Gaia's Beta Plans

Apr 24, 2019 4:04 am

Our software is just about into beta testing phase - here's what you need to know.

In short, Gaia is just about in beta phase. hephaestus and andromeda, as long as there is no complaint, would like to upgrade Messiah to the beta 1 version when it is available, and Messiah will thusly be one of the control groups, as I, Esmera, Gaia's creator, will be on-board to help with varying bugs and issues.

Ideally, this would be hardly notable for anyone, but I can't promise it won't be. There were, unfortunately, a couple back-end database changes, and chances are I need to essentially shut it down for a day, fiddle with the database stuff, and replace the source files and whatnot. At the worst, we're down for a half day or so, really, but there's also the chance I'll run into some schnags, and, of course, Beta 1's stability is not at all promised.

Given I don't think it'll impact Messiah too-too much, hephaestus and andromeda are on-board, so if you're not, say something in Discord, otherwise we'll be going down this weekend, probably Friday or Saturday night, so that I can get everything upgraded and ready to rocko. (I will be taking back-ups in case something goes completely sideways.)

-- Esmera