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kenleighs and luci pls
Mar 9, 76
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Leon @ May 05, 2018, 10:44 PM
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It made sense, as to why Kassandros had sent him off on horseback. He rode a bay mare, pausing occasionally at streams and small ponds, when she seemed to want to, and behind her trailed another mare, this one roan, for Dimtrios' brothers. Leon was small enough, the bay, her name was Marina, would probably be okay carrying two. The roan mare, Bluebell, probably could, too, so it didn't much matter how they arranged riding back. Leon came to a short four feet tall, and only weighed somewhere around forty pounds, he wouldn't be much of a bother.

As soon as he'd gotten a cluster of clothes that might fit Dimitrios, along with some loose fabric, in case Kassandros had to get creative, he'd sent him to House Cassimer, Lucius' side villa outside Nydema, to get his brothers. There were two, apparently, Andreas was the twin, and Cyprian was the elder. Kassandros warned both were empaths, albeit their empathy may be weaker than Dimitrios' currently seemed to be. He'd have to find them a teacher, soon, to teach them to control it, to filter it out and think around it. House Essair was calm enough an environment for them to be alright, for now, but later, that would change.

Kassandros aimed for Imperator, of course. Things were bound to get nasty, sooner or later, and this ongoing war with Marcus couldn't possibly get any better, unless by some miracle, Marcus stopped being a raging cunt.

Not that Leon would ever call him that out loud.

Marina slowly plodded down the path that led to Lucius' small abode. It wasn't very large, certainly it wasn't an Essair estate, but the lawn was well cared for, the chimney happily piping smoke, the leaves and brush cleared to one side. Leon always liked it, but it was kept partially to Dalmascan standard, and partially to Galacese, and Leon found, unsurprisingly, he favored Galacese standards of cleanliness. There was just enough life in it, that it looked like home.

He stopped Marina not far from the front porch, slid off her back, and tapped on the door, as hard as he could. "Lucius!" he called, just in case the tapping wasn't heard. The sooner he could get the Kenleighs to House Essair, the better for Dimitrios. Kassandros had managed to heal a good bit of it, but the infection wasn't entirely gone, just severely impeded. If left alone too long, it'd eventually fester again, and they'd be right back where they were before.


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He was getting too old for this.

This, this here, with the chasing the small ilim children around. It was fun, to be fair; it kept them out from underfoot, made sure they weren't getting into or up to anything they really did not need to be messing in or with, and Lucius was happily busy. He didn't mind it much. Some of the older ilim kids, he was incidentally teaching how to fight, by virtue of them going through training drills with him, merely because it was interesting, to them. Lucius wasn't sure if this would be a good thing, or a bad thing, but he supposed, he'd find out sooner or later. Or, well, maybe he would never really know.

Was that tapping? Hmm. It kind of sounded like it was. He couldn't quite make it out over the kids running around. They were chasing a ball he'd made out of pig skin. The calling his name, though, that made a little more of an impact. Lucius stood, heading for the door. "Don't wander out of the foyer!" he told them as he went, eventually getting there and pulling it open. For a moment, he saw horses, and was very confused as to how these two horses had just knocked on his door, but then he looked down. Oh, Leon.

Wait, why was Leon knocking?

"You know you can just open the door, right?" he asked, tilting his head a bit, and then stepped back away from the door, so Leon could come in. "Come on in, what's going on?" Leon didn't typically drop by for idle chit-chat. Sometimes, mind, if only because he was nice enough to come help with child wrangling from time to time, but if he was here with horses, then Kassandros probably wanted to borrow someone. He did occasionally, when his criminal syndicate got into a shit fight with another one, and there were too many to heal for he and Merenwen to keep up with.

