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Kassandros Essair

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When one door closes, another one opens. And if it doesn't, kick the bitch in.

Ah... that was almost surprising, and then, of course, Kassandros considered it, and realised it was stupid to be surprised. Dimitrios was one of her sons; of course Lycaon was angry. He and Sandalio, of course, had done what they could to keep the twins safe, when they were still at market, but, someone bought one twin, and someone else bought the other, and Dimitrios, as it happened, was rather vicious when he tried. If someone didn't intervene, he'd probably die for it, too, and Kassandros had to wonder what it'd do to Andreas to never see his twin again. Likely, nothing terribly good.

Kassandros shook his head, standing. "House Lancaster never really was Sepheres' family," Kassandros answered. "His mother is an Allendale, and his father is a Lucain. When I said his family, I meant his family." The ones, of course, that would treat him as such. But first, he had to figure out what love and compassion even were, because Titus never did show it to him, and Victoria, Atenra, Umbrius, and Regillus had tried. He had to figure out how to be a person, instead of a bedslave. And really, Kassandros couldn't help the quiet anger at that, but it wasn't really his place to be angry, either.

He handed the hessions to Helene, patting her hand. "Someday, you're coming home with me, too," he said.
"I'm fine here," she replied. "You just keep saving the ones that need it."
"I intended to."

At least, for as long as he could.

For a moment, he pondered whether or not he should mention... looking at him, he could see the unbridled rage, and Lycaon was decent at not displaying his anger, but he did feel it very strongly. Being too close to him, at the moment, may give Dimitrios rather the righteous migraine, and ultimately, that may make him feel bad, anyway. He should say something. He shuffled over to the two titans, leaning over to Lycaon. "Dimitrios is an empath," Kassandros mentioned. "If you cannot rein the anger in very deeply, I might suggest Sandalio carry him, instead." That would be safer.

"And you just collapsed trying to walk, I'm not accepting that. You cannot walk on your own." Just saying.


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Lucain? What did that even mean? Sepheres' had been raised a Lancaster, begrudgingly. He'd been raised by a mother who could do nothing to protect him - though she had tried, and he knew that - and a father who was obviously not biologically his father, and who hated him for that fact. There had always been whispers and debates about which of the Blood Fighters was his actual father. But of course, no one was owning up to who Victoria had been sleeping with.

Sepheres certainly didn't know, and some part of him didn't really care - it wasn't as if it would do him any good to know who it was. It wasn't as if he could go back and pretend those things didn't happen. It wasn't as if they could have a relationship that wasn't tainted by the fact that they were both slaves and could be separated on a whim.

He probably should have been pleased for the hint, he knew that. But he wasn't, really. What good was a hint or some lead when there was nothing to be done with it. It was probably better for them both, realistically, if neither ever knew the truth. And really, that was probably why Victoria had never told he and Atenra, even privately.

It didn't matter anyway. What Victoria knew, and her reasons for not sharing, had died with her.

Oh. Not Lancaster. Sandalio nodded a bit, obviously accepting that answer. The name Lucain didn't mean much to him, to be fair, but they probably weren't worse than the Lancasters. ... He wasn't sure though, that the Allendales would want anything to do with their half-slave grandson.

Kassandros would probably know better than he did.

... A what? No, that wasn't possible. Lycaon's expression made his thoughts clear on the matter - empathy was so ridiculously rare that that was next to impossible. But on the other hand, he wasn't sure he wanted to take the chance of hurting Dimitrios if by some weird twist of fate he wasn't wrong.

"I don't think that's a good idea." Lycaon disagreed quietly, obviously in reference to Dimitrios claiming he could stand. No, he had just collapsed while trying to bear his own weight, he didn't think the boy trying to stand again already was a wise decision.

In the end, it was Sandalio who picked up Dimitrios. There really wasn't time to debate about it, and there wasn't time to see if Lycaon could actually rein in his temper enough for it to not matter.

Infection meant time was of the essence.

Dimitrios Essair

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Courage is not the absence of fear. It is the decision there is something more important than fear.

For some reason, that irritated him, for just a second, before his sense kicked back in. Kassandros was right, Lycaon too, for all that he was loathe to admit it. They were right, and standing was a bad idea, he'd discovered that this morning when he'd gotten out of bed. He'd stood, he'd immediately hit the floor. Why was that irritating? Dimitrios had no idea, he was just angry for some reason, albeit that'd come out of nowhere. And the headache had just gotten worse.

Incidentally, though, as there was distance between he and Lycaon, it dimmed somewhat. That was odd. It dimmed even more, as there was distance between him and Sepheres, too, but that was a different sort of... he hissed, squeezed his eyes closed, tried not to fuss too much instinctively. It was part of the deal, that moving thing. Right, Kassandros had said he had an infection. Those weren't-well, he knew how he'd gotten it. He didn't think... he didn't think, really. It was easier not to, easier not to mentally linger on it, but it wasn't like he really cared, in the long run. So he couldn't have kids, oh well?

