Now in Beta 1

Apr 25, 2019 6:36 am

There are a few quirks, still, but we made it.

I think nothing got lost along the way. Some things are still a bit wonky and I need to fix them, but in the meantime, welcome to Gaia beta 1! Lots of improvements and features added in. If you run into anything wonky, let us know in the given thread or in Discord, because it's not supposed to be wonky anymore. xD

Ah, wait, I take that back, apparently we lost side-images for some fool reason. They're in the file-system, idk either.

Esmera also mentioned something about making us a new theme, so we have that to look forward to later! In the meantime, I think nothing that was important was lost, check and make sure, we do still have backups if there is anything you don't have backups of your own for stashed away, so Esmera can get whatever it is.

Enjoy! (I love Gaiaeven more.)