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Words mean nothing. It is easy to say, but it is many times harder to do.
Fortunately, it seemed Lucius did hear something, at least, because he came to the door soon enough. Leon looked amused, as the much taller hume stared in confusion at the horses, before looking down. It wasn't too often that Leon dropped by just because, to be entirely fair about it. Most of the time, he stayed with Kassandros (if only because Kassandros worried him, a lot-like a lot a lot). He knew, of course, Kassandros didn't mind if he wandered off somewhere else, having long ago given Leon far more freedom than was normal for a Dalmascan slave owner. Leon wasn't sure if he was doing the slaves he owned a favor, or if he was really just setting them up for difficulties later. As long as nothing happened to Kassandros, though, Leon supposed it wouldn't really hurt anything, but humes were certainly not eternal. Frankly, they all smelled like death to him.

Er, that was kind of rude, though... Leon made a face, and he didn't move to come in. The sooner he managed to get the two he came for, the better in the long run. Dimitrios was still in a bad way, and if you wanted to get technical about it, he wasn't entirely out of the woods yet, either. The ilim shook his head. "Master Essair wanted to borrow a couple of your slaves," he explained. "Um, Andreas and Cyprian, the two from House Kenleigh. He's not sure how long he'll be borrowing them for, but probably not longer than a couple weeks, at most." More than likely, Lucius had guessed at part of that, given Leon had come with Marina and Bluebell, not just one of them.

"He says he's willing to trade a couple of the slaves with House Essair, if you need the extra help. They'd be sent over when I get back to the estate." Leon wasn't sure if Lucius would need the help, but, it was possible, he did have to give Kassandros that. Thinking of that in the first place was rather surprising, but he supposed it really shouldn't be, in the long run. Kassandros was almost always at least one step ahead of everyone else, but normally it was several steps. The new slaves were still adjusting to it, but they'd come to call it customary, and no longer look at Kass like he'd lost his mind, every time he said something he shouldn't have known about.

Rule one of Kassandros Essair. Nothing surprises him. Rule two, assume he already knows, he probably does. Leon, of course, was already aware he was a seer, so it was never surprising to him. Distressing, though. Seers died very early, in all instances he knew about. Kassandros probably didn't have but a few years left, and never mind, Leon had his reservations about why Kassandros had so much aura. Much of the time, he just tried not to think about it.

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Treat your soldiers as your own sons, and they will follow you unto the ends of the earth.
Surprisingly, Leon didn't follow him in, but, perhaps that wasn't so surprising after all. A moment of thinking about it, and Lucius understood why, which, Leon then explained. His first assumption, about Kassandros wanting to borrow someone, was right, after all. Though, he wasn't entirely sure why Kassandros would want specifically those two.

A glance down the hallway, features a bit scrunched up in thought, he had to wonder what Kassandros wanted them for. Andreas and Cyprian were relatively new to him, but neither seemed terribly displeased to be in House Cassimer. At least, not this branch of it -- if they'd ended up with Marcus, that'd be a very different story. Already, Marcus had made several off-hand comments about the slave bitch that got executed for pretending to be above her station.

Marcus was the type that believed, firmly, Septima had deserved it. Lucius didn't think she did. And therein lie the root of all their problems -- Lucius was compassionate, but Marcus wouldn't know compassion if it turned into a dragon and roared in his face. It was that tight cling to what was the law, as if the law was 100% absolutely never wrong. Laws changed for a reason, or at least, that was how Lucius saw it.

"Andreas, Cyprian!" he called down the hallway. "Could you two come here, please?" Quieter, for Leon, he said, "I don't mind him borrowing them. Neither's particularly necessary at the moment, so I won't be short on help or anything, but uh, maybe at least one other person besides me taller than an ilim may be a good idea." Most likely, even, if nothing else he could use the help wrangling the kids.

Lucius was, after all, getting too old for this. Maybe he'd see if Damian would come visit for a bit. Yeah... it'd be nice to see Damian, anyway.


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Children are dying. The injustices of the world hide in those three words.
Aaaaahhh, what the heck all did Lucius want?

