Our site's rules can be found outlined below; they're mostly fairly simple. Below is also a short guide to joining Messiah, as we operate on a new role-playing software that may be unfamiliar to most.

Not every board is a fit for every player.
As such, we reserve the right to ask anyone to leave, for any reason, at any time. Any and all issues that arise with, or between, players, will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, as they come up, should they come up, with respect to circumstance and situation.

We have no word count restrictions/requirements, no character caps, limits, or bans, no strict activity requirements, and no required application.
All we ask is that our players communicate with the rest of us when something is up. Players that have not been seen in over a month are archived, and will be removed after another month of no appearances. This gives one about two months to just give us a quick heads up, or just log in, before losing claims.

Communicate with your fellow players.
None of us are mind-readers, and it's good to keep this mind. Even if one isn't communicating with others directly, one should always be making it clear if one has a specific goal or angle in mind for their character(s). Many members are more than willing, and capable, of helping others reach their plot goals, but we can't just reach into someone's head and pick that out. Talking to people can be scary, most of Messiah's member base are neuro-divergent and many have anxiety-disorders. But one can't just sit down and not do anything, and then be mad nothing's happening, or want a certain thing, not tell anyone that, and get mad things aren't going the way they want.

No posting templates, no animated/moving images, no images within in-character posts, do not make the font size smaller than it is by default, no neon or otherwise blinding colours.
Please, and thank you.

We allow mixed-media play-bys, but they are optional.
Do not steal artwork from someone else. Please also refrain where possible from using images with clearly modern items in them; even though a few of our locations have such technology, the technology in our setting is designed differently. Any given character's cell phone probably doesn't look like their player's cell phone.

While we have no required application, we do have a biography form.
No coding ability required, promise. It is separated into different input fields. We recommend filling out at least some of it, as it will make plotting much easier, but still, it's not required. One can get their character(s) ready to play without staff intervention, but remember that this does not mean we won't correct mistakes where we see them, so be aware of that.

Messiah is rated high-side PG-13/3.2.2. overall. It does go up.
While full-blown mature content is optional, and users do not have to see it, as well as need to input a valid birthdate to unlock it, we don't recommend this site for users under the age of sixteen (16), due to the prevalent mature themes that can be quite difficult for a younger player to digest and understand.

One note, Messiah draws heavily on historical inspiration sources. As such, if one does not understand enough basic real-world things to comprehend the concepts of slavery, imperialism, and politics, Messiah may be quite a culture-shock for them. Many things on Messiah have a scientific or real-world basis. Even our dragons are backed by science, one would be hard pressed to call Messiah mindless. Remember that if one needs clarification for something, even if it seems stupid, the Guest Services board is always open, as are hephaestus and andromeda's inboxes. Please ask if you are not sure.


Messiah runs on a software called Gaia. This was coded from scratch by Esmera, one of our players, not specifically for Messiah, just for role-play sites in general. A big thing to remember about it is that Gaia is in alpha. This means things can, and probably will, get wonky here and there. Esmera knows what they're doing, though, and will fix it sooner or later. However, one will need to have some mild patience for the fact some buttons, icons, links, settings, etc, may not do anything/go anywhere/have any effect.

Character accounts here are not really accounts in the traditional sense of the word. Instead, they're more like coats that one's user account can put on and wear for a certain post, and take off later. Due to this, all management, creation, and posting, of and with characters, goes through the user account. It's very easy to get the hang of, don't be afraid of it.

So, to join Messiah, first register with your OOC name. It does not need to be your real one (we recommend that it isn't). Gaia does not collect email addresses, so one doesn't need one to register with the software. You can leave displayed name blank if you'd like to use the same name as your username, but be aware it'll be easier for others to brute force your password, so make it strong.

Once registered, click your name at the top of the site, then click Manage Characters, and then Create Character. Follow the on-screen labels and click the buttons that make sense. The character creation and management screen is tabbed, so there's more to it than what's there at first. Once you're done, and ready to post with that character, tick the Read to Play box at the bottom, and save. The new character will appear in drop-downs when posting in boards where character posting is enabled.

Welcome to Messiah!