could wait a few more minutes. Besides that, she would probably need more of a plan of action to get to the other scent she'd caught. So staying put and at least figuring out who this Essair was wasn't a bad idea.

Ine nodded slightly at the introduction, glancing to see the two he mentioned. Estelle must have been the young one. But seeing Kassandros playing with a small child certainly raised her impression of him most than most other things might have.

Inekaes giggled slightly as she looked down at her nephew. "Well it's nice to see you too." Her tone was light - it really was nice to see him and see that he was well. She'd missed him a great deal while he was gone, and worried about him quite a bit. Not because Sati and Surya couldn't take care of themselves, but because they had been young and there was much darkness in the world. As it turned out, he seemed to be well indeed as well as being able to enjoy spending some time in his second form after the moon had released its hold on him. "You really should wake up though, food really is a good idea." It was also generally easier to have a conversation if he shifted back into a humanoid form.

And, well, he was by far old enough that if he chose to he could sleep on the schedule he preferred even when transformed into a lion.

Surya Lucain-Nashret

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There is strength in standing alone, but there is much more in admitting when you can't.

Yeah, yeah... Kassandros probably would frown at him, and by now, at least, Surya had decided he didn't like the kid frowning. It wasn't like he ever smiled, but doing that frowning thing, that was certainly not very welcome, either. He didn't want to get up, though. Actually, he was quite comfortable and happy right where he was, but then, maybe he should get up, anyway. If he remembered rightly, Atenra had turned into a snake last night, and seeing his aunt was always an occasion.

It was a little surprising she hadn't found him at Lancaster; he'd been there a good long while. Then again, Lancaster was rather the distance from the house he and Sati were in before that, so perhaps that was it. Anyway, he groaned again, a loud, feline murring sound, rolled back over, stood, and shifted at the same time. "It is good to see you," he said first, offering a hug, because he could go for one of those.

"Good," Leon said, "now people can get up and down the stairs."
"This one was only blocking one set of stairs, Leon, there are two." Yes, he knew, he was exaggerating.
Leon snorted. "I was joking mostly, but you're up now, so I can't complain. Atenra's up and stuff, too. He meandered out of the closet kind of confused-like."
"You remembered to bring him clothes, right?"
"Yes," Leon answered. "Whaddaya take me for, a fox?" Sheesh.

To be fair, sometimes, maybe he was a bit of a fox.

"Have you found Sati yet?" Surya asked, shaking his head at the ilim slightly. "... met Kassandros?" That was perhaps something to do, yes. Surya didn't think it'd go that badly, though, but he also thought he remembered Kassandros chasing Estelle outside. (Energetic thing, she was.) Most likely, then, he was out there. Somewhere.

Inetkaes Lucain

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.... This one? Inetkaes didn't ask about it, but she did frown a little. Last time she'd managed to run inot him, and they'd spoken, he hadn't referred to himself that way. And it was.... perhaps a little unsettling, if she was being honest, to hear him doing so now. But ah, that was apparently just going to be something to get used to. Too many years in slavery may well have done terrible things to his sense of self.

It was unfortunate, but not altogether surprising.

"I know where Sati is now. I smelled him last night and I've an idea of which house." Yes, but she hadn't made it that far, of course. "And I saw Kassandros playing with a small child and decided not to interrupt. There will be time later for it." She supposed at least. Hopefully Sati wasn't going anywhere, but even if he did unless they shipped him out of Nydema she thought she could probably figure it out now.

Inetkaes hoped at least. But leaving before even talking to Kassandros seemed like a poor decision, all things considered. Tihaan was here, and so was Surya and that was quite a bit more progress than she'd expected to make when she transformed last night. But then she'd spotted his form on the cliffs last night and was pretty sure she'd finally found what she sought. It was a nice feeling.

Inetkaes became aware of another presence almost as soon as the young were had entered the room. ... Ah. That one smelled like Surya.Hm. Well, it wasn't hard to imagine that he'd had kids here by now. There was, of course, a reason have the city smelled like Lucain at least faintly.