Cyprian knew that wasn't terribly fair. Lucius hardly ever asked anything of him, just, set him into one of the storage rooms with a giant furnace and a giant bag of sand from around Saqqara, and said he could do whatever it was he wanted. Unsurprisingly, Cyprian had been making glass pieces, the last few days, since he'd come. A few days after him, Lucius came home with Andreas, and Cyprian was glad for that. He knew where one was. But where was the other? Andreas and Dimitrios being apart, it sounded like a terribly bad idea, if Cyprian had ever heard one. He didn't ask. He wasn't sure he wanted the answer. The fact was, Lucius probably didn't know, may not even know there was another one. Cyprian, for his own, occasionally checked on Andreas, who seemed to be doing fine, and worked on this glass sculpture. It was difficult. There were many different pieces to it, and Cyprian had already broken the piece several times.

It was supposed to be Thetis, as the twins would remember her, her hair up in braids, in one of the dresses he remembered her wearing a lot. He was at the point he was working on the gold detailing, in her earrings and the pretty twisted metal piece she used to hold her hair up. He'd miss her. He knew that the day she died, but he didn't really have a right to miss her, nor did he really feel like he had a right to be concerned about the twins. It wasn't as if he was very kind to them, back then. Sometimes, he regretted it, but, thinking about it, he was never sure how else to act, around them. Some part of him was probably trying to be a decent role-model, someone they could turn to if they needed it, and Thetis couldn't help, but... he didn't know what that was.

The good news was, he was far enough along with his sculpture, he could set it in the metal box to let it cool off, and continue working on the gold detailing later. He didn't need the glass hot, for that. If he tried cooling the glass down too quickly, it became brittle, and often cracked. He'd broken about six or seven of these, already, but he'd wanted to get it right now, while he still remembered what she'd looked like.

He stood, then, setting the brush down that he'd been using to attach the gold sheets, shuffled off, and set the little glass figure in the metal box. The furnace hadn't been lit for a few hours, at least, by now, but he still had a few burns across his wrists. Cyprian had almost dropped her, a few times, and caught her wrong. He lightly brushed the small flakes of gold off his shirt, into a bowl, to be reused later, and then shuffled into the rest of the house, down the hall. Lucius was talking to an ilim Cyprian had never seen before, but this wasn't strange; Lucius certainly seemed to like ilim. He and Andreas were the only hume slaves in the house, at the moment. He didn't say anything, just set himself to the side, leaned against the wall out of the way. Lucius would get to it eventually.

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Instinctively, Andreas tensed at the sound of his name being called.  He was working on arranging one of the shelves - moving things and dusting and the like. It was a bit too high for the Ilim to manage it easily, so here he was. He didn't mind, it was easy work. It kept his hands busy. ... Unfortunately not so much his mind, which led to a load of brooding on his part but there wasn't a lot for that. He'd been here a few days.

Lucius was a good person, Andreas had to give him that. But it didn't really make him entirely eager to rush down and see what he wanted. He would, of course. He'd be a good slave and go figure out what Lucius needed that required both of the non-ilim slaves in his house. The only non-ilim slaves, that he'd noticed. It was a little weird, honestly. But the Ilim were nice enough, too. They were very kind, and the children were cute and it was almost enough to make things want to go back to normal. But this wasn't normal for Andreas.

Nothing ever would be again. Dimitrios was gone, and so was his mother. And the chances of seeing either one again was... actually pretty slim. Mom at least was gone forever. Dimitrios might not have been, but slave family reunions were painfully rare. At least Cyprian was here. ... Admittedly, Cyprian was normal - as reclusive as always, though he did check on him occasionally which was a nice gesture, if slightly confusing.

Cyprian had never particularly cared about being their brother before, but it seemed the fall of house Kenleigh had wrought some changes in his elder brother. Andreas privately wondered if it had something to do with being away from the monstrosity that was their father, finally.

Anyway, he'd been summoned. Gingerly Andreas set down the last of the things he'd moved out of the way to clean, and made his way down to where Lucius had called them from. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given how long he'd dallied putting things back, he'd been beaten here by Cyprian already.

... Oh look, another Ilim. But this one was wearing a different house emblem. Ah, hm. Andreas stayed where he was, just to one side of the door, in case someone else came through it, and he waited.

