Stillness and Grace
Mar 19, 76
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Xiaodan Tachibana @ May 10, 2018, 09:14 PM
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The summer river; although there is a bridge, my horse goes through the water.
Ah, come to think of it, that was most likely. Albeit, Haku had found, humes tended to copy one another, and maybe some stepped outside how things were done, but most wouldn't. It probably was just that simple, but, so many things in Dalmasca had deeper meanings, and symbolism he did not yet understand, perhaps it was normal to think there might be more to it, than that. Xiaodan was right, he was likely just overthinking it. It was hard not to, in Dalmasca. The entire country was a mess, and Haku felt like he might perhaps want to understand it sooner, rather than later.

"Probably," he said. "Just kind of odd." He went quiet, getting Xiaomei's reins detached from the hitching post. "Some of them are nice, some... not so much. Fairly sure House Asheron does things just, very strangely, for a Dalmascan house, so I suppose I'm not in a terribly good position to judge things clearly from where I am." Most likely, no. He'd had his issues in Dalmasca already, albeit fortunately they were short-lived because Haku understood the fastest way to a man's heart was a six inch dagger, but that was really not something he was going to tell his sister.

"She is," he agreed. "Up there," he added, pointing at the sprawling cluster of buildings up on the hill, beyond the house with the eagle on its gate. Cassimer, that was their name. Alcides had warned him about Marcus, already. Livia had reiterated that warning. Haku wasn't certain why, but he was at least certain he didn't want to find out the hard way. "The one in front is House Cassimer. I've already been warned not to bother with them. Neither of the ones that warned me were terribly explicit about why. I decided I don't want to find out why."

He started up that way. House Asheron wasn't coming to them, of course.

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"Oh I agree." Xiaodan shrugged slightly. Maybe it did mean something else, maybe it didn't. Without asking, it was a bit hard to imagine that they would ever really get an answer. Then again, Dalmasca was something of an explosion waiting to be set off, Xiaodan was sort of coming to really understand that. She'd spent long enough mostly away from people here that she'd only sort of noticed it but... she had here and there. But... well. Xiaodan still didn't entirely intend to stay here forever. Just long enough to make sure the woman was cared for - Unless Haku had other reasons to be here. Then she supposed they'd stay until that was taken care of, too.

Xiaodan patted Xiaomei lightly while Haku freed the mare. "An outsiders view can provide interesting insights to the way things move." Xiaodan offered mildly. Sure, there were things he didn't know, things he hadn't seen or maybe didn't understand because he wasn't deep enough in their culture. But his observations were interesting, and Xiaodan did find them to be useful as she steeled herself to properly deal with the nobility of this place. It was always a little difficult, dealing with nobles. Even if this head of house was female, she wondered how easy this conversation would really be. Ah, and of course the bonus of having to decide what was wise to tell her, exactly.

Xiaodan wasn't really sure still. But... she'd figure it out.

"Well... I can see why. If you've been warned away from them more than once..." That probably said a lot about them. She shook her head. "I'll keep that in mind too." Stay away from the eagle house. She could probably manage that. Chances were she wouldn't approach without Haku anyway, so there was that.

Xiaodan followed behind him, giving the horse a reasonable amount of clearance to one side.

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The summer river; although there is a bridge, my horse goes through the water.
At this point, Haku was just going to be glad he hadn't run into any real trouble. Miss Asheron was kinder to him than she need be, but he was quite thankful for it. Had she not chosen to extend a hand in hospitality, he wondered where he'd be, now. Perhaps on the other side of Dalmasca entirely, but it was difficult to say. The stallion, at least, seemed to be pleased with where he'd ended up, if only notable due to its lacking appearance. Haku didn't mind; the horse was rather quite grating, wasn't it?

"I hear decent things about Lucius Cassimer," Haku mentioned. "It's just Marcus. What's even more complicated, is Marcus seems somewhat popular with some of the ones at market." Ah, and yet, was that true popularity, or the kind of popularity that occurred when one was too afraid to speak the truth? Haku was certainly no stranger to the latter.

