Glitter and Gold
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Atenra Lancaster @ May 15, 2018, 11:25 PM
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There is strength in standing alone, but there is more in recognizing that you can't.
Gannicus chuckled, slightly, noticing the look on his face. "So long as a were feels they have a reason to live, they do. When there is nothing keeping them going, anymore, they die. This one has not had a reason to give up, yet." It probably wasn't surprising. It was either his brother, or his father, or Victoria, or his sons, or any combination thereof, keeping him going, but, it was enough, clearly. He wouldn't have told Atenra that, but, if Atenra was a were, too, and it was probable, he should probably know it'd take him perhaps a very long time to finally fade away. And, when one had a brother to think about... it tended to keep both of you going for nigh on forever.

"Mm, not really," Gannicus answered, shaking his head. It was normal, to be curious. He was Saqqaran, too, even if, technically, Gannicus' blood wasn't technically Saqqaran. "The scholars will all say that the Great Pyramid of Saqqara was designed as a monument to the gods, specially placed where it is to align to the cosmos, or some hub-drub like that, this one cannot remember it exactly," Gannicus said. "It's all lies. Father and his friends just wanted to see how tall they could make a stack of bricks before it became structurally unsound." The answer, clearly, was quite tall, indeed.

"Saqqara was, when this one was born, only just unified. Before, the people in the Kharga desert and the valley of Nashret were scattered tribes. This one remembers the Aswans, the Naqadans, the Hasans... their names are mostly gone, now. This one believes we were Naqadan, but the details have faded. May be wrong. They fought all the time. This one's father united them, and stopped it, but gave them back their independence. He did not want to lead, he just wanted the bloodshed to end. As they grew by trading with one another, and working together, their villages eventually expanded into one another, and borders were lost. Saqqara was born. This one was born just before that. Then, not long after, the Great Pyramid's construction began. The first walls around Saqqara's outer borders were built. And Saqqara had a name. Father still did not take power from the village leaders. They became warmasters under him, and he leads as one of many, instead of as sole power." That stuck in Gannicus' head, for some reason.

"One time, there was a three year long drought. With Saqqara between two mountain ranges, the rains often don't make it into the valley, but subsists on the snowmelt that comes down the mountains, the rainwater. Sometimes, winds will blow the snow off the mountains into the valley, so it seems to snow, sometimes. But, for those three years, the rains hadn't made it far enough into the mountains to send runoff into the valley. Sati was excited, he had plans for looking for underground water pools, natural aquifers and springs. The farmers had a different idea, but Sati was so excited he kept on and on. Father told him to shut up, so the commoners could share their ideas. No one's voice is more important than anyone else's, in Saqqara. Dalmasca could learn a thing or two. That is what this one remembers. Saqqara works as one, and none are above or below anyone else."

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That was a little bit of a scary thought. To continue living until there was no reason to any more. No end in sight, no clear demarcation of when one could expect to die. Just... alive until one day they weren't. That was a lot of time to not know. That was a lot of time to watch people around them age and die. Atenra felt a little bad for his father, in that moment. Having kids and not even knowing if they'd get the trait or not. And, then, the trait itself was a double edged sword.

Snort. "That's kind of funny." Actually, yeah it was. So his grandfather was... amusing. And historians were insistent on putting meaning in places that it didn't necessarily start out. It was a nice story and all - but now Atenra had to wonder how many structures and things of that nature had been similarly painted over by those who didn't really know.

The story of Saqqara's founding was fascinating. It was kind of amazing to hear something that important from someone who had been there when it was happening around him. Someone who knew the actual founder and what life was like. ... It was also a little scary, but that circled back into the knowing just what Gannicus had been through.

Wait. Wait. Gannicus was talking about his father. Which... which meant that he was the grandson of Saqqara's founder. No, that couldn't be - well why not? There was only one way to interpret that set of statements, Atenra realized after a moment. And it didn't matter, because the chances of him ever seeing Saqqara were basically non-existent. But it was still somewhat jarring to realize that he was so directly related to Saqqara's king.

"That would... probably be a beneficial thing for more people to adopt." He said finally. "Listening to people who have suggestions for how to make things better, instead of pretending that the way things are is just fine." Because here in Dalmasca, that wasn't really true at all. "But I suppose Dalmasca could learn a lot from lots of people."

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There is strength in standing alone, but there is more in recognizing that you can't.
Funny, that was a word. Gannicus smiled a bit, glancing to the floor. "Father is quirky. What this one remembers about him best, is he has an odd sense of humor. Some say, he thinks outside the box. This one is fairly sure he's not even in the same nation as the box." Was there even a box? Maybe, in whatever universe Sahura Lucain lived in, there wasn't one. It was rather quite likely. Sahura was a being of mysteries; just not the mysteries one might expect.

Yes. Dalmasca could use to learn many things, and that, unfortunately, was but one. Gannicus drew a breath, thinking, for a moment. He shook his head, more to himself. "Dalmasca is on the path to destruction. It moves down that path too fast. This one does not think anyone can stop it. That which builds itself upon war, must continually sustain itself by war, but it is not long-term viable. Someday, Dalmasca will destroy itself. When that day comes... you are free, Atenra. You take Sepheres, if you can, and you go to Saqqara. You smell like House Lucain; Saqqara will know you. Father will know you."

All he had to do, theoretically, was get close to the walls. Saqqara would know him, would know them both, may not immediately know which one they came from, but it wouldn't matter. A Lucain is a Lucain, and Lucains take care of each other. That's always how it'd been, and in some sense, all of Saqqara was Lucain, even if they weren't.

"This one's run his mouth too much," he decided. "You meant to read, anyway. This one will be around. But, maybe a bit alone, would be nice, if you don't mind." He hoped that didn't sound wrong. "This one's glad to have met you, finally." The circumstances could've been better. ... and he'd like to just... destroy something, actually, that sounded-Gannicus wasn't a terribly destructive person, but, there was certainly some anger, in there. He'd managed to temper it enough to have a conversation, at least. And now, he needed to let it out, before it bubbled over and colored his tone.

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Quirky, that sounded like an interesting way to describe someone. But he supposed, after a story like that, he could sort of see what Gannicus meant, exactly. And, of course, there was time to learn and absorb more, in time. Atenra just hoped the precarious balance of their lives stayed the way it was, for just a little longer.

It was a little odd, to hear that from someone like Gannicus, who had seen the storms of life many times over. Was he right? Maybe he was. Atenra wasn't sure what to make of the fact, exactly. He also wasn't sure he'd be able to find Sepheres even if he wanted to run. He didn't verbally argue, but the proposed solution was... scary, in a way. There was a lot of taking his word for it in trusting that Saqqara would protect him, if he went to them.

But he'd try to remember it, if things got too bad. Perhaps... it was something.

Ah. "I didn't really mind." No, he didn't. "But I do understand." Yes, he did. Gannicus had received rather bad news, and it wasn't surprising he wanted to be alone to process it. Atenra... probably should have thought about that before, but honestly he'd been too caught up in processing the sudden realization that nothing was quite what he'd thought it was.

It wasn't an excuse of course, but it was what it was. "It was nice to meet you as well. I'll see you around." Atenra would, he would... try to remain confident of that.