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Leon plugged one ear, as Lucius called for the Kenleighs, and then put his hand down. Ah, well, Leon would mention that to Kassandros, yes. At least one non-ilim slave most likely would be fairly useful to Lucius, as ilim were only so tall. At least the shelf argument had died down a bit, back at House Essair, but likely, Kass hadn't forgotten it, he was just busy trying to save Dimitrios. It was better, now, not completely, but it was getting there. Leon wanted to ask what the hell he'd done that'd gotten him turned into a eunuch, but you know, maybe he didn't want to know, all the same.

"I'll let Master Essair know," Leon answered, as the first one wandered up. Leon tilted his head at him; must be Cyprian, because Andreas was supposed to be Dimitrios' twin. That implied Andreas would look like the silver-haired boy. It was odd, at least to Leon, that Lycaon seemed to care so much. Well, Kass did mention they'd been with House Kenleigh, for the few months leading up to its fall. There was a girl, too, but Kassandros was having trouble finding her. Apparently, no one had made a decision about what to do with her, just yet.

Ah, yes, that was Andreas. "Wow, you really do look just like him," Leon intoned, a hair of awe in his voice. "My master would like to borrow you two for a while, probably a couple weeks," he went on. Lucius could explain it, but Leon was already there and talking, why not. "He bought Dimitrios a few hours ago, but Dimitrios was seriously injured, and he'll need help getting around and taking care of his injury. It'd gotten badly infected, and he'll need to keep it clean and change his clothes frequently. The infection's not gone, just under control." He wanted to warn them, before they got there, and the full force of it hit them. The one, at least, was likely to be pretty upset, and Kass had mentioned Dimitrios was an empath. They'd just gotten Lycaon to calm down.

"Um, this one's Marina, and that's Bluebell, you two can ride together, or I can ride with one of you, either way." It wasn't as if Leon really minded.

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As it turned out, Lucius didn't really know much of what was going on, so, he stayed quiet, deciding to let the ilim explain, whenever he'd decide to do so. Most likely, when both were present, rather than just one, as it was easier that way, anyway, than having to explain things twice over. Lucius was curious what Kassandros wanted the both for, really. It was odd, an unexpected turn of events, and that tiny corner of his mind that still expected Kassandros to meet seventeen-year-old-kid standards was still going 'how the hell did he even know they were here,' but this was normal. Kassandros often inspired this question.

A short nod at Cyprian, when he'd gotten there, and, as Lucius expected, Leon dove headfirst into explaining, once Andreas had gotten to them. Lucius eventually began distinctly frowning. Kassandros and Merenwen were rather impressive healers. If the combination of the two couldn't entirely knock out the infection, then it'd gotten pretty far. That was concerning, for many reasons. Lucius had only seen the twins in passing, here and there; he'd known their mother, albeit only really indirectly, rather the wonderful lady and he was very upset such a bright light was now gone. Perhaps, though, between he and Kassandros, they could keep her legacy alive and reasonably well.

Sure, Lucius could die at any time, he knew that. After him, though, his slaves went to Livia, and his father couldn't contest it because Lucius had bought them all with his own hessions.

"I've already okayed this," Lucius put in. "You may want to see if the horses want water, before leaving, but, otherwise, have a safe trip." That was the extent of what say he thought he actually had, here. But, Lucius was very big on reuniting family members, and keeping them together. These three had already lost their mother, they didn't need to lose each other, too. That reminded him, supposedly, Julian was doing better, now... yeah, he should see if Damian would come visit. "I'm going to see if my brother will come by, so don't worry too much if Kassandros can't spare anyone." It was fine.

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Children are dying. The injustices of the world hide in those three words.
Cyprian shifted slightly, glancing at Andreas when he came up. Seemed fine, or at least, as fine as he could possibly be, at the moment. Cyprian still had friends, and if Lucius didn't manage to come across Dimitrios at some point, it wasn't unlikely Cyprian may go pestering those friends. Adranos would know, most likely, and House Greyson had eyes and ears almost everywhere. It was worth asking him. And the little frizzy haired girl... Missa, he thought. They'd lost track of her somewhere amid the market shuffle, but it wasn't difficult. Cyprian had lost track of them all amid that. He tried not to think about it.