Thank the fucking gods for that, really.

He squinted a bit, in Sepheres' general direction. That wasn't anger, exactly... he'd noticed, a few days ago, probably around when the house fell, that he could feel... something off other people, but it was difficult to pinpoint what it was, difficult to think through it, if it was intense enough, because his head started hammering at the same time, and it was hard, in larger crowds, to tell what was him and what was someone else. Why'd he feel anything? Dimitrios had no idea. It wasn't like anyone talked about things like that. Oh no, was he a mage? For a moment, fear overrode everything else, mages went insane, and if it felt like this, he understood why. That was the only reason he'd gotten so pissy with the slavers... he wouldn't have, normally, but he got really angry, and then lashed out, and the more he did, the angrier he got.

Eugh. He just turned a bit and hid in Sandalio's shoulder, holding his head. Everything hurt, anymore, it wasn't surprising. "I'm sorry." ... he had no idea why, but apparently, he was sorry for something.

Kassandros Essair

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When one door closes, another one opens. And if it doesn't, kick the bitch in.

It was probably more prudent, not to outright say Victoria's name. That was one of those things Sepheres would have to see for himself, before he really believed it. Rule one, Dalmascans lied. Rule two, highborn Dalmascans definitely lied. He had no reason to trust him, not enough to believe that, anyway. He could probably just ask him to go back there, for something, and he'd see for himself. He just had to get Atenra. Preferably before Victoria broke her damned leg again (what was that, five breaks in two days?), but he could probably send Leon. Regillus and Atenra knew Leon, at least, but they may not have fully realised how candid the ilim really was. He was only like that in House Essair, because he knew he could be. In House Lancaster, things were very different.

He didn't have time to muse on that, right now. Dimitrios didn't have time for him to muse on that. He didn't waste more than a few seconds, once Sandalio got Dimitrios up, he turned around and went right out the door. There was time for all that later, but right now, he needed to get Dimitrios home. He'd send Leon after Andreas and Cyprian, too, if Dimitrios was alright with that. He needed a proper bath and a clean change of clothes, after this, but first, Kassandros needed to -

"You ain't ignoring me this time," and cue idiot, in his way, the same one that spoke to him from across the street on the way in.
"I don't have time for you," Kassandros answered, one hand curling into a fist, and he jerked it downward, alighting it with a burst of light sorcery, and then punched the air in front of him, firing off the sunbolt. It hit the man's neck, just the right place to knock him out. Kass didn't slow down, either, just kept going. "... gonna regret that later," he mumbled, more to himself, "Dimitrios, do you mind if I get your brothers? They'll probably be more comfortable for helping you while you recover, you'll need to change your clothes every day and make sure to take a bath, too, and that'll be difficult by yourself." If he got an answer before they got there, he could send Leon off to House Cassimer immediately when they got back to the estate.

Fortunately, the rest of the way was uneventful. He skipped shoving the gate open the normal way, waving a hand and shoving it open with magic, only this time, he went in the front door. "LEON!! Set him down over there, if you would," Kassandros said, gesturing at one of the chairs in the foyer, shuffling off to a cabinet down the hall a ways. He might bleed, a bit, depending on how far the infection had progressed, and he wouldn't know that until he started trying to fix it. Well there was a roll of bandaging but - "Fuck, shit, Sepheres, go down that big hall on the other side of the foyer, turn left, there's another big hall where it curves, go down that way and the door where the garden starts, go in there and ask them for vinegar, please, thank you," incidentally, Victoria was that way anyway, two birds with one stone, go him.

Sandalio Essair

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"Don't be." Sandalio murmured to Dimitrios, keeping his voice quiet. He adjusted his grip slightly, doing his best to minimize discomfort - but it seemed to be impossible for it not to hurt at all. Sandalio then shifted his focus to just carrying him with as little jostling as possible.

It wasn't that far, and Sandalio was just going to be thankful for that. It couldn't possibly be comfortable, and of course, the less time they wasted in transit the better as far as the healing process went.

Erm. Well that was one way to handle the idiot who didn't know when to be quiet. There was something unsettling about watching him drop when Kassandros had never touched him - even knowing logically what it meant.

Yeah, he supposed Kassandros might regret that later. Sandalio didn't say that though, instead concentrating on continuing to follow and not fall behind. Lycaon was following a bit behind, with Sepheres close at hand. Which was all that really mattered. As long as they all made it back to the estate, apparently Kassandros could do some good for Dimitrios.