"Oh, uh, hi there." Atenra seemed only slightly surprised by the unexpected person in the room. "Also, good morning." More directly to Surya. At least he'd worked the kinks out of his back already.

Surya Lucain-Nashret

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There is strength in standing alone, but there is much more in admitting when you can't.

[jesus i couldnt find him for a sec bc i was looking for gannicus.]

That was a good start. Of course, Surya suspected Kassandros already had a plan, for getting Sati over here, as he seemed to be quite determined to free them all. A good number of the house guard were freedmen, now, even, and he'd given so many of them their families, it seemed odd to think that he might not decide to give Surya back his brother, too. Most likely, probably also Sati's boyfriend, Alexios, but that was fine. Surya thought there was someone here Alexios might know, anyway, and Surya had never disliked the Macenian. He made Sati happy. That was the important part.

"Estelle, probably," Surya said, smiling a bit. "This one's step-granddaughter." He and Victoria weren't exactly married, but, close enough for him. "Kassandros likely already has a plan for Sati. He's given this one everyone else back, even one thought dead, he managed to save. It is hard to imagine he wouldn't." Now, what that plan was, that Surya didn't know, but he supposed that part wasn't really important, necessarily.

Well, good morning, Atenra. Surya smiled slightly, nodding. "Good morning," he answered. "Come, this is your great-aunt Inetkaes. This one's father's sister. Auntie, this is Atenra. This one's youngest, Sepheres, is here too, and their mother Victoria." As well as, of course, Tristan and Sandalio, and Surya would be surprised if Roland wasn't on the list of individuals to locate (Victoria mentioned Sandalio had a twin named Roland). Kassandros seemed to enjoy doing that reuniting thing.

Surya wasn't going to complain. Kassandros was the first one to give him back his family, after a long time of believing he'd never have his family again. All that was missing was Sati, for him.

Inetkaes Lucain

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Inektaes nodded a little at the name given - yes that was what she'd been called. Step granddaugther. Well, Ine couldn't say she was surprised that he had something of an extended family given how long they'd been here. Ah, but she was pleased that apparently he'd been reunited with a fair number of them.

"Well, I'll discuss that with him because if he has a solid plan then I may stay out of his way." Depending on the situation it may work out better, after all. She was an outsider and could recognize that tangling in things might not be wise even if there was every chance she could over power them and likely outmanouver them too. Didn't make it a good idea no it did not.

But it was nice to believe that she might ahve something of an ally in this Kassandros. Certainly she would try to stay on his good side, since Surya seemed to like this particular master. The were had no intention of expecting him to choose after he'd spent so long here in Dalmasca. At least he'd finally found a master that was good to him. It was... it was better than nothing. And perhaps a good transition to freedom anyway.

Atenra approached at Surya's request, inclining his head and shoulder's slightly in a shallow bow towards the woman. "It's nice to meet you." No, it really was! Meeting more of his father's family was kind of exciting and besides, if he was getting to meet her then that meant she was where Surya could see her too and that was a good thing! This was the house of family reunions or something though, man.

"It's lovely to meet you too, Atenra." Inetkaes greeted warmly. "I'm glad to hear so much your family has been pulled together in this house." And seeing his son was a pretty solid reminder of that fact.

Kassandros Essair

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When one door closes, another one opens. And if it doesn't, kick the bitch in.

That was probably Princess Inetkaes.

Which meant, he should probably go that way. Fortunately, she wasn't as impulsive as her brother, so most likely, Kassandros didn't have to be concerned about her getting into a war with House Lancaster (Dalmasca had no idea how fortunate it was that it was Inetkaes out here, and not Sahura). That was a good thing, but, he also knew, Titus was stupid. Eventually, he'd do stupid, and the whole Lancaster issue would solve itself, as after Titus was gone, and Canius wasn't anything, Atenra took over.

Certainly, the nearly 800 blood fighters in the Lancaster stables would be far happier about following Atenra's lead than Canius'.

