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Started by Leon, May 05, 2018, 09:44 PM
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May 16, 2018, 04:34 PM / 353 Words
Mm. Okay, when Cyprian put it that way, a lot of things really did suddenly make a lot of sense. So... Cyprian and Aemilius went in circles until one or both exploded. It was an unpleasant, even terrifying thought. Still, Andreas thought, if he was right, they had a much better chance at facing this together than apart. And, of course, he had no interest in losing his brother now that he'd finally gotten him. Either of them.

"You never had a chance to be." Andreas answered fiercely, his tone making it clear that he didn't really agree with Cyprian's stance on the matter. Dre would probably have continued, except Cyprian started talking to himself. "...Who is Belena?" He sounded extremely confused. It wasn't a name he'd ever heard before, so yes, that was very strange. It was just the two of them at the moment so that didn't... hm.

He did glance around once just to make sure though.

Cyprian had never changed his mind so quickly before. And if anything, Andreas' momentarily mistrustful gaze probably indicated just that. "Yeah, Bluebell apparently." Going along with it despite his confusion. It was still Cyprian, he had been here the whole time, there was no question that this was still Cyprian.

"Cyprian you're a better rider than I am." Andreas said, obviously sounding confused. Surely he knew how to ride without- well. He'd asked. And Cyprian didn't usually ask questions he didn't want an answer to, after all. Still, this was strange. What had happened in that handful of moments were Cyprian had suddenly seemed to be talking to someone else entirely?

"Anyway, you sit, um, back a bit." He frowned hair, trying to figure out how to explain it. "On your seat bones at the back of your pelvis instead of forward more on your front." That was the best way Andreas could explain it. Hopefully it made sense.

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Children are dying. The injustices of the world hide in those three words.
May 18, 2018, 04:59 AM / 510 Words
Right, Bluebell, she was right. Belena nodded, still somewhat wobbling all the way out the back door. Now, which one was Bluebell? Belena hadn't been paying attention, she was too busy glowering at Cyprian.
The roan, Verres' melodic tones flitted through her head.
... that was helpful. The roan. Right. Not the bay.

She turned a bit pinkish. Cyprian was a better rider than Andreas, presumably, she wouldn't really know, but probably. Her on the other hand, she could ride a horse, but she wasn't used to having a... which was funny, because she'd always lived in this body, and should be familiar with having a... but she wasn't. Most of the time, really, Belena spent her time in their inner world, you know, when not dealing with Salonus (and they hadn't needed to, in quite some time now, thank the gods for that). She wasn't used to physical exis -

"WHOA," she exclaimed, stopping as she got outside the door. Holy shit it was so bright and colourful! A deep breath in, as a breeze picked up, closing her eyes for a moment. It smelled... like... what'd it smell like... Belena had no idea, being honest, but it was a nice smell, like, like alive, it smelled alive, yeah! How was Cyprian so depressing when the world was so colourful and alive? She smiled, just slightly, opened her eyes again, glanced around looking for - ah, there they were, over by the small pond in the back of Lucius' small estate. That made sense, hadn't they said something about watering the horses?

"Uh. Sorry, got distracted," she said, glancing back at Andreas. "But, right! I remember now. I forgot." Belena patted her hips, trying to figure out how that worked... uhh, well she could just tuck - yeah, men were built weird... that was beside the point. Aw, she kind of missed her boobs... well, she didn't have to stay long, just long enough to get them on the horse and going to... wherever they were going. Oh, right, Essair. House Essair.

She didn't know anything about House Essair. Cyprian didn't seem to, either. Well, he knew some things, certainly more than she did. "Do you know anything about House Essair?" she asked, glancing at Andreas again. "... like, how much is this going to suck?" But then, if House Essair was willing to take in not just a random slave, but also an injured and potentially dying slave, and then apparently attempt to save his life, and then go get his brothers, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. "... though, I guess, if they're willing to go to this much trouble over a slave kid they hardly know, can't be that bad."

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5 Posts 16 Years Male 6' House Cassimer Slave Written by Lenara
Yesterday at 08:29 PM / 415 Words
Andreas gave Cyprian a quizzical look at the exclamation, and he paused just to one side of him. He looked, perhaps, a little concerned - as if he wasn't sure if perhaps Cyprian had hurt himself or something similar. To be fair, he really wasn't sure at this point, and Cyprian was acting strange enough to make Dre worry. First the abrupt shift from arguing with him to agreeing to come. And now... this. He was probably paranoid, Andreas reminded himself. He didn't know Cyprian well, and everything had been tossed all over the place and of course he was a little off balance.

Right? Right.

"It's fine." Andreas assured immediately, smoothing out his own expression before his brother could say anything about it. He didn't comment on the last bit - it was an odd thing to forget, but some people were forgetful. And maybe it had been longer since Cyprian rode than Andreas thought it had been. It wasn't like he had extremely close contact with his brother all that often.

"Not really." Andreas admitted mildly. "There are about a thousand rumors, but I don't really put much stock in those." And none of them painted a picture that made sense of what was happening, so there was that. "But I was thinking about the same thing. If they're willing to try this hard to save a new slave's life, it's got to be worth trying at least." the worst that happened was that the kid was a bit spoiled, from where Andreas was sitting.

Any of the more abusive ones wouldn't bother trying at all, much less reuniting them as a family even temporarily. "I suppose when we get going we could try to get Leon to talk about the House a little." Surely the Ilim knew more, right? And he was trusted enough to come get them by himself, which seemed to indicate that he should know a lot more than they did. Not that that was hard, since apparently Cyprian didn't know much about Essair either.

At any rate, Andreas went forward then, approaching the Roan at a slow pace, intending to let Bluebell sniff him a bit before attempting to mount. ... It seemed prudent to try to avoid startling the horse, after all.
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