Instead of Lucius explaining, the ilim did it. Cyprian's gaze fell on said ilim, a bit taller than most grown ilim were, at least the ones here, albeit his gaze moved a bit to the side after a moment. He heard his stare was unnerving, if nothing else, and ilim were at times relatively skittish. This one didn't seem to afraid of much of anything, though, plowing straight ahead into his story. Cyprian's expression went from somewhat confused, to a very forced flatness, by the end.

He'd said infection. Blunt force didn't generally cause those, which meant someone had taken a weapon to his brother, and that was just - okay. Cyprian pushed off the wall, pacing in circles. Getting pissed off wouldn't help anything, anyway, least of all Dimitrios. It was curious, though, that the ilim's master apparently knew Dimitrios had brothers (he could excuse that by assuming Dimitrios said something), and also thought to get them. He wasn't entirely sure why he was included, here, given Cyprian had been anything but a brother to them, anyway, but some corner of him wasn't complaining, either.

And Lucius had already okayed this. That was surprising, and then in hindsight, no it wasn't. Lucius was essentially the only noble Dalmascan Cyprian had ever met that didn't separate the 'grating wolf things,' as most called the ilim. He had at least four generations of the same bloodlines in his house. Yeah, it wasn't surprising, in retrospect. Some more pacing, breathing carefully and steadily, inhale for four seconds, hold it for six, exhale for seven... Thetis, actually, had taught him that, a long time ago, but he was never in a decent enough frame of mind to remember it when he needed it, until now. Cyprian tried not to wonder why, too much.

Apparently, Lucius was going to momentarily replace them with his brother. That worked, Cyprian supposed. Andreas was going, he was sure. Cyprian couldn't imagine anything relating to Dimitrios not getting Andreas to jump, more or less immediately, especially not after that story. What the fuck had even happened - he didn't want to know. You know what, he just didn't want to know. Cyprian wasn't going to ask. Andreas might, but he wasn't, he was still trying to calm down. Admittedly, it was working, steadily. "If you're sure you'll be alright without us, then, I suppose we'll see you in a few weeks," Cyprian said, glancing at Lucius. Yes, he supposed so.

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When the Ilim began to speak, Andreas' attention turned to the creature, his entire focus steadying there. Andreas heard what was said, processed with surprising speed - he wasn't as much of a genius as his brother, but he wasn't stupid either. ... At the moment though, he almost wished he was. Because with Leon's words came a lot of understanding. A lot of understanding and a wave of emotions that Andreas could only begin to sort through.

Shock. Sort of a stunned silence kept him still for a moment. Infection, seriously injured. The words sort of scattered in his mind, rattling around in his head. Infection meant death very, very often. The thought of losing Dimtrios was incredibly painful. Which led from shock to grief - Dimitrios wasn't dead, but the best healers in the world still sometimes lost people to infection. And he had already lost his mother, though he spent an awful lot of time trying very, very hard not to think about it.

Next that all translated itself to an intense rage. How dare someone hurt his brother. How dare they leave him untended so long he managed to get a life threatening infection. The rage was ineffective, of course. It didn't matter, it wouldn't help anyone. They didn't matter to Dalmasca. In some ways, that just made him more angry. Still, the rage clawing at the edge of his mind was hard to think through.

He did want to see Dimitrios though, which meant he was going to need to manage to swallow it down. He couldn't exactly function when he was this angry. Andreas let out a breath he didn't know he'd been holding. The aforementioned anger hadn't really gone away entirely, but he was somewhat more in control of it.

"Right. Should water the horses first." Lucius was right about that. And then, yes, apparently they were going. "Thank you." Specifically for allowing them to go. He hadn't had to do that, they were his property, after all. It was kind of him to allow them to see Dimitrios, Andreas recognized that fact. And despite his upset, there was no sense in being ungrateful.

He did glance at Cyprian though, not entirely sure how he would prefer to handle the journey.