Not long after Atenra got in, Kassandros wandered in, with Estelle dangling upside down from his back. ... he shuffled over to Surya. "Could you extricate the small one before she falls and hurts herself?"
"I not gonna fall!" Estelle squeaked.
"Uhuh," Kass answered. "That's what they all say, and then they fall and everything explodes and people die."
"That isn't how that works!"

Well, no, but it was amusing and sometimes things really did go that badly.

"... also, nice to meet you, your grace, I am Kassandros. Kass is fine. Blond idiot works too. Good morning Atenra. ... or should I your grace at you, too?" Thus far, Kassandros had refrained from doing so, because he figured it'd confuse the poor guy. As amusing as that sounded, to him, perhaps he should be nice and not freak him out.

On the other hand, whenever they did head to Saqqara, everyone there was very likely to call him Prince Atenra or something derived thereof. Perhaps getting him to the point he didn't cringe at it immediately, that might be better for his blood pressure later? That was a tough one.

Surya Lucain-Nashret

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There is strength in standing alone, but there is much more in admitting when you can't.

That was probably a more prudent decision. Surya was not sure what Kassandros intended to do, only that it was highly unlikely he had no plan at all. Kassandros was a creature of befuddling, honestly. Surya still wasn't entirely sure what to make of him, but, perhaps that was a good thing, ultimately. Surya not knowing how to handle him, exactly, meant he wasn't just more of the same, and at this point, he was quite sick of more of the same. Kassandros was going places. Maybe not necessarily good places, either, because this was Dalmasca, and Dalmasca was kind to no one, certainly not its own that did not fit into the mold the nation thought they should.

Some would be surprised, he was sure, but if he could, Surya intended to follow him, wherever it was he was going. Because people like him deserved good things, and Kassandros didn't even ask for their loyalty in return for the things he did for them. It was the least Surya could repay him with.

"You can meet Victoria later, too," Surya said. "Sepheres is probably with her. She broke her leg some time ago, and it is mostly healed, now, but she's rebroken it several times, so we're being very careful with it. Sepheres handles the house ledgers. It is good to see him belonging somewhere." For a long time, none of them did belong.

Ah, and there was Kassandros-what was Estelle doing? The were rolled his eyes, slightly, but he did reach over, right Estelle, and pull her off Kassandros' back. "It's still not a very good idea," Surya said. At that angle, she'd have hit the ground head-first, no wonder Kassandros was concerned about it. Surya pulled her up onto his hip, mostly to make sure she didn't end up dangling like that again. If nothing else, wherever Sandalio was, he'd be much more glad to find the girl not in danger of falling.

And good luck wriggling loose of him, eh?

Inetkaes Lucain

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"I look forward to it." Yes, meeting the one who was apparently basically his wife and then his other son sounded great to her. Families were generally nice to have around and for most members therein to get along, and Inetkaes had a feeling they'd end up relatively well aquainted at some point. Ah, or at least she hoped they would.

And there was Kassandros. Inetkaes didn't have very long to be concerned about the young one before Surya had pulled her out of her dangling position. That was, ah, probably for the best yes. Even if nothing would explode it would still not be pleasant if she did fall.

"Nice to meet you as well, Kassandros." It really was given Surya seemed rather more comfortable here than he had been in the snatches she'd seen him in before. After this long, that was generally enough for her. Things had changed - the world itself, practically, had changed in the time Surya was here in Dalmasca. It was the least Inetkaes could do to recognize that things were different and that he was different and that some things would need to be approached carefully.

"Ah, but Inetkaes is fine. Or some shortened variation if it's easier." She was no princess here, and honestly, it was probably for the best that her identity was not known to those outside of ... well, the house at most. It wasn't like she had many friends here.

Atenra looked something like a cross between confused and mortified. "Please don't." Was what he managed to say there after a moment or so. That was such a strange thing to hear coming from anyone much less the head of house. Kassandros was a nice guy and all but he was still the one in power. And even Kassandros hated being called any variation that reminded him of that fact so there was... that. Hm.

"Morning though." That was polite and he'd almost forgotten it in his going crosseyed.