In any case, they got up the hill just fine, albeit Xiaomei was annoyed at having to go back up. It didn't take long to get her in her assigned stall, and unsurprisingly, she happily went to munching on hay. A short nod at one of the slaves that cared for the horses, and Haku headed for the house. "Uh, that building's the blood stables," he mentioned, pointing it out, just in case Xiaodan ended up wandering the grounds after this, too. Unexpectedly wandering into the blood stables might be a bit unpleasant. Strangely, the doors were open. One did not leave the doors open in Jihon, but, well that was Miss Asheron's prerogative. She didn't seem terribly concerned about the possibility of one of her fighters stabbing her. Maybe he'd just trust her judgment. It was easier, anyway, and Haku admittedly knew very little about blood fighters, as it was.

Now, though, he had to find her. He did know, if you found an Alcides, you found Livia; they seemed to go hand in hand. The problem was, he had no better idea how to find Alcides, either. He squinted up at the sky, a bit, trying to guess the time, and for some reason, he wanted to go that way. ... that made no sense. Wouldn't she be in her study? Despite his misgivings, Haku went that way, anyway, toward the gardens in the back of the main house. "Apparently, this way." Maybe it'd make sense when he got over there.

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Xiaodan nodded slightly as she listened, considering what Haku had said about that. Lucius wasn't so bad, it was Marcus. The names only meant a very small amount to her, if she was being honest. She hadn't been paying enough attention to really absorb much about them, because she hadn't really intended to stay here, originally. Ah, so there was that. But it was still interesting that there might be such a sharp discrepancy within a single house. Then again, sons did not always follow in their father's footsteps.

"Mm. Well I'm not sure what the market thinks is necessarily... trust worthy." This was Dalmasca and it was possible he was popular with a certain number of them. ... It was also possible that those people were not good people either, or the fact could be that he was popular only in the sense that he was well known. "... Though, if memory serves they're an extremely rich family so... it's possible they are popular in the market." Markets tended to like people who could give them money after all? Hm. Something to think about.

Xiaodan nodded. "Good to know." Building she should probably not enter, that one. Just because she didn't really know her way around a blood stable, and it was probably better not to go in unprepared. She wasn't much of a fighter herself and she was small and theoretically fragile. She didn't want to end up backed into a corner by someone who could break her in half if they got their hands on her. ... It was surprising though that the doors were open to it. Maybe it shouldn't have been given they were apparently also house guards but... still.

"I'll follow your lead." Of course she would, it wasn't like Xiaodan knew her way around the grounds. Ah, but the confirmation that she wasn't going to get left behind because she got distracted might be nice.

The grounds were pretty, Xiaodan decided. Anyway.

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Kassandros had mentioned, only a few days past, now, that eventually, she'd have someone from Jihon. And not long after, she'd get a second one from Jihon. The first one would be male, the second, female. Livia didn't make a habit of questioning him, not anymore. After all, much of the time, he was too right, and when Haku had first made his appearance, admittedly she'd internally rolled her eyes, a bit, but she'd let him stay, despite the slight wording that might be construed as rude. (Livia, of course, was quite used to such things, and hardly paid mind to words, of all things. There were more important things to battle with than ill-thought out wording.)

Thus, when he wandered back to the Asheron estate early, and with a girl in tow, Livia couldn't call herself surprised. What, exactly, the significance of these two was, Livia didn't know - Kassandros hadn't seen fit to qualify all this, and he'd essentially left it at, they were important, somehow, and she should try and be a bit more charitable to them than her gut instinct said to. Admittedly, though, she saw no reason not to be. Haku, despite the initial blunder, wasn't that bad a person, and Livia could appreciate that much.

As it happened, he seemed to know exactly where to go; she stopped, then, somewhere amid the gardens, waiting for he and his uh... did Kassandros call them siblings? Now she couldn't remember, and she supposed, it didn't matter too much. She'd wait for them to catch up, her hands folded in front of her, as often they were, wearing her usual knee-length dress over pants with a pair of boots. She tilted her head, slightly, when they did make it into hearing range of her.

"Hmm, there's two of you now," she said, her tone bemused. "Livia Asheron, pleasure to meet you." Smaller than he was, certainly, but their features were similar, at least, insofar as she could tell. The girl had a bit of a rounder face, but most females did. Men were all angles and sharp jawlines. Unless you were Kassandros Essair, Livia guessed. Even his brothers had sharper features than he did.