As they moved, Lycaon worked on reining in his temper properly, taking steady breaths and willing his anger to fade - it didn't help anyone, at the moment. All it did was cloud his mind and... if Kassandros was right, it could well negatively influence Dimi, which wasn't really what the Macenian wanted. It was harder to let go of than he would have liked. But then, anger often was.

Eventually they would arrive at the estate. It wasn't home yet, but it was their destination, and hopefully it was where Kassandros would be able to begin the process of helping Dimitrios recover.

As instructed, Sandalio set Dimitrios down in the chair delicately. He stayed near by for the moment, in case Kassandros needed him to help with something - extra hands and all, they were sometimes useful.

"Yessir." Sepheres mentally went over the instructions in his mind as he began to wander down the indicated hall.

... Was it this door? He thought it was? The boy entered the room almost soundlessly but stopped just inside, aware of the fact that he wasn't sure where he was intruding into, and that he could easily get in the way. "I'm, er, Master Essair sent me to find vinegar."

It was only about here that Sepheres realized that aforementioned master Essair had said 'please' when sending him down the hall. Which, in hindsight, was really quite confusing. Masters didn't say please, and they didn't say thank you. And he really had no idea why this one would. Something to puzzle out later, he supposed.

Preferably when he wasn't in a time crunch because infections could killl in a shockingly short period of time, but he had no idea where to even begin looking for vinegar in here.

Dimitrios Essair

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Courage is not the absence of fear. It is the decision there is something more important than fear.

... oh. Kassandros was a mage. You know, that explained a few things, he realized, dimly filtered through the highly illogical anger. It was going away, but his head still hurt, and the rest of him, too, but he supposed, it'd go away. It was. It'd be fine, eventually, as it always did go away, sooner or later, and Dimitrios just had to ride it out, that was all.

His brothers? Dimitrios' head snapped up, trying not to wince too hard. It was unavoidable discomfort, and he knew it, and it wasn't really anyone's fault, it just was. But, Kassandros said his brothers... plural. Plural? Andreas and Cyprian? How'd he know where his brothers were? Hmm. His eyes narrowed, partially in mistrust, partially in confusion, partially in thought. Did he mind? Dimitrios already knew just walking around was difficult. He didn't mind Sandalio and Alasdair, but-but did he want his brothers to know? If you're not sure if you should tell someone something, his mother had said once, try to imagine if it was Andreas dealing with it. If you'd want to know, then he does, too. ... if it was Andreas, he'd want to help.

He missed his brothers, anyway. "I'd like that," Dimitrios finally answered, just before they got to the estate. Looked big... much, much bigger than the side villa. Oh, he was going to get so lost...

Trying not to wince too much, as he got sat down, and he just kind of, stayed there. That hurt. Well, of course it did. By now, it kind of felt like lightning. Or what he imagined lightning felt like, it wasn't like he'd really know. Vinegar? Oh, right, that might help, yeah. "This is gonna hurt, innit..." Probably.

Leon, not long after Kassandros screamed for him, came running into the foyer, so quickly he slid across the tiled entryway, and almost hit the wall. "Yes? Oh, whoa, you smell like dying," he said, eyeing Dimitrios. Infection, that was what that smelled like, oh dear, ah, he'd heard something about vinegar, so he'd ignore that for right now-when was the last time this kid had a bath? That wasn't good, either. Well, oh, that must be what the clean clothes were for, and Leon immediately went to measuring Dimitrios against his arms, and then scrambled back into the rest of the house, intent on finding a set of clean clothes for him to change into.

May end up just being a sheet wrapped around him for right now, but, they'd work on making new clothes that fit him.

"SEPHERES!" Merenwen flinched, slightly, moved to catch the dark-haired woman before she'd scrambled out of bed, again, and missed her. The woman hit the tiling, and Merenwen could hear a snap sound. The ilim heaved a sigh, shook her head, white curls falling into her face.
"That's the sixth time you've broken that leg in the last two days," she chided. "Good heavens, Victoria, hold still! ... she seems to know you, tell her to hold still, maybe she'll listen to you. Vinegar, was it?" As she asked, she went to the cabinets against the far wall, the sound of glass tinkling as she found the right bottle. Ah, this one. She took that bottle, carefully, and meandered across the room to hand it to the newcomer. She'd never seen him before... Victoria had called him Sepheres, though, she'd remember that.

"... I don't imagine you can pick her up, could you get someone a bit bigger to come get Victoria off the floor when you're done? Oh, and, I'm Merenwen. Welcome to House Essair." She kept the greetings short-Kassandros only asked for vinegar if he was dealing with injuries, and it was potentially serious, so she didn't want to hold him up too long.

Ah, how quickly House Essair went from zero to moving at the speed of light, hmm?