The era of silence draws to close,
With this gift the gods bestow,

Within the humes of lacking aura,
The seeds of magic we now sow.

Through the years, stronger that magic becomes,
The change is fought, but the battle is lost,
Mages they will be, connected with the world,
Mind the journey, for it comes at a cost.

The chosen of Oanke, the bright Messiah,
Brings forth Azaleon's salvation,
Today, humes live in darkness,
Tomorrow, a new foundation.

One by one, day by day, they vanish,
Those humes that cannot hear,
The thrum of magic beneath the earth,
The day is drawing near.

When the Messiah unleashes the power,
No hume will stand devoid of aura,
A new age will dawn for Azaleon,
On the wings of the Messiah's aurora.

-- Prophecy of the Messiah

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