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Oh, yes, Marina and Bluebell hadn't pestered to stop for water, for a while. Leon would have to take them back to Lucius' stables, to see if they wanted some, Lucius was right.

Leon frowned, a bit, watching the two. Cyprian got angry, Leon could tell, but Andreas just seemed upset, and then it blossomed into anger. Was that the one influencing the other? Were they empaths, too? It was possible, to be fair. Kassandros hadn't mentioned which side of the bloodline it came from, but Andreas, at least, would have the same parentage. "Master Essair says Dimitrios is an empath," the ilim warned. "It's possible, one or both of you are empathic, too, he didn't say which side of the family it comes from. Dimitrios' empathy is getting stronger, probably due to stress, and if either of you are empathic too, you'll have to be careful not to go in empathy circles with each other. Master Kassandros might be able to help you learn to calm it down, at least, when it starts going in circles, but we'll have to find the other empath line, to teach you beyond that." Kassandros wasn't an empath, and could do very little to help. It was one of the few situations where Kassandros wouldn't be much help. Honestly, Leon thanked whatever gods existed for that much. Kassandros wasn't an empath.

"I'll take the horses around," he added, tugging on Marina's reins, and leading her and Bluebell to the stables. There was always a water source, back there, somewhere. In the meantime, they could discuss things, and figure out how they wanted to do things, or if they wanted to bring anything. Sometimes, Lucius had gifts for House Essair. Kassandros often sent Lucius supplies, too, so it was a mutual benefit arrangement. Funny, how Kassandros and Lucius got along so well, and if the rumors were to be believed, Lucius' father was trying very hard to kill Kass.

Politics. Often, they were far beyond Leon.

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The only bright side to this, if there was to be a bright side of any kind, besides that he had no intention of not letting them go, was he understood why the thank you had been deemed important enough to waste a few seconds on. Lucius shook his head, watching Cyprian pace for a moment, before looking back at Andreas. "Just focus on taking care of your brother, okay? I'll talk to Kassandros later, and see if we can arrange for you three to be in the same house." Family was important. No one could replace one, because it was never the same.

"I think you'll like Kassandros. He's a decent person, eerily patient, but he has no tolerance for stupidity, or someone harming someone else. About your age, too, Andreas, bit older I think. First thing to know about him, he is never surprised, and yes, he knows things he shouldn't. Second thing, the only boundaries he will not tolerate you overstepping are those that put someone else in danger, or hurt them. Some things still escape him, though. If you catch anything along those lines in his house, absolutely tell him, he'd want to know if he doesn't already." Sometimes he did know, but, sometimes he didn't, and just making sure he did, it wasn't a bad idea.

"If I remember right, Bluebell's the younger of the horses," Lucius mentioned, nodding at the horses as Leon led them around the back. "She'd have an easier time carrying two."

In the meantime, Lucius glanced around, for a moment, and then scurried down the hall, grabbing a saddle bag from storage, and then running to the kitchen. He knew Kassandros didn't need it, he could get things on his own, but it was more the intent behind the gesture, rather than the gesture itself in this instance. Lucius carefully packed a couple decent bottles of wine that he knew Kass favored, along with fresh fruit from the small orchard in the back. Someday, Lucius wanted to make that a proper farm, but he needed more land, first. A couple vegetables, and a few bolts of decent fabric, and Lucius toddled out the back door, out toward the stables where Leon had taken the horses, getting the saddle bag on one of them. Marina, so that Bluebell could manage two riders fine.

He just hoped things turned out okay, and Dimitrios made it. But, if Kassandros and Merenwen couldn't save him, well, maybe they weren't meant to. Still, being with him before he was gone forever, that was worth it, or at least, Lucius thought so.

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Children are dying. The injustices of the world hide in those three words.
... empath. Dimitrios was an empath, and it was possible they were, too? The ilim must've hit his head, that was the only explanation Cyprian had.
Actually, that'd make sense of Aemilius, the smooth, female mental tones of Belena's presence skittered through his head. Would it? Cyprian looked confused, the last of the intense anger dying down and being replaced with befuddlement. Think about it, Belena said. How - Cyprian pinched the bridge of his nose, for a moment, and then the rest of what the ilim had said clicked.

Master Essair. His brother was in House Essair, and, as Cyprian glanced up at the ilim, as he led the horses around the back, the significance of the cobra around his arm, on a leather band, suddenly clicked. Lucius, apparently deeming it time for Kassandros 101, only confirmed it further, but Cyprian was fairly certain after all that, anyway. House Essair were... well, there was a reason their emblem was a cobra, notable for their viciousness, but often, that viciousness didn't come out until least you expected it. First and foremost, House Essair were slick little snakes, passively manipulating things around them in the backdrop. Much like House Kenleigh used to, really, so perhaps it wasn't all that odd, but Cyprian was even more confused than before. Why did Kassandros even care? There was nothing to gain from reuniting the scattered remains of a fallen house, not for ones so high as House Essair.

Call him jaded, but Cyprian didn't believe in kindness without some expectation of personal gain in return. Surely, Kassandros wanted something for all this, but what, now that Cyprian didn't know. Still, Lucius painted a marginally different picture; Lucius never lied, and Cyprian was decent at picking up on lies, maybe the empathy thing was why, but it still didn't feel like that should be right. No one in Dalmasca was that lenient without demanding something else.

Cyprian let out a loud huff, as Lucius scurried off, glancing at Andreas. "Empathy would explain some things about Aemilius," he said, tone quiet. Whenever he and Aemilius were even in the same room as each other, Cyprian typically found his mind muddled with a strange, confusing mix of emotions, many of which didn't make any sense and Cyprian didn't know what were. And when one spoke to the other, eventually ticked them off, the other responded in kind, and the intensity of that anger only grew the more they bantered back and forth, like they were feeding off each other's anger. Maybe, they really had been.

Cyprian was older by twelve years. And if Aemilius was what happened when an empath went untrained too long, it meant Cyprian was well on his way to becoming Aemilius. Andreas and Dimitrios didn't need another one of those. He already was dangerous to them, because he couldn't always control... anything that was wrong with him, and he knew it. Thinking about it, with three of them, it'd be difficult for them to stop the empathy circles, and Cyprian's inability to control his anything might get worse. His gaze narrowed, falling to the floor. "I should stay here," he decided. "I'm older, mine's probably strongest, and if I'm guessing right, and Aemilius is where it came from, someday, I will be just like him. I'm not... I'm not taking that chance, with you guys. You're less dangerous to each other than I am to you, and Dimitrios without Andreas is not right, anyway." Sure, the ilim mentioned finding the other empath line, but there was only one other empath line. One. In thousands of bloodlines, they'd have to get real damn lucky for that to work.

He wasn't taking the chance.

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The Ilim thought they were empaths. That sounded like a disaster waiting to happen, if he was right. But was he? Empathy was so rare it seemed highly unlikely. There were maybe two bloodlines that had empathy anywhere in them, and they weren't tolerated very well, as far as Andreas could remember. Never mind the fact that Empathy was different from normal magic to a point that it was untrainable without another empath.

He hoped the Ilim was wrong. The chances of finding the other line were so slim that he didn't think it'd be possible. If they were really empaths he had a sinking feeling that it was going to be terrible for them, int he longer run.

And then, of course, Lucius said that. Normally Andreas would have thought there was little chance of that happening, of them getting to be kept in the same house - but this alone was a sign that Kassandros might be willing to make some sort of arrangement, given he was bringing them there to assist in his care. It seemed... unlikely that he would take the time to attempt to heal Dimitrios and then be as callous as to send his family away after reuniting them.

The things didn't add up. But then, he didn't know enough about House Essair to be certain of that. Lucius seemed to think highly of him, but that didn't say much, in his opinion. Still, Dalmascans didn't generally do things without expectation of some sort of compensation, and Andreas wondered what, exactly, would be required of them to make up for such a thing. None of the ideas that flickered through his mind were terribly comforting.

Bluebell? Right, one of the two horses. Somehow it surprised him that Lucius knew them well enough to say that, but it also didn't, at the same time. That one would have an easier time carrying two. Probably meant for him and Cyprian to ride that one then. Easier, maybe, than riding with a stranger. Even if that stranger was an Ilim. Andreas tried very hard to focus on that instead of the upset and anger. If the Ilim was right about the empathy... it was better to focus on something else and calm down than risk going in circles with each other.

"Would it?" Thoughtfully. Cyprian would probably know better than he was. Andreas had always done his best to avoid their father, and Thetis had encouraged the behavior as much as possible. Aemilius was... ah, temperamental at best and outright cruel far more often than that. Maybe Cyprian was right, about him.

"No." Flatly rejecting what Cyprian said without even considering it, really. "He asked for you too. We're siblings, Cyprian. We'll face this together." Andreas was not going to choose between his brothers, dammit. It wasn't going to happen.

He had, after all, only really just gotten a chance to start getting to know Cyprian, without their father's influence. And, having had that chance, Dre did not want to lose him now. All they had was each other, after all.

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Children are dying. The injustices of the world hide in those three words.
Cyprian shrugged, slightly, shifting his weight a bit, glancing at the wall. "One of us got pissed off, the other did too, and in hindsight, the angrier one got, the angrier the other got, and the next thing anyone knows we've already come to blows before either of us is even sure why. That sounds like empathy circles to me." It wasn't like Cyprian would know exactly how it worked, the precise details, the semantics, it didn't really matter right now, it just seemed like, maybe that was Aemilius' entire issue. "Not to say he didn't start it, and I didn't help any, it was always hard to think straight around him." But even that sounded like potential empathic influence, didn't it.

Wait, what? Cyprian probably looked pretty confused, about there. He'd never really been terribly nice, to Andreas or Dimitrios, or even Nero, really, but mostly Cyprian tried to avoid Nero. Aemilius wasn't Nero's fault, but he was always afraid he'd blame Nero for it, because no, Cyprian wasn't Nero, never could be Nero, it was hard enough being whoever the fuck he actually was. Sometimes it varied, even, who the fuck he was.

"I've never really been your brother, anyway," Cyprian answered, shaking his head. "The gods know I'm no Nero. Weird to start getting along now, isn't it?"
Oh come off it, Belena hissed. He's sixteen and just lost his mother, you're the only familiar person he's got left, do you really think he's going to just let you stay?
A frown, and Cyprian mumbled under his breath, "Shut up Belena, I'm not talking to you."
No, but I'm talking to you, and you're gonna listen. It's not like you're still an unmitigated disaster! Maybe you can even build some bridges you never got the chance to build in the first place.
"Oh bullshit I'm not -"
You haven't gotten randomly pissed off for no reason!
"It's only been a few days - AND YOU'RE STILL HERE!"
Whatever, I'm overriding you now, Magnus, hey, hold him down would you?

That was not - his eyes scrunched closed, blinked a few times, nose wrinkling. Ahhh, she had a headache now, but, well, to be fair she'd not popped out in a while. Wow, everything was bright and weird. An interested glance around, getting a look at Lucius' humble manor. "Nice place," she mumbled, "bit dusty up there, but..." He had ilim, didn't he? No wonder. "Anyway, you're right, so, Bluebell was it?" Aw, Andreas was kind of cute, you know in the baby sort of way, not the - ... eugh. To be fair, she wasn't technically related to him, but the meat casing was. Ew.

Sort of jerkily, Belena meandered toward the back door; she thought she remembered there being a back door - aha, there! Oh crap. She had a penis. ... how did one ride a horse with one of those? Because, she was fairly sure it was possible to get it caught under you in a saddle... "Er... how do you ride a horse without... catching your uh... your thing...? Under your leg or something?" That probably seemed like a weird question, given Cyprian probably knew how to do it, but she'd uh, she'd deal with it, why did she override him, anyway, she was the only one that was female and didn't know. Even Verres did, because physically they were male, or were supposed to be - ugh, now she was confusing herself.